2019 Results

Run for Clean Air 10km in Philadelphia – April 20th

Daniel Salvato, who I coach for the NYAC finished 3rd with a new PR of 37:37 for the 10km distance . It was a PR by over 3mins.

Larry Ellis Princeton Invitation – April 20th

Indira Avila (Gabby) won her heat and finished 6th overall in the 1,500m’s today with a PR of 4mins43secs.

Boston Marathon – April 16th

Amazing day for the Hounds in Boston! Chris wolf gutted out 2:46:22 to be first of the team across the line . Jake Kaufman PR’ed by 9mins to be a minute behind , in 2:47:28. The Mike Balz did a 4min PR with 2:52:42. Locky Trachsel then PR’ed and won the 50-55yr wolf age group with 2:55:24. An incredible time! Amar Kuchinad (NYAC) ran really well on limited training for 3:02:18. Heather Ritz then ran a 5min PR with 3:22:37. Daniel Burko ran a 3min PR of 3:30:59 and Shai Tambor turned it into a long run with the warmer weather for 3:35:20.

Shape Women’s Half – April 15th

A couple of come backs to racing today from Tiffany Golden-Stone (1:35:43) and Courtney Grill (1:56:20) on this warmish day in New York . Was to go ladies!

NYC RUNS Queens Half – April 14th

Dustin Shahidehpour went out a bit stressed and fast for the first 4-5 miles and ended up with more of a long run pace of 1:31:45. Good learning experience .

Sam Howell Princeton Invite – April 6th

Indira Avila (Gabby) finished in 13th place in the 5km at this meet with a time of 17.36

LA Marathon – March 24th

Julie Pampuch finished very excited with a 11min PR to run 3:32:27.Julie ran out of fuel in the NYC Marathon, 6 months ago, after a stressful work week leading up to that Marathon. This time her prep was spot on and she was rewarded.

NYC Half Marathon – March 17th

An awesome day for the Hounds with 13 runners running incredible PR’s. Alex Stolerman was first from the team across the line with 1:16:09, which included a 30secs bathroom break and still ran a PR by over 2mins . Jake Kaufmann was next with a 1min PR of 1:18:08. Logan DeSouza, who’s currently not on a training plan, still just missed his PR by 4 secs, with 1:18:17. Mike Balz finished with a solid PR by over 3mins with 1:18:30 and is looking great for the Boston Marathon. Rich Velazquez didn’t have such a good day in the office with 1:19:11, but will figure that out. Zareh baghdassarian then knocked 4mins off his PR with 1:20:11. Greg Nugent PR’ed by about the same with 1:21:16. Right behind Greg was John Vaghi with a nice 3min PR of 1:21:17. Then Locky Trachsel just missed her PR by 7 secs with 1:22:34 and also looks great for Boston. She was 2nd in her age group. Matt Howard finished with 1:23:02 and Colin Riendeau with 1:23:05. Luis Corona also ran under 1:24 with 1:23:55. Chris Hearne just used the run as a tempo with 1:24:27 and actually just off his PR. Sheila Monaghan ran her revised time goal after some calf issues during the training with 1:24:28. Paul Moreton ran a 3min PR with 1:25:03. Don Snellings just ran as a long run with 1:26:15. The Liesje Hodgson put down a nice 4min PR with 1:26:40. Jimmy Bonneau finished with 1:28:51 and Shai Tambor PR’ed by a few minutes with 1:28:53. Right behind Shai finished Adam Shift with a 4min PR of 1:29:06. Yao Hua Ooi ran his goal of 1:29:50 with limited training . Then we had Max Jahn ( 1:30:00) and Corinne Fitzgerald (1:31:35) who just ran as a long run. Meaghan Fitzpatrick (NBR) PR’ed by over 1min and just missed breaking 1:30 with 1:30:40secs. Daniel Burko also PR’ed by 1min with 1:33:34. Leslie Lillo then PR’ed with a 3min PR and a time of 1:38:23. Andrea Larson ran as training with 1:47:34 and poor Val Charles ended up in the medical tent after a 1:53:22, suffering from hypothermia. She’s happily ok and in much better shape.

Tokyo Marathon – March 3rd

Carolina Pena rocked Tokyo in the pouring rain with 2:49:03, to finish 39th female overall and 3rd in her age group at 45 years young. She ran a 2min PR and had been back for 14 weeks, after 18 months off with achilles pain . She has a shot at representing Chile in a World Championship or Olympic Marathon if she improves like this. Its all about being healthy. David Fanfan ran 3:14:04 to be 4mins outside his PR, which was a great race considering Davids training not going 100% to plan.

Washington Heights 5K – March 3rd

Rich Velazquez ran home first for the team with a 16:48 time. Then Brad Volkommer ran strong again with 17:42. Theresa McCabe performed outstanding , taking 35 secs of her best ever 5km to run 17:46 and first female Hound home. Mike Balz hit a 17:57 in the middle of his long run , as he trains for Boston and then Kelly De Csepel won her age group with 18:10 showing another consistent and strong performance . Greg Nugent then looked good with 18:20 and Matt Howard showed he’s been getting back into shape with 18:29. Locky Trachsel ran a great race for her over the shorter distance, with 19:05 and 2nd in her age group. Liesje Hodgson ran an awesome 19:16, to show she’s ready for a PR in the NYC Half and Harry Smith also ran well with a 6:33 pace.

NYRR Al Gordon 4 miler – February 23rd

Alex Stolerman finished with a solid 5th in his age group with a 5:53 pace , as he continues his good training. Dustin Shahidehpour showed huge improvement with a 6:14 pace, showing he’s callable of breaking 3 hours in the Providence Marathon in May. Harry Smith also ran very well with 6:31 pace and Leslie Lillo smashed her best , breaking 7min pace for her first time with a 6:53 pace.

Fastrack Invitational – February 9th

Indira Avila ran a strong 10:05 for 3km.

NYRR Gridiron 4 miler – February 3rd

Kelly De Csepel finished in the top 3 in her age group again with 3rd in a 5:51 pace. Nice run by Kelly! Greg Nugent also ran exceptionally well with a 5:53 pace, as did John Vaghi (6:13 pace). Locky Trachsel was next with a solid 6:13 pace and then Sarah Schultz with 7:15 pace.

Long Beach Snow Flake 4 miler – February 2nd

Theresa McCabe finished 1st female home in a lightning 23:30. Very fast for Theresa . Improving every race.

NYC Dill Invitational – February 1st

Indira Avila (Gabby) ran 17:38 for 5km in this indoor track meet for 2nd place .

Naples Half Marathon – Florida – January 20th

Carolina Pena came back from 18 months off to join me for 8 weeks and run a strong 1:21:04 for 4th overall female and 1st masters female at 44 years old. She ran it in 70 degrees and picked up $750 for her troubles .

Benji Fages ran over a 4min PR for the Marathon with a time of 2:45:21. Fantastic race from Benji.

Joe Kleinerman 10K – January 5th

Ana Johnson won the race in the female category and PR’ed in a time of 36:07.Kelly De Csepel finished 4th overall and 3rd in her age group with 38:21. The only other female from the team was Val Charles who finished with a 8:16 pace and out of shape for her. Don Snellings was the first guy home from the team with 35:50 for 10km. Zareh Baghdassarian ran 6:11 pace followed by Chris Hearne with 6:23 pace and Shai Tambor at 6:49 pace. Then John Vaghi ran 6:52 pace , Harry Smith (6:55 pace) and Dustin Shahidehpour had his first race with the team and finished with a 7:20 pace . Marc Bobrowsky wanted to make up his 9+1 with a 7:43 pace.


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