Matthew Howard – NYC Marathon 2016

matthoward-photoI started running in 2015, looking for a change of pace after racing bikes for about ten years. I enjoyed running races but found it hard to avoid getting injured. I got into the NYC Marathon and made that my goal for 2016, but then a bone bruise in the spring prevented me from running for three months. I contacted John and asked if he could show me how to train the right way so I could prepare for the marathon. With his guidance I started strength training, gradually increased my mileage, and began doing group speed sessions, all while managing to stay injury-free. I finished the Staten Island half marathon in 1:22:30, and then the NYC Marathon in 2:55:55.

John has an incredible depth of knowledge, both from his own career competing at the top level of the sport and from guiding the training of hundreds of others, and it thoroughly informs his coaching. You feel confident knowing that what he’s telling you to do is backed by years of experience and success. Instead of stumbling around in the dark hoping to find some advice that works, you can trust in the program and know that week by week, you’ll get faster and enjoy running more.