Sammy is a certified run coach and Physical Therapist in NYC. She earned her B.S. in Nutrition Science from Syracuse University and then went on to get her D.P.T. from New York University. She currently works at Finish-Line Physical Therapy; an outpatient orthopedic clinic that specializes in runners and endurance athletes. She specializes in women’s health as well, working with many female athletes. With a background in running, nutrition and physical therapy, Sammy is able to treat and coach with a multifaceted approach and inline with John Henwood’s coaching philosophy.

Growing up, Sammy was a multi-sport athlete. She refined her love for exercise and movement in college when she shifted gears to running. She has completed multiple half marathons, full marathons, as well as a handful of triathlons. With the marathon being her favorite distance, her personal running accomplishments are qualifying for (and running) the Boston Marathon and slowly chipping away at her PR (3:18).