2011 Results

Ted Corbitt 15km – Dec 17th

Some fast times today from my runners as they finished 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th overall female in the race today. All 4 of these runners will be running a marathon in Houston in the weekend of Jan 14th 2012. Caroline Lefrak (NYAC) ran a blazing 5.34 pace for first female and 6th in the entire race. Unheard of!! Kelly Chin then finished 2nd female with a crazy 5.48 pace for her best race she’s ever run thus far in her career. Fantastic run! Both Caroline and Kelly will be running in the Olympic trials Marathon on Jan 14th 2012 and are in the form of their lives for it. Ana Johnson finished 4th with a 6.05 pace and Melissa Raddatz 5th with a 6.13 pace. Both Ana and Melissa are running the Houston marathon on Jan 15th and are also in great shape. Then Chelsea Friend who has been on the team for about 6 weeks ran her best race ever in Central Park with a 7.51 pace. A big improvement from Chelsea! Joe Chan was the only male from the team racing and raced right up around his best with a 6.32 pace. Nice Joe.

Jingle Bell Jog – Dec 11th

NYAC runner Caitlin Phillips, who just started in my training group a couple of weeks ago, went out and won the race today with a 5.49min per mile pace. Nice work Caitlin! Joe Chan PR’ed for his second week in a row with a 6.10 pace. Right on our prediction Joe! And Melodie Fratt also ran her best ever race with a huge PR of a 7.17 pace. Great running from the team again.

Run for the Voices 5miles – Dec 4th

In the last NYRR points race of the year, there were 5 PR’s out of 7 Henwood Hounds runners and the ladies finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall in the females. Thus picking up first in the team event for their efforts. Kelly Chin won the race with a huge PR at her level, running a 5.40 pace. She looked super strong. Ana Johnson ran right about around her best with a 5.52 pace for second. Then Melissa Raddatz went under 6min mile pace for the first time in any race with a 5.59 pace PR for third. Awesome running! Laura Kirk, who had not been training too much finished 15th place in a 6.24 pace. Great running off barely any running Laura! Mary Darling then came in 1st in her age group with a 6.31 pace for another “solid performance”. Melodie Fratt then came in with a PR 7.31 pace and she continues to improve after the NY marathon. Then Joe Di Flumeri smashed his PR with a 6.03 pace. Great run! And Sam Lieberman did the same – running a PR 6.19 pace. Both solid PR’s and breaking them into the next level. Fantastic day for the team as a whole and all the individuals running on the team today!

Seoul Half Marathon – Nov 26th Korea

Kristine Carleton PR’d by a couple of mins for a 3rd place female finish overall with a time of 1hr32mins05 secs. Awesome run Kristine!

Wild Turkey Trott – 5 miles , Salem, MA, Nov 24th

Nikki Nolan finished 2nd out of 84 in her age group (45-49) for the women with a PR time of a 7.25min per mile pace average. Great run Nikki!

Philly Marathon and Half Marathon Nov 20th

Caroline Lefrak ran right on pace with a strong 6th place and a PR Half Marathon with a time of 1hr14mins20secs. Fantastic time by Caroline! Ranna Smith ran awesome in the marathon , breaking for 4 hours for the first time in at least 10 years with a time of 3hr55mins57secs. Great result Ranna! Katherine Brown went out strong for the first half of her half marathon but faded to a time of 1hr50mins50sec to be a couple of minutes of her best. A few more long runs Katherine!

