2017 Results

ITU World Triathlon Championships – Rotterdam, August 17th

16yr old Australian, Jasmine Gray , who spent time with me in New York training over the last 2 years, is now a World Champion. Jasmine just took out the 16-19yr old race where she was second out of the water, before winning the Bike transition , but being caught on the bike by two of her competitors. She hung on to them in the bike section before taking command on the run and winning by 12secs. Wow!

Philadelphia Rock N Roll Half Marathon – August 17th

Don Snelling took another 3mins off his Half Marathon time with a time of 1hr18mins24secs, to finish 4th in his age group and make the top 50 runners overall. As it was very humid, a 2hr45min Marathon is looking like an achievable goal in Chicago in good conditions. Amelia Bourdeau took 4mins off her best time to run a PR 1hr56mins59secs. And Jacqueline Klinger ran 1hr57mins54secs to be 2mins shy of her best time , but excellent in the conditions.

NYC Marathon Tune Up 18 miles – Central Park, August 17th

In very humid conditions, runners from the team prepping for the Chicago and NYC Marathons performed well. Myriam Coulibaly showed she’s on track to break 3hr10mins for New York in the right conditions with a 7min23sec pace in this race and 5th overall in her age group. Caroline Plank also showed she’s ready to break her goal of 3hr30mins with a 7min56sec pace. As did Alessia Pedoto for Chicago, with a strong 8min11sec pace. Janice Kambara ran 8min37secs per mile as we shoot for a sub 3hr40mins in Chicago. Adam Shiff ran 8min59secs per mile and Liz Saxon ran 9min23secs per mile as she hopes to close to a sub 4 hour marathon in the NYC Marathon. Runners not on plans were Socrates Ayvaliotis and Jimmy Bonneau who ran a 7min57secs pace and 8min flat pace respectively.

5th Avenue Mile – September 10th

Patrick Dooley finished 2nd in his race , but 6th overall in his age group with a fast 4mins20secs.Indira (Gabby) Avila was 4th in her heat but 18th overall in age group with 5mins04secs. Kelly De Csepel won her race and 2nd in her age group overall with 5mins10secs. Myriam Coulibaly ran a huge race for 5mins14secs for 25th overall in her age group. Corinne Fitzgerald finished with 5mins27secs off barley any training. Just natural talent. Yao Hua Ooi ran 22 miles the day before and then ran 5mins30secs. Socrates Ayvaliotis then finished with 5mins32secs. Caroline Plank killed it with a 5min46sec effort and Verity Rees ran a nice PR to break the 6min barrier for the first time with 5mins54secs. The ladies finished 5th team overall .

Faxon New Haven 5km – September 4th

On a day when Galen Rupp won the 20km road race, Patrick Dooley took out the 5km in the same meet. Patrick ran a nice 15min17secs to outkick the second guy home.

Percy Sutton 5km – Harlem, August 26th

In this points race , I finished 1st Master and first across the line for the team with 16min06secs. Richard Velazquez was second and 5th in his age group with 16mins39secs. Don Snellings took 2.5mins of his PR with a strong 16mins59secs. Matthew Howard ran 17mins10secs for a 1min PR and 2nd in his age group. Ana Johnson then finished with 18mins01secs and 4th in her age group. Kelly De Csepel ran well also , finishing 2nd in her age group with a time of 18mins20secs. Kaccie li ran much better that in club champs with 20mins10secs. Verity Rees set a nice PR with a time of 21mins23secs. Elizabeth Saxon smashed her PR with 24mins02secs.Courtney Grill then ran 24mins41secs and Beth Browde stepped up to a new age group to finish a 3rd place in it, with 26mins28secs.

France Run (8km) – Central Park , August 20th

Matthew Howard finished 1st in his age group with a 5min52sec pace and 19th overall . Not bad for 46yrs old! Caroline Plank ran much faster than in the club champs with a 6min55sec per mile pace. Jimmy Bonneau and Bryan Keogh ran a 7min07 pace and 7min12 pace respectively, while Nadia Persaud finished with a 10min39sec pace.

