2018 Results

Eugene Marathon – April 29th

Alex Stolerman went out a little too fast and had to take a bathroom break, but still managed to PR with 2:53:27. He was ready for closer to 2:45, but the race didn’t go his way. Still…a PR is a PR. Jehan Marino finished in 3:41:19 , which was just off her PR, but she was very happy with the performance .

New Jersey Marathon and Half Marathon – April 29th

Both Shai Tambor and Valery Charles Pr’ed today in nice conditions. Shai Tambor took 20mins off his best time to run 3:19:30 in the Marathon, to hit his goal time and qualify for Boston. Valery Charles ran 1:50:34 for a small , but much needed PR in the half Marathon event.

UAE Healthy Kidney 10km – April 29th

Patrick Dooly ran a strong race to run 32mins30secs. NYAC runner Jerry Faulkner, who trains with the Hounds finished next in 32mins45secs. Andrew Pitts then ran 35mins04secs with then Brad Vollkommer having his first race in about 18 months for 37mins31secs. Matt Howard then ran 38mins07sec for a nice team performance by the Mens team for 6th place. Locky Trachsel PR’ed with 38mins52secs and 2nd in her age group . Jimmy Bonneau then came in with 41mins43secs and Meaghan Fitzpatrick (North Brooklyn Runners) PR’ed by a couple of minutes with 42mins57secs. Like Locky, Janice Kamara also finished 2nd in her age group with 46mins04secs.

London Marathon – April 22nd

Boston Marathon – April 16thShape Women’s Half Marathon – April 15th

Julie Pampuch finished just outside her PR with 1hr40mins40secs. She will be looking to PR on an easier course like the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Jacqueline Klinger was also just outside her PR with a time of 1hr50mins39secs. Denise Jelinek finished next with 1hr50mins55secs and then Faith Paris in 1hr52mins08secs.

NYC Half Marathon – March 18th

On a tougher course than previous years, Matt Gillespie was the first Hound across the line in 1:09:06 with limited training. Rich Velazquez then finished in 1:16:27 to make the top 8 in his age group. Ana Johnson PR’ed with 1:18:09 and finished 4th in her age group. Charles Lynch ended up right behind his PR with 1:18:58. Then Max Jahn came across the line in 1:19.14. Matthew Howard had another strong age group performance with 1:21:03 and 6th in his age group. Theresa McCabe finished right behind her best with 1:23:44, as she will be chasing sub 3 hours for the Grandmas Marathon in June. Amar Kuchinad (NYAC) ran an awesome 1:23:45, as he gets ready to try and break 3 hours for his first time with the London Marathon. Luis Corona was next in 1:24:30. Talented run Sheila Monaghan finished with 1:24:38, as she now takes a break to start training for The Lake Placid Ironman.Grace Doramus ran well on limited training with 1:24:41. And 49yr old Locky Trachsel won her age group with 1:26:45, not fully fit. John Vaghi sped to a 11min PR with 1:26:56. Wow! Then Mile High Run Club Coach Jess Movold PR’ed with 1:29:18. David Fanfan (CPTC) finished with 1:32:29. Shai Tambor crushed it with a 7min PR with 1:32:40. Nice! The every busy Laura Kirk showed up for a 1:34:47. Caroline Plank smashed 9mins of her PR with 1:36:11. Jimmy Bonneau finished with 1:37:11. Adam Shift ran a solid 3min PR with 1:37:25. Jeb Singer has hamstring issues, coming across in 1:37:32.Francesca Audia PR’ed with 1:38.36. Alisa Stern 1:39:41, Yao Hua Ooi 1:40:00,running just for fun. Julie Pampuch was right behind her PR with 1:41:18. Janice Kambara 1:41:36 on limited training . It was too cold for Alessia Pedoto, as she ran 1:46:27 with a cold. Jacqueline Klinger PR’ed by 7mins with 1:49:37. Marissa Kraft ran on pace with a finishing time of 1:54:53. Harley Hanrahan ran 1:57:13 as a solid long run. Matthew Moreno and Tamara Hoover finished with 2:01:37 and 2:07:07 respectively.

RNR Washington DC Half Marathon – March 10th

Alex Stolerman smashed 6 minutes off his best half marathon time with a fast 1:18:19. Kelly de Csepel ran as a training run in 1:31:40 and Jehan Marino had tired legs, as she finished in 1:50:08.

Coogans 5km – March 4th

Jerry Faulkner (NYAC) improved over his last two races with a 15:53 or 5:07 pace per mile. Patrick Dooley started off his season with 15:54 for 5km and 7th in his age group. Richard Velazquez ran a strong 16:41 to be 6th in his age group. Matthew Howard was also 6th with a PR 17:21. Not bad for 47yrs old and only running for 3 years after being an excellent cyclist. Indira Avila ran 18:15 for 13th overall and although she beat the actual winner of the race a week ago in the 3,000m’s, she didn’t handle the the 3 distance races in 3 weeks. Theresa McCabe is constantly improving after giving birth last year. Theresa ran close to a PR, with a time of 18:34 and also 6th in her age group. Right behind her was Sheila Monaghan in 18:36, who ended up 3rd in her age group. Jonathan Marlow ran a nice 6:08 pace. Sarah Schultz 7:17 pace, Liz Saxon is back with a 7:54 pace , then Jimmy Bonneau and Marissa Kraft with a 8:12 pace and Matt Moreno – 8:57 pace.

NYCRUNS Central Park Half Marathon – February 25th

Dana Morgan PR’ed by a huge 14 minutes to finish 2nd overall female with a time of 1:31:09. Fantastic run!

Urban Athletics Track Meet -February 24th

Indira Avila again PR’ed over 3,000m’s , taking a further 6 seconds off her best time that she ran a week ago, to run 10mins flat and winning the race with a scorching 32.6sec last 200m’s.

Tokyo Marathon – February 24th

Don Snellings chopped a massive 45mins of his Marathon time with a fast time of 2:44:18 to break his goal time of 2:45:00. Yes… his previous best marathon was 3:29:30.Wow!

Al Gordon 4 miler – February 24th

Jerry Faulkner (NYAC) ran a solid 5.14 pace . Andriyy Postolovskyy PR’ed with a 5:30 pace and 4th in his age group . Jacqueline Klinger smashed her 4 mile PR with a 7:51 pace! Her previous best was an 8:23 pace back in 2016.

Princeton Track meet – February 17th

Indira Avila finished 3rd in the 3,000m’s with a PR time of 10min06secs, to be only 4 seconds of the leaders.

NYRR Gridiron 4M – February 4th

Jerry Faulkner (NYAC) opened up after a long injury with a 5:15 pace. Alex Stolerman was the first hound across the line with a PR 4 miler time off 22mins37secs for a 5:41 pace per mile . Then Ana Johnson also PR’ed over the 4 mile distance with 22min49secs and a 5:45 pace per mile . Ana was 5th female overall and 2nd in her age group .Kelly De Csepel ran well with a 5:57 pace to be 6th overall and 3rd in her age group.Kaccie Li then also Pr’ed with a 6:34 pace and Jimmy Bonneau finished with a 7:15 pace.


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