New York Marathon Nov 6th

Some great personal results from the team in the Marathon. Firstly Eric Gomberg ran 2hr58mins31secs for a PR. Nice! Then Joe Di Flumeri broke 3 hours for his first time (2hr59mins19secs). Joe had been trying for years and actually ran a solid 1hr28min second half of the race with a 6min14sec last mile. Wow! Sam Lieberman finished about right on what we predicted with a time of 3hr04mins28 secs. Great stuff Sam! Then Ellen Basile ended up with a PR and first of the ladies on the team to cross the line. Ellen ran a strong even race to finish in 3hr11mins52secs. And Julia Knittel was very happy with her 3hrs14mins42 secs considering she was traveling and working like a demon 10 weeks ago. Mary Darling ran a solid performance of 3hr17mins18 secs. Dan Osias, who now lives in Seattle, went out too fast for the condition he was in after missing a few weeks with quad pain. Dan ran 3hr17mins36secs but is well capable of breaking 3 hours we he gets it right. Janice Fletcher ran a PR 3hr21mins with a fantastic consistent run. Good stuff Jan! Then Kate Curtis-ram (NY Flyers) ran a huge PR by 26mins with a time of 3hr35mins17secs. Kates last performance was 4hr01mins. Wow! Kate just kept getting better and better every week in her Tuesday group workouts. Natalie Sopic (Brooklyn Road runners) ran an incredible first marathon of 3hr41mins flat. Fantastic run Natalie! -Another one that just kept improving right up until the race. Coco Nagasaki ran a strong 3hr41mins50secs for another PR. Coco had to go to the bathroom 3 times so could have taken 5mins off that time. Next time Coco! Good performance! John Ehrenkranz then also ran a PR with a time of 3hr51mins25secs. John had some hamstring cramps at the end but still muscled out a PR. Good stuff! Julie Connolly didn’t have the race she wanted to run and has had problems throughout her build up with her feet. Julie ran 3hrs52mins35secs. Sorry Julie. Melodie ran a strong 3hr53mins06secs in her first marathon. Great result Melodie!You will get only better. Will Gillies ran 3hr54mins56secs after having a couple of problems in the race. Will lost at least 20 pds during the training and looks a lean machine for his next training cycle. Michael Darling went out like a rocket for the first half of the marathon (1hr46mins). He then paid for it, losing 25mins in the second half to run 3hr56mins46secs. Mikes first half should give him a lot of confidence for his next build up. Faith Paris ran under 4 hours for her first time with a time of 3hr57mins40secs. Nice Faith! And Bernie Ford finished in 3hr58mins51secs. Bernie had a couple of leg problems going into the race but still ran even. Good run Bernie.

5km Dash in Central Park – Nov 5th

Caroline Lefrak finished 17th with a 5.28 pace as she gets back into her higher mileage training for the Olympic Trials. A solid performance but off her best and will improve a lot from it. Joe Chan ran a 6.12 pace for his best race in Central Park. Joe is working towards the Miami Marathon in January. Also Katherine Brown ran her best race ever, with a 7.28 pace. Katherine has the Philly Half coming up on November 20th. Great racing guys!

Frankfurt Marathon – Oct 30th

Christophe Wilhelm smashed 5mins30secs of his best marathon time with a time of 2hr45mins44secs to reach his goal of breaking 2hr50mins. Fantastic result Christophe! I have been training Christophe on line as he lives in Switzerland.

East Brunswick 10km – Oct 16th

Joe Chan ran a 3min PR and finished a strong 6th place in this 10km event. Joe ran 39min01sec. Awesome!

Kurt Steiner 5km XC – Oct 16th

Caroline Lefrak easily won the 5km in Van Courtland Park as she begins her training for the USA Olympic Trials in January. Her time of 17min40secs was pretty relaxed for her after she won the Quad Cities Marathon a few weeks ago.

Chicago Marathon – Oct 9th

In warm conditions Katarina Janosikova finished 15th in a time of 2hr44mins19secs to be 1 minute off the Olympic B standard for Slovakia. Great run! She will have a go at the A standard in the Houston Marathon in Jan. Melissa Raddatz ran a PR 2hr53mins21secs for 55th place after going through the half way in 1hr24mins. Fantastic run Melissa! Robert Riordan had a small cold and hit the wall at mile 12 to run 3hr12mins after looking for a time 20mins quicker. Hard luck Rob! Nikki Nolan ran a PR 3hr57mins22sec as the heat got to her over that last hour. Nikki has been doing her long runs faster than that pace and will look to PR easy again when doing the NY Marathon in cooler weather. Brian Stutz had some bad luck having to pull out with a foot issue around half way. Sorry Brian!

20km Paris – Oct 9th

Swiss runner, Christophe Wilhelm had an awesome 20km as he looks to break 2hr50mins for the Frankfurt Marathon on Oct 30th. Christophe ran 1hr14mins32secs, which is about a 1.19 half marathon if he carried on. His PR half marathon is 1hr20mins24secs so he would have PR’ed if it was a half marathon distance. Great run Christophe!

Marathon , Seoul – Oct 9th

Kristine Carleton finished 2nd female with a time of 3hr17min34secs to be 3mins slower than her best marathon time. Great result for 2nd kristine!

