Joe is a certified running coach and trainer based in New York City. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from CCNY where he competed in cross country and track and field. Joe returned as an assistant coach for the Men and Women’s Track and Field programs for an additional year before he went on to pivot his focus as a running coach for various distances from the middle distance to the Marathon.

Joe first fell in love with running ever since high school cross country and track. He had a coach who believed in him and was always willing to answer questions he asked about training. This athlete/coach relationship planted the seed for Joe to continue to foster his curiosity for running. He had success in high school and continued his running career in college, where he would experience three different running coaches over the span of four years. Each coach had their own style, principles, and unique attitudes. After many trials and tribulations, Joe came to understand the importance of having a good coach and athlete relationship.

Today, Joe is also an assistant coach at Collegiate High School, working with distance athletes of varying abilities who are new to the sport and he aims to cultivate a supportive and driven environment that allows his athletes to learn and grow as athletes and people.

Joe continues to train and enjoys the process of consistency and hard work. He believes anyone can attain lofty goals with time, consistency and the right guidance along the way.

Personal Running records:

800m’s: 2:01

1500m’s: 4:16

3k: 8:56

5k: 15:49

10k: 34:38

Half Marathon: 1:11:29 (Project 13.1 – Trials of Miles)

Marathon 2:49:20 (NYC 2022)