2017 NYRR Team Championships Ladies – (5 miles) Central Park , August 5th

Ana Johnson finished 11th overall and first female of the team to cross the line with a 5min54sec pace. Katarina Janosikova was right behind her in 12th and taking 3rd in her age group with a 5min55sec pace. Kelly De Csepel ran well in conditions that are not to her liking with a 6min07 mile pace. Gabby Avila then came in with a 6min13sec pace. Locky Trachsel is just getting back into the training and finished 3rd in her age group with a 6min26sec per mile pace. Myriam Coulibaly ended up late to the start line , but still ran a strong 6min40sec pace. Alisa Stern, who recently got engaged, ran a nice 6min53sec pace off not much training . Caroline Plank hung in for a 7min04sec pace. Janice Kambara then hit a 7min30sec pace while Harley Hanrahan set yet again another PR with an 8min04 pace. Elizabeth Saxon ran a strong 8min09sec pace, which was great for her in the conditions . The ladies finished 6th overall team.

2017 NYRR Team Championships Men – ( 5 miles ) Central Park, August 5th

On a very hot and humid day, Patrick Dooley was first across the line from the team with a 5min11sec pace. Klaus Kuorikoski was next and first Master overall with a 5min20sec pace. I came in second Master with a 5min24sec pace. Andrew Pitts found the weather horrible today with 5.30 pace. Richard Velazquez ran an awesome 5.35 pace after doing race the day before . Chris Wolf is just getting back into training and ran a 5min40sec pace. Don Snelling ran another big PR with a 5min42sec pace. Matthew Howard then came in 5th in his age group with a 5min51sec pace and then Max Jahn ran a 6min flat pace. Kaccie Li was last of the team to score with a 7min02 pace after Alex Stolerman pulled his calf muscle. The mens team finished in 7th place overall.

Brooklyn R-U-N 5km – July 17th

Klaus Kuorikoski finished 3rd overall with his first race as a Henwood Hound with a time of 16mins25secs. Pretty dam good at 41yrs old.

1 for you 1 for youth 4 miler – Central Park – July 8th

Richard Velasquez ran his first race for the team to finish 4th overall with a time of 22mins41secs.

Achilles Hope and Possibility 4 miler – Central Park – June 25th

Katarina Janosikova finished 4th overall female and 1st in her age group with a time of 24mins15secs for the 4 mile event. Luke Khalilian then ran 39mins51secs.

Front Runners – Pride Run 5 miler – Central Park – June 24th

Matt Gillespie finished 2nd in the race with a time of 25mins58secs. Matt Moreno then ran 44mins02secs and Nadia Persaud 54mins47secs.

Pride Run 10km San Francisco – June 24th

Tony Scott took victory with 37mins37secs on a hilly course , finishing 5th overall and 1st Master.

Queens 10km – June 17th

Matt Gillespie finished 2nd in his age group with 31mins33secs.Then Tommy Mcclellan with 34mins01secs, also finishing 2nd in his age group. I was next with 34mins17secs and 4th in my age group. Then Chris Wolf ran an outstanding 34mins43secs over his first 10km distance. Alexander Stolerman then finished off the top mens team, being the 5th runner from the team home in 38mins29secs, only a month or so after hernia surgery. Locky Trachsel came in first lady for the team with a time of 39mins40secs and 4th in her age group. Laura Heintz won her age group with a time of 40mins11secs. And Miriam Coulibaly then ran a 10km PR for her,with a time of 41mins03secs.Harry Smith came in next with an 80sec PR , to run 41mins30secs. Quacky Li then finished close to his PR with 42mins37secs.Then we had Matt Moreno, Nara Irigoyen, Luke Khalilian and Tamara Hoover who all finished in 55mins06secs,55mins12secs,56mins48secs and 57mins19secs respectively.

Mini 10km – Central Park – June 10th

In very hot weather,Janice Kambara finished 6th in her age group with 46mins08secs. Harley Hanrahan, at 59yrs old and running all her life , ran yet again another PR with a time of 50mins15secs for the 10km course. Courtney Grill was next with 51mins20secs. Then Tamara Hoover, Beth Browde and Nadia Persaud all came in with times of 58mins47secs, 59mins28secs and 68mins20secs respectively .

Retro 5 miler – Central Park – June 4th

Jonathon Marlow ran a nice 6.06 pace to finish in 30mins29secs for a 2min PR over the 5 mile distance. Gwyneth Campbell finished 2nd in her age group with a time of 34min.03secs. Jimmy Bonneau equalled his best 5 mile time with a 7mins21sec per mile pace to run 36mins43secs. Ivan Kayser then completed the 5 mile course in 38mins57secs.

Red Pocono Marathon – May 21st

Masahiko Ota took 15mins off his Marathon time, by running 3hr26mins22secs. Awesome Masa!