Staten Iland 1/2 Marathon – Oct 9th

On a fairly warm day, I finished 2nd after starting 5min30secs behind the gun and 3000 other runners. (1,500 runners could not fit on the ferry to make the starting time) My time was 68min46secs after going in and out of all the runners ahead of me. Eric Goldberg game in strong with a time of 1hr24mins 56secs. Solid run by Eric and a minute slower than his PR. Sam Lieberman ran 1hr29mins27 secs to be a minute slower than his PR from Philly a few weeks ago. Great run as today was hotter and on a tougher course. Coco Nakasaka ran 1hr40min12 secs to be 4mins slower than her best time. Coco will improve from that run for the NY marathon. Julie Connolly (Flyers) ran 1hr41min14secs as she just had to run it in over the last 10km with a foot problem that has been bugging her. Sorry Julie!

Gretes Half Marathon- Oct 1st Central Park

Another great day for the Hounds as some of them had this race as their big lead up Half Marathon for the New York City Marathon in early November. Out of the women, Ana Johnson came in with a time of 1hr23mins58secs. Solid run by Ana as she was suffering from a sore hamstring in the race. Laura Kirk who hasn’t basically trained so much, showed her natural talent with a time of 1hr31mins15secs. Julia Knittel had an awesome race to finish in 1hr32mins28secs to be 11secs off her best which she did on a flat course. Great run Julia! Mary Darling and Ellen Basile ran 1hr33mins37secs as a workout before carrying on with their long run. Solid! Then the PR’s started rolling. Mae Resurreccion then came in with a PR time of 1hr36mins flat to take 2.5mins of her time. Good stuff Mae! Natalie Sopic was next in for the women to take 4mins off her time with a time of 1hr43mins.02 secs. Fantastic Natalie! Rita Ashlock PR’ed by 70 secs with a time of 1hr44min24secs to show she’s on track for New York. Nice! Melodie Fratt dropped her PR by 8mins! She ran 1hr45mins28secs. And she kicked for home like a monster the last 200m’s! Then Faith Paris ran 1hr47mins.32secs to take a minute off her PR. Great Faith! The women finished 4th team overall. Well done! In the men , Joe Chan ran a strong 1hr30mins06 secs after a couple of easy weeks after setting his PR in the Rock n Roll Philly Half where he ran 1hr27mins. Will Gillies ran an awesome time of 1hr44mins 12sec. This is Wills fastest time in 3.5 years and Will has lost 20 pds in the last 3 months to get to this. Fantastic will William! Then Micheal “I need my angels” Darling finished with a time of 1hr45mins31secs. After hernia surgery Mike has been slowly but steadily improving and will be much stronger for the New York Marathon from this run.

Quad Cities Marathon Sept 25th Iowa

Caroline Lefrak won the Quad Citites Marathon in a new PR time of 2hr41mins11secs. Awesome! It started to down pour in the last 10km and she suffered from some calf cramps but a PR is a PR and a win’s a win. She picked up $3,000.00. On to the Olympic trials in January!

Berlin Marathon Sept 25th

Sarah Goldstein set a PR marathon with a time of 3hr39mins in Berlin. Well done Sarah!

5th Avenue Mile, Sept 24th ,NY

Awesome results from the ladies led the Hounds to finish 3rd in the womens team event. All 6 runners ran their fastest ever mile! Kelly Chin won her age group race in 5mins15sec. Ellen Basile (5mins.45secs) , Julia Knittel (5mins48secs) and Dani Mcintyre (5mins52secs) finished 8th, 9th and 13th respectively in their age group. Then came the 40-44yrs old females, where Coco Nagasaka (6mins) and Mae Ressurreccion (6mins07secs) flew for 6th and 7th place respectively. Wow!! I won the mens 35-39yrs old race by 9secs witha time of 4mins21secs. And Rob Riordan ran his fastest mile with a time of 5mins17secs for the BPTC. Nice run Rob!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Philly Half Marathon Sept 18th ,

