2018 Results

RNR Washington DC Half Marathon – March 10th

Alex Stolerman smashed 6 minutes off his best half marathon time with a fast 1:18:19. Kelly de Csepel ran as a training run in 1:31:40 and Jehan Marino had tired legs, as she finished in 1:50:08.

Coogans 5km – March 4th

Jerry Faulkner (NYAC) improved over his last two races with a 15:53 or 5:07 pace per mile. Patrick Dooley started off his season with 15:54 for 5km and 7th in his age group. Richard Velazquez ran a strong 16:41 to be 6th in his age group. Matthew Howard was also 6th with a PR 17:21. Not bad for 47yrs old and only running for 3 years after being an excellent cyclist. Indira Avila ran 18:15 for 13th overall and although she beat the actual winner of the race a week ago in the 3,000m’s, she didn’t handle the the 3 distance races in 3 weeks. Theresa McCabe is constantly improving after giving birth last year. Theresa ran close to a PR, with a time of 18:34 and also 6th in her age group. Right behind her was Sheila Monaghan in 18:36, who ended up 3rd in her age group. Jonathan Marlow ran a nice 6:08 pace. Sarah Schultz 7:17 pace, Liz Saxon is back with a 7:54 pace , then Jimmy Bonneau and Marissa Kraft with a 8:12 pace and Matt Moreno – 8:57 pace.

NYCRUNS Central Park Half Marathon – February 25th

Dana Morgan PR’ed by a huge 14 minutes to finish 2nd overall female with a time of 1:31:09. Fantastic run!

Urban Athletics Track Meet -February 24th

Indira Avila again PR’ed over 3,000m’s , taking a further 6 seconds off her best time that she ran a week ago, to run 10mins flat and winning the race with a scorching 32.6sec last 200m’s.

Tokyo Marathon – February 24th

Don Snellings chopped a massive 45mins of his Marathon time with a fast time of 2:44:18 to break his goal time of 2:45:00. Yes… his previous best marathon was 3:29:30.Wow!

Al Gordon 4 miler – February 24th

Jerry Faulkner (NYAC) ran a solid 5.14 pace . Andriyy Postolovskyy PR’ed with a 5:30 pace and 4th in his age group . Jacqueline Klinger smashed her 4 mile PR with a 7:51 pace! Her previous best was an 8:23 pace back in 2016.

Princeton Track meet – February 17th

Indira Avila finished 3rd in the 3,000m’s with a PR time of 10min06secs, to be only 4 seconds of the leaders.

NYRR Gridiron 4M – February 4th

Jerry Faulkner (NYAC) opened up after a long injury with a 5:15 pace. Alex Stolerman was the first hound across the line with a PR 4 miler time off 22mins37secs for a 5:41 pace per mile . Then Ana Johnson also PR’ed over the 4 mile distance with 22min49secs and a 5:45 pace per mile . Ana was 5th female overall and 2nd in her age group .Kelly De Csepel ran well with a 5:57 pace to be 6th overall and 3rd in her age group.Kaccie Li then also Pr’ed with a 6:34 pace and Jimmy Bonneau finished with a 7:15 pace.


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