Brooklyn Half Marathon – May 20th

A large team turn out with great Weather , making way for some fast times in Brooklyn. The mens finished 4th overall team, while the ladies 5th overall, with 11 PR’s overall from the team. Matthew Gillespie finished 9th male with a hot time of 1hr06mins18secs. Matt’s Achilles started playing up with a few miles to go, so great performance on that. Patrick Dooley then PR’ed with 1hr11mins03secs . I ran 1hr11mins58secs for 3rd in my age group. Andrea Fraquelli finished in 1hr13mins43secs. Then the forever improving Chris Wolf ran 1hr14mins29secs for a 2min30sec PR. Chris has gone from 1hr28mins in Jan 2016 to 1hr14mins right now. Ana Johnson finished 4th in her age group with a time of 1hr19mins52secs. Matt Howard did another fantastic time on limited training of late, with 1hr19mins55secs. Max Jahn had his first race in 8 months and ran a strong 1hr20mins56secs. Grace Doramus took just over 1min off her PR with 1hr21mins59secs. Jonathon Marlow then PR’ed by 2mins30secs with a time of 1hr24mins06secs. Luis Corona ran well as a long run with 1hr25mins26secs. Edwin Chao came in next with 1hr26min09secs. Laura Heintz then PR’ed and won her age group with a time of 1hr26mins23secs. Yao Hua Ooi ran a fantastic 5min PR to break 1hr30mins for his first time. Yao ran 1hr27mins07secs.Locky Trachsel has been getting though a on and off glut problem, but still willing to compete in Brooklyn to run 1hr27mins41secs and finish 3rd in her age group. Like Yao, Herbert Smith also ran 1hr27mins and change for a 5min PR with a time of 1hr27mins45secs. Abby Tracy then ran a strong 1hr31mins35secs. Kaccie Li ran 1hr32mins08secs. Christy Curth PR’ed by a nice 5mins with 1hr33mins28secs. Naomi Nocera showed she’s in shape with 1hr36mins59secs. Janice Kambara then ran a PR 1hr37mins13secs. Then Jimmy Bonneau ran trying to keep his plantar problem in check with 1hr39mins11secs. Mary Darling decided to do her strong Sunday run with a 1hr43mins54secs. And Liz Saxon ended up with a 6min PR with a time of 1hr49mins23secs. 59yr old experienced runner Harley Hanrahan ran her 3rd PR in a row with a time of 1hr49mins30secs. This was a PR by 2mins. Charles Hansford and Sarah Schultz ran 1hr52mins30secs and 1hr56mins10secs respectively while Billy Sheil and his Niece ran together with a goal of breaking 2 hours. They hit the line in 1hr59mins22secs, where Billy said Nicolette was waiting for him. Matthew Moreno , Courtney Grill and Nara Irigoyen all ran 2hr.00min06secs, 2hr03mins26secs and 2hr03mins33secs respectively .

Milton Keynes Rocket 5km – April 30th

Verity Rees ran a nice 5km PR with a time of 21mins42secs.

Women’s Shape Half – April 30th

Laura Kirk finished 4th in her age group to run 1hr32mins37secs off limited training. Just natural talent from Laura.

Red Hook Crit 5km – April 29th

80 degree day and a lot of turns on a 1.25km course ( 4 laps) led to a hard day for good times. Although Matthew Gillespie defied the toughness of the race with a fantastic time of 14mins59secs, for 4th place overall Male. Patrick Dooley then finished in 15th place with 16mins08secs. I was 23rd with 16mins40secs. Chris Wolf then turned in a great performance for 28th place with 16mins52secs. And Jeremy Cahill starting back up again and new to the team , finished in 120th place with a time of 19mins03secs. Indira (Gabby) Avila represented the teaming the female race to finish 11th overall female with a time of 18mins42secs.

Run as one 4 miler – April 23rd

Patrick Dooley ran a nice 20mins28secs for the 4 miler in Central Park to finish 2nd in his age group and 8th male overall in the race. Ana Johnson ran 23mins13secs to finish 3rd overall female and 1st in her age group. Yao Hua Ooi continued his PR’s , this time with about a 90secs PR with 25mins06secs. Gwyneth Campbell again won her age group and PR’ed by about 50secs to do it with a time of 26mins11secs. Jimmy Bonneau then PR’ed by 30secs with 26mins45secs. Harley Hanrahan PRe’d again with 31mins16secs, to also take 30secs off. Then Liz Saxon took about 1min off her PR to break the 8min pace with a time of 31mins46secs. Beth Browde ran a nice race for next with 35mins08secs. So 5 PR’s today out of the 8 runners that ran.

Stow Stampede 5km – San Francisco – April 23rd

Tony Scott ran 2sec PR with a time of 17mins42secs after pulling out of the Boston Marathon 6 days before.