There were 7 PR’s in philly this year from the team. Highlights were Katarina Janosikovas awesome 1hr15min45sec PR finishing 22nd woman overall, Mary Darling running with a squashed hershey bar for fuel for a 1hr28mins 30secs time. Mary was attracked by a dog in Central Park 2 days before the race (twenty stitches in the arm) and finished 2nd in her age group. And Robert Riordan beating Marcus Wilhelm by 1 second. (1hr23mins 19secs to 1hr23mins 20secs). Other PR’s besides Katarina came from Max Chen with a time of 1hr20mins 33secs to take over 2mins off. Awesome Max! Melissa Raddatz – 1hr21mins 50secs to take about 90 secs off. Nice! Joe Chan breaking 1hr30mins with a time of 1hr27min20secs. Killed it! Sam Liebreman running a PR of 1hr27mins35secs. Good stuff Sam! Ellen Basile taking about 2mins off her time with 1hr29mins 47secs. Great run Ellen! And Ranna Smith setting a PR 1hr48mins.01 secs. Well done Ranna! I ran 69min 14 secs after stopping for at least a min to take out my orthotics and then pacing Thom Little to a PR by 2mins for him. Brian Stutz just ran a solid effort as he takes care of a flaring hamstring with a time of 1hr28mins 22secs. kate Curtis ran very close to her PR with a time of 1hr40mins 45secs. Good run kate! Nikki Nolan is back to her best form with a 1hr42min06 secs run to also be very close to her PR. Onwards to Chicago Nikki! And Julie Connolly didn’t have a great race for her. but will have this sorted out before NY. She ran 1hr44mins 24secs. Overall some great performances!

Fitness 4 miler – Central Park , Sept 17th

Great results from the team in this race! Natalie Sopic ran a PR 7.17 pace which was 20 secs per mile faster than she has ever ran before. Melodie Fratt also ran 20secs faster than shes ran before with a 7.37 pace. Rita Ashlock bounced back from New Haven with a PR 7.24 pace. And Mae Resurreccion ran her first 4 miler or (any fast race) with a 7.08 pace. You 4 ladies rock!! Julia Knittel also ran one of her best races with a 6.48 pace and Michael Darling ran just under 7mins per mile with a hot 6.42 last mile to have one of his best races. Awesome day from the team!

New Haven 20km (American 20km Champs) Sept 5th

Caroline lefrak ran an outstanding 4th place with a 5.38 pace in 93% humidity. Wow!! Fantasic run for this USA Championship race. Caroline will race the Quad Cities Marathon in Iowa 3 weeks from this race. Dani Mcintyre ran better than her best half marathon pace with a 7.57 pace. Nice Dani. Rita Ashlock had trouble in the conditions and came in with an 8.44 pace. As did Nikki Nolan , who pulled out at 10km. The humidity was terrible.

Rock ‘N” Roll Half Marathon in Chicago – August 14th

Joe Chan has a goal to run under 1hr30mins in the Philly Half on Sept 18 th and decided to have a warm up half marathon in Chicago a month before. Today he ran 1hr30mins01secs so just missed his goal by 1 sec. So close! He still has a month to get ready for Philly where he should have no problem getting under his target time.

Falmouth Road Race – August 14th – 7.1 miles

Kelly Chin finished strong for 39th female accross the line with a 5.59 pace. Nice Kel.

Doggy Dash 5 miles Central Park – August 7th

Marcus Wilhelm and and his dog Max ( not Max Chen) ran the 5 mile loop of Central Park, competing against another 30 dogs with their owners. Marcus had his best running result ever to finish in 2nd place with his little Jack Russell. The dogs and their owners had to go in for a pit stop at half way to check on their heart rates etc… They averaged about a 6.25 pace. Good stuff Marcus and Max!

10km Leg of NYC Triathlon – August 7th

Peter Land ran a solid 40min55secs for his leg. Great run Peter!

Club Championship – August 6th Central Park

On a humid day in New York, the best results for the team came from the HHRT Womens Team as they finished in 3rd place overall. Awesome! Katarina Janosikova showed her continued improvement towards her best with a 5.49 pace to finish 7th. Nice! Kelly Chin ran strong to finish 12th with a 6.01 pace. Then Ivette Mejia ran her best 5 miler with a 6.05 pace (15th) to be closely followed by Ana Johnson with also a 6.05 pace (16th). Melissa Raddatz ran a fantastic race to only be 19 -23 secs behind these two girls and to finish 19 th place with a 6.09 pace. Mary Darling came in next with a 6.32 pace as she made 2nd in her age group. Ellen Basile had her first race back since the New York Marathon and ran in with a strong 6.56 pace. Dani Mcintyre ran another awesome PR for her with a strong 7.11 pace. She just keeps getting better every race. Julia knittel has been working like crazy the last couple of weeks so just ran for the sake of running for the team and ran a 7.37 pace. Nikki Nolan had stomach cramps and ran in with a 7.53 pace to finish 10th for the team . One of the big highlights of the day came from Christine Huelster. Christine wasn’t having a great race and decided to pull out with a mile to go and walk along the bridle path to get her bag. She then had a banana, drink etc… did some chitta chat and then accidently walked back through the finish line to record a time of 1hr13mins. Awesome! Females that I coach who ran for other teams in the championships – Caroline Lefrak (NYAC) , who won the race easy with a very fast 5.24 pace. Wow! Katherine Ram (Flyers) ran a PR 7.22 pace. Nice! And Natalie Sopic (BRRC) ran a strong 7.51 pace.

