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Please complete the questionnaire below as thoroughly and accurately as possible. Our coaching team will use your responses to get to know you better and to customize your training plan.

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    How did you hear about John Henwood or Henwood’s Hounds Racing Team?

    How long have you been running?

    What are your race results over the last two years? (List all, including date, distance, and time.)

    What are your personal records (PRs) for the 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, and Marathon?

    What type of terrain do you normally run on and do you include inclines/hills? (dirt paths, road, treadmill, hills, flat, small undulations)

    What type of terrain do you run your long runs on, and do you include inclines/undulations? (dirt paths, road, treadmill, hills, flat, small undulations)

    Please describe your typical training week within the last 5 weeks. Include all exercise. Also include the number of miles or minutes that you run each day.

    What is your average pace of your short runs and do you try and run them easy, average pace or faster?

    What is the average pace for your longer runs and do you try and run them easy, average pace or faster?

    Do you do speed work and if so, how often?

    Do you have access to a 400m Athletics track during the week?

    Are you able to make Group Training sessions starting in Central Park at Engineers Gate on Fridays at 7am (speed) and Sundays at 8.30am (long run -paced runs)? If only one of the two days, which day?

    Are there any days you can’t run due to your schedule?

    Are there any days where time is limited, and you have a maximum time limit to exercise? What day(s) and what’s the time limit?

    How many runs have you been running per week the last 4 weeks on average and what have been the distance of your longer runs each week?

    What is your goal race you would like to train for? (Provide race date, name, distance, goal finishing time.)

    Have you been fitted for running shoes at a running store before?

    Do you wear an orthotic in your running shoe?

    Do you run with a Garmin or other form of GPS watch?

    How would you describe your overall health?


    Weight (optional)

    Do you have any medical conditions that can limit your exercise? Please describe, as well as any medications you take for this condition or any other condition.

    Have you ever had a running or sports related injury? Please describe the injury and when it happened (month/year).

    Please add anything else we should know about you.