Boston Marathon 2017 – April 17th

A very hot day (74 degrees and humid) in Boston led to mixed results, which is always a shame, with the training that goes into the preparation. Firstly, Audrey Gibson ran incredible to finish 26th place female overall in 2hr43mins44secs, which a a PR by over 13mins from her first marathon last year. 51yr old Christophe Wilhelm came in next from the team with 2hr53mins08 secs, which had him 14th overall in his age division. Locky Trachsel finished 6th in her age division with a time of 3hr10mins20secs. Then Myriam Coulibaly ran about a 1 minute PR with 3hrs18mins39secs, although was well ready for sub 3hr10mins, without the heat. Cara Rabin (Whippet)just feel short of her PR with 3hr20mins59secs, which was another incredible performance in the weather. Dana Morgan ran 3hrs26mins06secs.Then Alisa Stern , who had very sporadic training ran a great race with 3hr30mins18secs. Ed Chao jogged 3hr32mins18secs after he called it a day early on. And Kirtley Cameron ran 3hr43mins22secs. Brutal Day in Boston!

UAE Healthy Kidney 10km – April 9th

Patrick Dooley was first home from the team with a time of 32mins33secs. I found the going tough with 33min43secs at the finish. I ended up 2nd in the 40-45 age group. Matt Howard ran another nice PR of 36mins13secs, to take over a min off his best time. Matt was 5th in his age group of 45-50yrs old. Don Snellings continued his huge PR’s with a 4min PR , running 36mins38secs. Ana Johnson then PR’ed by 13 secs with 37mins05secs and finishing 4th in her age group. Indira (Gabby) Avila ran her first race for the team, finishing in 38mins02secs. Bonnie Averbuch came in next with 39mins47secs. Kaccie Li ran his first 10km of 42mins19secs. Jimmy Bonneau PR’ed by a staggering 8mins, to run 43mins flat! Janice Kambara continued her improvement with 45mins32secs and 3rd in her age group of 50-55yrs old. Harley Hanrahan PR’ed again, this time by 40secs with a time of 50mins40secs. Harley is getting stronger all the time she she approaches 60yrs old. Liz Saxon ran her first 10km to run 51mins20secs. As did Nicolette Shiel , who ran an 8min 34sec pace for her 10km and finished 5th in her age group.

NYC Half Marathon – March 19th

An awesome day for the team with a lot of fantastic PR’s. 7 out of the first 9 from the team ran their best half marathon ever. Chris Wolf ran 1hr16mins25secs for a PR after just getting back into training of rate last couple of weeks. He was a 1hr29min runner 14 months ago. Then Tony Scott ran a 3sec PR with 1hr18mins52secs. Matt Howard then whipped 3mins of his PR, with time of 1hr19mins29secs. Katarina Janosikova was only 2secs behind him with 1hr19mins31secs. Kat finished 4th in her age group. Luis Corona ran a strong ran for 1hr21mins13secs. Then Aidan Killoran PR’ed by 2mins with 1hr21mins23secs. Don Snellings ran a 5min30sec PR and right on goal pace with 1hr21mins49secs. Wow. Then Sheila Monaghan took 1min off her PR to run 1hr22mins54secs. Ed Chao PR’ed by 2mins with 1hr23mins59secs. Both Sheila and Ed look good to break 3 hours for their first time for a Marathon in the next month. Jonathon Marlow ran close to his PR, with 1hr26mins32secs.Sworupa Khadka is improving back to her best rapidly with 1hr27mins51secs. Charles Hansford ran well with 1hr27mins53secs. Joe diflumeri just did a tad over 1hr30mins with 1hr30mins02secs. Jimmy Bonneau killed his PR by 7mins30secs with 1hr30mins07secs. Laura Kirk ran 1hr30mins25secs. Kaccie Li PR’ed by 30secs with 1hr30mins26secs. Alisa Stern ran a nice 1hr35mins23secs after spending the last month on the Alter G with a hip injury. Janice Kambara can not stop improving as she runs 1hr38mins18secs. Marc Bobrowski finished in 1hr39mins47secs. Denise Peterson ran 1hr45mins03secs. Ivan Kayser – 1hr45mins07secs. Courtney Buckley – 1hr51mins29secs. Harley Hanrahan ran a very strong 1hr52mins26secs. As did Liz Saxon with 1hr56mins27secs. Beth Browde ran strong with 2hrs03mins22secs.Nara Irigoyen then came in with 2 hours and 26secs. Matt Moreno 2hrs07mins51secs. Maggie Moore – 2hr16mins30secs.