In the mens race, I finished 6th with a 4.58 pace. Jorge Pardo who had been up all night on a project came in next with a 5.33 pace. Diego Vanegas then ran in with a 5.38 pace. Max Chen cruised around for the team with a 6.18 pace. Marcus Wilhelm who hadnt ran in a while after a sore knee finished with a 6.19 pace. David Weil next with a 6.35 pace. Nicholas Florio ran a 6.46 pace to be followed by Bryan Osias with a 7.08 pace, Will Gillies ran strong again with a 7.51 pace and Anthony Berritto with a 8.51 pace. The HHRT mens team finished 4th in the B division. Robert Riordan (BPTC) came is with a strong 6.12 pace on tired legs. Nice run Rob.

Run for Central Park – July 16th Central Park

More than 20 runners from HHRT and runners I coach competed in this fast 4 miler which gained the HHRT female team 2nd place. Great result in a points race. Carolyn LeFrak (NYAC) ran an awesome 5.18 pace to win. An awesome time and certainly the fastest time i’ve heard of for females in one of these 4 mile races around Central Park. First of the HHRT females was Ivette Mejia, who smashed her best pace by 10 secs a mile with a 5.45 pace to win her age group and be 6th overall. Katarina Janosikova returned to racing to be only 3secs behind Ivette for 7th with a 5.46 pace after not racing since January and not much running over the last 18 months. Great stuff ladies! Betsy Burke (NYAC) ran a solid but tired 5.52 pace next. Melissa Raddatz ran to her best with a 6.03 pace, while Ana Johnson returned to racing and is actually in better shape than her 6.05 pace. Mary Darling ran a solid 6.25 pace to win her age group and round out the top 5 women who scored for HHRT. Mary did that on an upset stomach. Dani Mcintyre then smashed her best time in Central Park races by almost 30secs per mile with a 7.13 pace. Awesome Dani! With the men, I ran a 4.56 pace to be 8th accross the line but 10th on time. Coach Jorge Pardo ran a 5.18 pace for next of the HHRT team. Nice race in his first race for the team. Diego Vanegas finished with a 5.44 pace after hurting his hamstring in the race. Hard luck Diego. Rob Riordan (BPTC) ran right up to his best with a 5.53 pace. Nice Rob! Marcus Wilhelm improved from his last race to run a solid 6.02 pace. Mark Simmer ran 6.06 pace off barely no running next. Nicholas Florio improved from last week with a 6.40 pace. Nice Nick! Peter land ran 6.41 pace for his fastest race around the Park since 1994. Great stuff! Mike Salve ran his best race ever around the park in his 8 attempts with a 7.01 pace. Mike has been with me for 1 month. Mike darling ran a solid and improving 7.06 pace. Will Gillies ran his first race for the team and ran his best in 2 years. Awesome Will! Overall great results for the team!

Boomer Run to breath 10km – July 9th Central Park

Nicholas Florio ran a 6.55 pace on his comback from injury. Good to see you out there Nick. Also in these humid conditions Kathleen Brown ran a 8.06 pace for her 10km.

Hamptons 8km -July 3rd

Brooklyn Half Marathon winner Caroline Lefrak , scorched around with a 5min25sec pace per mile for 8km to win the race with a time of 27min05secs. Wow! Very fast.

Great Eastern Womens 10km in Korea – July 3rd

Kristine Carleton finished 9th in a time of 43min35secs which was about 10secs slower than she ran last year but in very hot and humid conditions. Good work kristine.! Hang in there.

NYRR Tuesday track series: June 28th

Ivette Mejia won the 1,500m’s by 15 secs with a nice fast time of 4mins47secs which is about a 5.08 mile pace. Ivette ran smooth and then launched into a fast last lap.

