With the Lifestyle Questionnaire, there are 3 main topics:

  1. Client’s health:
    Client’s medical and injury history — focusing on muscle imbalances, whether the client wears orthotics, and what type of injuries the client might be prone to.
  2. Client’s lifestyle:
    What other priorities does the client have and how much time can be allocated to training?
    Work, family life, etc… and the client’s exercise patterns over the last month.
    Also what time of the day and where can the client train?
  3. Goal Setting:
    Short term goals and long term goals while obtaining secondary goals.
    For example. Short term goals could be a specific road race while training for a particular and more important race which maybe the client’s long term goal.
    Secondary goals could be weight loss, tone up, other races etc…
  4. Client’s Training Program:  – Then I can send you an Individualized Training Program — I like to know as much about the client as possible in order to give him/her a training program which fits his/her lifestyle (without adding extra stress to their already busy lives).