LALA Marathon – Mexico – March 5th

At 70 degrees with 1,120 meters of altitude , Ana Johnson finished 2nd overall female, in a hard fought battle for the win. She only lost by 10secs and picked up a nice chunk of change for her efforts. Her time – 3hr00mins16secs.

Washington Heights, Salsa, Blues, Shamrock 5km – March 5th

In the coldest race of my life, being 15 degrees, feeling like 4 degrees, Patrick Dooley and myself both had our first race in 5 months to finish in 5.13 pace and 5.19 pace respectively. We both haven’t yet been training at those paces and not race fit enough to run particularly fast for us. I finished 2nd Master. Matt Howard ran another PR with a 5min43sec pace. Katarina Janosikova finished 11th overall and 2nd in her age group with a nice 5min48sec pace. Kelly De Csepel finished 4th in her age group with a 6.12 pace after sporadic training. Laura kirks training had been similar. as she finished with a 6min25sec pace. Jimmy Bonneau had his first race for the team and easily his best race with a 6min31sec pace. Tiffany Golden-Stone felt a little under the weather with her 6min31sec pace and is consequently now sick with bronchitis. Then Christy Vachal had her best ever NYRR race with a 6min47sec pace. As did Bryan Keogh with a 6min57sec pace. Matt Moreno finished with an 8min50sec pace.

NYCRUNS Central Park 10km – Feb 26th

Myriam Coulibaly, who upset the field winning the Atlantic City Marathon 6 months ago, won this race with a time of 1hr29mins39secs to finish with a huge 7min30sec PR. Awesome.

Victory 10km – Richmond , CA – Feb 25th

Tony Scott finished 3rd overall and top Master with a 49sec PR in the 10km this morning . Tony completed the 10km in 36mins25secs.

NYRR Al Gordon 4 miler – Feb 25th

Don Snellings ran almost 30secs per mile faster than he’s ever run with a strong 5min51sec pace for this race in Brooklyn. Locky Trachsel finished 5th female overall at 48yrs young and 2nd in her age group with a 6min14sec pace. Theresa McCabe tempo’ed for 4th in her age group and a 6min32sec pace. Elizabeth Saxon has just gotten back into shape and ran 8mins28secs per mile, which wasn’t far off her best pace. Elizabeth Dorgan ran 10min14secs per mile without much running.

NYRR Gridiron 4 miler – Central Park , February 5th

A big start to racing for the year to Matt Howard, who ran a big PR with a 5min49sec per mile pace and finished 3rd in his age group. Katarina Janosikova was only 4secs behind Matt in her time of 23mins17secs, with 5mins50secs per mile. Kat was 5th overall female and 1st in her age group. Bonnie Averbuch finished 12th overall female with a 6min05sec pace. Joe Di Flumeri ran a 6min25sec pace. Great to see Joe putting together a couple of races. Miriam Coulibaly ran a big PR with a 6min33secs pace. This was 15secs per mile faster than her last 4 miler. Janice Kambara ran incredible with a 2nd placing in her age group and a fantastic 7min11sec pace after being back into running for the year, after a 20 year break. Harley Hanrahan ran a nice 8min14sec pace for 4th in her age group and brand new runner Nicolette Sheil (18yrs old) finished 5th in her age group with her first race ever at a 8min45sec pace.

Boston University meet – Feb 3rd

Andrew Pitts finished 6th in an 800m event with a time of 1min55.50secs

Boston Track Invitational – Jan 22nd

Andrew Pitts ran 9mins 26.86secs for 11th place in the 2 mile event .

Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon – Central Park, January 22nd

Katarina Janosikova showed form with 3rd place female overall and 1st in her age group. Kat ran a time of 1hr21mins35secs. Edwin Chan ran only 25secs slower than her best Half Marathon on this tough course with a time of 1hr26mins25secs. Joe Di Flumeri ran 1hr29mins03secs for training. Also as training runs – Harry Smith (1hr35mins27secs), Yao Hua Ooi ( 1hr42mins12secs), Faith Paris (1hr47mins52secs) and Nara Irigoyen (1hr59mins08secs)

Naples Half Marathon – Florida, January 15th

Chris Wolf continued his crazy improvement for over a year now with 1hr16mins31secs to beat his PR by 3 mins. Chris was 4th in his age group. Sheila Monaghan and Alisa Stern both finished 3rd in their age groups with 1hr27mins22 secs and 1hr31mins27secs respectively. Both are at the start of their build for for an April marathon.

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