Boston 10km – June 25th

Nikki Nolan ran her best 10km in a decade with a 7.30 pace. Great stuff nikki!

Barren Bridge vineyard to vine 5km June 23rd – Virginia

Dani Mcintyre won the 5km in her best time of 23min09 secs. Well done Dani. She won a few bottles of wine with it.

Portugal Day 5 miler – June 19th Central park

The Hounds Finished 12th team overall and slipped to 3rd position in the B division. I had some calf issues and just ran for points for a 5.35 pace. Max Chen ran a 6.09 pace with some butt issues. Marcus Wilhelm ran a 6.12 pace with stomach issues and then the next two guys that managed to score for the team finally didn’t have any issues. Dan Osias ran a strong 6.14 pace and David Weil ran his best race for 3 years with a 6.27 pace. Great stuff David! Micheal Darling continues to improve back to form with a 7.14 pace and Anthony berritto smashed his time by 30 secs per mile to run a 8.30 pace. Aweosme run Anthony! Katherine Brown ran her best 10km with a 7.55 pace after doing a track session the day before. Nice!

Shelter Island 10km – June 18th

Caroline Lefrak finished 1st American women and 3rd overall Women in this top 10km race with a fantastic 5min36sec min/mile pace. She finished only 3 secs behind second place and with a time of 34min43secs for 10km. Caroline had a baby in Febuary of this year and seems to be stronger than ever. Great run!

Mini 10km – June 11th

The women finish 5th overall on a very humid day in Central Park. Kelly Chin ran a solid 5.59 pace after resuming training just a few weeks. Melissa Raddatz was out of shape for a 6.30 pace as well as laura Kirk who ran a 6.43 pace. Mary Darling ran a 6.39 pace while a jetlagged Kristine Carleton ran a 7.04 pace. Dani mcintyre had the best race with a fantastic 10km PR of a 7.39 pace which was 15secs per mile faster than she ran in the Scotalnd Run. Awesome Dani! Ranna Smith also had a very good race with a 8.24 pace. Nice run Ranna.

Yai Central Park Challenge – June 4th

Ivette mejia, who has been with the Hounds one month, finished 2nd overall women with a 5.45min/mile pace as she ran 22 secs faster than last year for this race. A great pace. And ivette is only 20yrs old.

Ridgewood 5km May 29th

Kelly chin finished 3rd in the 5km with a time of 18mins10 secs. Awesome run considering kelly has just got back into it. She then jumped into the mile and ran a fast 5mins23secs.

Buffalo Half Marathon May 28th

Tim Mann finished 9th with a PR time of 1hr14mins56secs. Great run by Tim!

May 14th Healthy Kidney 10km

Michael Darling ran a steady 7.35 pace for the 10km. William Gillies returned to training with the team and ran an 8.07 pace to improve the pace from his 4 miler he ran the week before.

May 1st New Jersey Marathon

Laura Kirk jumped into the Marathon to finish a close 5th women overall with a time of 3hr08mins55secs after being 2nd until late in the race. Her back spasmed up at mile 24. Bummer! Fantastic running by Laura considering she is a walking zombie between running and working at Goldman Sachs. Darren Pollack ran a PR 3hr28mins20secs after limitted training which was awesome. And Alexandra Coolidge broke 4 hours and ran a 8min PR with a time of 3hrs57mins03 secs. Great stuff Alex!

May 1st -Broadstreet run (10 miles) Philly

Dan Osias ran a strong 64min14secs (6.25 pace) for this fast flat race in philly. A very strong run from Dan and his best time over 10 miles.

April 30th – Nashville Half Marathon

Katherine Brown ran 1hr47mins47secs to take 7mins off her best time for the Half Marathon distance. Great running by Katherine on a nice day in Nashville.

April 30th – Long island Half Marathon

Ranna Smith ran strong to take over 6mins off her best half marathon time and break the 1hr50min barrier (1hr49min58secs) after having a miserable week being sick and only running two days. Awesome run Ranna!

