Personalized Training Program by John Henwood

$150 per month.

One On One Coaching session with John Henwood

$150 per hour

One On One Strength Training For Runners Session combined with an emailed Strength Training For Runners Plan by John Henwood

$150 for the hour.

Do you have Group Workouts and what’s the cost?

The Group sessions are on Tuesday morning and evenings and Friday mornings. They are free for anyone to join, as long as you notify me that you are coming. You can do that through the email on this website.

Will running help me to lose weight?

Running is probably the most effective way to lose weight. Certainly.

One thing you must learn though. – You may not lose it right away. You may actually gain a couple of pounds in the first couple of weeks due to increase muscle tissue gain. This is more likely to occur if you have been inactive for a while. This happens because muscle tissue is 2-3 times heavier than fat tissue, so even though you may decrease or stay the same in size, you may gain weight. The key is to stick to the program. In a couple of weeks, when the muscle tissue gain reaches a plateau and your fitness has increased, you’ll literally be running it off.

If you have been fairly inactive, and commit to running 3 or more times per week, your fitness will probably increase significantly within 2-3 weeks. As for Weight Reduction, you would probably expect to see results after 3-6 weeks (depending on the individual and training intensity)

If you have a good diet and run 5 times per week, which is optimum for weight loss you’ll get great results within 2-3 weeks providing you train at the right intensity. Personally, I think the right intensity is training in your “cardio ” zone (60-80% of your maximum hear rate), not your “fat burning” zone (40-60% of your maximum heart rate).

What can I expect from being coached by John Henwood?

No matter what level of fitness you are, I’ll come up with a training program that I can integrate into your lifestyle without sacrificing other important aspects of your life such as your career and relationships.

I will also train all energy systems in your body which you require to be a better runner. For example your aerobic and your anaerobic energy systems.

In addition to giving you a detailed program of time and distance, I will also gear the program towards your strengths and weaknesses.

As an Olympic athlete, I understand the value of both talent and first class training. I’ll share some training and racing secrets which probably won’t make you an Olympian, but will give you the edge over your rivals.

What if I don’t want to compete or race, but I just want to train for myself. Are your programs for me?

Of course. I coach athletes of all abilities. A lot of runners I deal with are not competitive, but want some guidance from an expert.

I’ll provide you with the framework, the knowledge and encouragement for you to enjoy the program .

How quickly can I expect to see results from your Coaching?

It depends on your fitness and the distance of your event.

If you are a beginner, you will probably see dramatic results in just a few weeks.

If you are more experienced it can take 6 weeks to 3 months to see results, as your body needs to adapt to the new training program.

Also you may need 10-12 weeks of solid, consistent aerobic training (mileage) before you can move into the next training phase – adapting your lactate threshold energy system.

You need patience and commitment without looking for short-cuts for your best results.

How much time do I need to allow for training?

This depends on what you hope to achieve.

It might be 3 hours per week or it might be 12 hours per week. You need to think about what’s possible considering other commitments.

Once we integrate the training into your lifestyle, we will go over what you can and can’t achieve. We have to be realistic.

You should expect to run at a minimum 3-4 times per week and upwards depending on the individual and what goals you are looking to achieve.

What is the minimum fitness required to start one of the training programs?

There is no required level of fitness. You can start as a walker if you are of that level and I may have you walk/jogging for some time until your leg muscles get stronger.

The most important thing is for to you get clearance by your doctor before starting one of these training programs if you are very overweight or have health issues.