Boston Marathon – April 18th

Melissa Raddatz ran a super race to finish 53rd overall women with a best time of 2hr54min16secs. Great run! Marcus Wilhelm also ran his best time to make 551 place male. He ran 2hr50min09secs. Marcus was disappointed to not break 2hr50mins even though it was a PR. Next time Marcus, don’t leave out the weight training for the Boston hill! I think Marcus ran well anyway, but strength training for Boston is very important to run your best. Nikki Nolan had big hopes of knocking 20mins of her time and her training indicated she would, but she went out 20secs per mile too fast for the first 10km and paid for it. Nikki still ran a PR by 2mins (3hr57mins.46secs) but needs to work on her pacing. Nikki has had a fantastic winter with big PR’s every race and will continue to have a great Summer. Sarah Goldstein ran nice even pace for 3hr44mins, which is just a few minutes off her best time. Sarah did this with no speed work at all. Nice run Sarah!

Boston 5km – April 17th

I finished 12th with a 4.54 pace after getting dropped after mile 1.

Run for the park 4 miler – Central park April 17th

Michael Darling ran his first race back post Sports Hernia Surgery and ran a solid 7min13sec per mile pace for the 4 miler. Great effort. Michael will be expecting big improvements this year now that is ab is healthy.

London Marathon: April 17th

On a hot day in London, both Andy Young and Johanna Murphy took 6mins of their best marathon time. Andy ran 3hr19mins , while Johanna ran 4hr37mins07secs. This included a 5min pitstop for Johanna. Both runners are pleased although I feel Andy was in much better shape but had stomach problems before the race. Johanna has been running incredible PRs in the races leading up to the marathon.

Scotland Run (10km) – April 10th – Central Park.

On the mens team, I ran 31min09secs for 8th place . Jesse Du-bey had some leg problems and finished in 35mins01secs for the next Hound. Mark Simmer ran an awesome race to finish in 36min06 secs for his best 10km and race around the park. Fantastic run by Mark! Ilan Stern ran a strong 37mins41 secs. Dan Osias ran a very nice 39mins12secs to round out the mens team. The men were ninth team overall and 2nd in the Open B. With the Women, Ana Johnson ran incredible for the amount of training she has been doing with a time of 37mins19secs for 6th place female overall. Awesome any! Laura Kirk ran 39mins4secs and Mary Darling showed plenty of lip and she came in 40mins43secs. Dani Mcintyre ran one of her best runs with a 7.54 pace, off 3 runs per week while Ranna Smith ran an 8.12 pace which is her best 10km and her second best run in any distance . Great job ranna! The women were also 9th in the womens division overall.

Seoul Marathon – April 10th – South Korea

Kristine Carleton finished 4th women overall in this Marathon with a time of 3hr15mins38secs on a tough course in windy conditions. Kristine was only 2 minutes off her best time which she set in November last year. This course was much tougher and she is much fitter. Well done Kristine. Fantastic place finish in a huge field!

Womens More Half marathon – April 3rd Central Park

Faith Paris followed up her PR half Marathon in the NYC half 2 weeks ago with a time of 1hr50mins 25 secs which was about 90secs slower than her NYC half but on a much tougher course. Awesome running by Faith! Beth Browde ran yet another PR by a couple of minutes with a time of 2.02.20 for her More Half. Great stuff Beth!

Colon Cancer 15km and 4 miler – Central park March 27th

Johanna Murphy ran the 15km and then added more on for a half marathon PR by mins of 2hrs.00.30secs. Thats a 5min PR for Johanna as she gets ready for the London Marathon. Awesome! Beth Browde snuck in another PR with the 4 mile race as she continues her fantastic form. Well done ladies!

National Half Marathon – Washington DC ,March 26th

On a cold day in DC two runners represented the Hounds. Nikki Nolan finished in 1hr41mins flat for a best half marathon time by over 4mins. Nikki was 8th in her age group (45-50yrs). Great run Nikki! She will be looking for a huge PR in the Marathon when she takes on Boston. Her best so far is 3hr59mins last year in October. Dan Osias was hoping to sneak under 3 hours for his first marathon but went out with a 1hr26min flat first half. (2hrs52min pace) He paid for it later , having to walk the last 2 miles to come in in 3hr23mins04secs. Very sorry Dan. 95% of us need to respect the marathon distance before trying to run a faster one. Lession learnt.

The Reading Half Marathon – England March 20th

English runner Andrew Young , who i’m training for the London Marathon showed he’s in great shape as he ran a 2min best half marathon time of 1hr24mins41secs in Reading. Awesome run Andrew!

New York City Half – March 20th

Great conditions and Fantastic results for the team in the NYC Half. Jesse Du Bey ran right on pace to set a 2min PR time of 1hr15mins.21 for the first of the Hounds to cross the line. Awesome! Then Marcus Wilhelm also set a PR (1hr18mins 27sec) time to show he is ready for Boston. Marcus finished 30secs better than his previous best. Kelly Chin finished only 14 secs outside her best with a great run after being sick for 10 days. She ran 1hr19mins17secs. Melissa Raddatz then came in with close to a 3min PR to run 1hr23mins26secs as she gets ready for Boston. Nice! Laura Kirk finished only 9 secs behind Melissa to show her natural talent as she hasn’t been able to get a lot of training in. Great run from laura. Mary Darling then came very close to her PR with a 1hr26min46sec time. Fantastic run Mary. Max Chen finished right behind Mary on his Sunday run. Nicholas Florio had hip aches and pains all the way , so didn’t have a good experience for him to run 1hr34mins23 secs. Alex Popov ran a solid 3min PR for the next home in 1hr41mins50secs. Well done Alex! The Faith Paris ran a 4min PR to run 1hr48mins48secs. Wow! Great run by Faith!

Coogans Salsa 5km NY March 6th

A Great start to the year for the Hounds Mens team . I ran 5min flat place for 12th overall, Jesse Du bey finished with a very solid 5.25 pace, while Ilan stern and Mark Simmer who have not been training that hard, ran an awesome 5.46 pace and 5.48 pace respectively. Marcus Wilhelm , who decided it was ok to run 2 hours the day before came in next at a 5.54 pace to round out a great team effort. In the females, Allison Lind ran a solid 6.02 pace , with Melissa Raddata at a nice 6.05 pace.Then Mary Darling took out her age group (45-50) with a strong 6.21 pace. Dani Mcintyre had her best performance in her 14 races with a 7.44 pace. Awesome Dani! Stephanie Gehrsitz ran a 8.06 pace after taking the whole week off , while Beth Browde continued her best from with a 8.44 pace. After the first points race, the Men finished 10th overall and should be leading the Open B division, while the women were 11th overall female.

Worlds Best 10km in San Juan Feb 27th

Kelly Chin wasn’t able to get an elite start and could never make it up to the start of the race. She crossed the start line 1min10secs after the gun. She then had to weave around slower runners for the first 2km and ran 37min17s at the finish. Unless you were an elite starter, the race was very disorganized. Kelly still ran a fast 5.37 pace fore her last 2km once she was clear of all the slower runners. No luck for Kelly.

Al Gordon Classic 4 miler in Prospect park

Some awesome results by the Hounds here. Nikki (Alissa) Nolan ran a PR 7.19 pace to finish 4th in her age group. This was a PR by 11secs per mile. Nice! Another huge PR came from Johanna Murphy who I have been working with in weights in the gym twice per week for 2 months as well as running. She went from a 8.56 pace to a 8.29 pace to take over 2min30secs off her best 4 mile time. Awesome ! Another fairly new runner i’m coaching is Alexandria Coolidge. She ran a PR 7.46 pace to PR by 10secs per mile. Fantastic running! Mac Jakubowski ran a 7.41 pace as he has been on and off with the cold weather. Agnes Davis ran a solid 7.48 pace for her first race in about 2.5 years. Well done Ag!

Armory – Thursday night at the races Feb 24th 3km

I stepped on the track for the first time in a year and for the third time in 7 years to run the 3km. Finished 4th in 8.44.5 which is well of my PR of 7min52secs but happy enough as i’m 10 yrs older and haven’t been training on the track. Also had 3 weeks off running 2 weeks ago.

Koguryo 1/2 Marathon – Seoul – Feb 20th

Kristine Carleton ran a PR but just under 2mins with a time of 1hr32mins57secs to place 4th place female overall. Nice! Kristine left New York about 3-4 yrs ago is currently living in Vietnam with her husband. Some more hot training coming up as the summer approaches.

Gridiron Classic – 4 miler Central Park, Feb 6th

Jesse Du Bey finished up in 14th place overall after having to stop twice in the race for a stretch. He averaged a 5.32 pace per mile but was significantly quicker for the first two miles at a 5.15 pace. Marcus Wilhelm had a trott around carrying an extra sack of potatoes. He ran a 6.11 pace which is below his best running, but he is doing Personal bests in drinking and desserts. His butt has been kicked and he has trained well this week. Ilan Stern just cruised around in a 6.13 pace. Great running for just a run. Mary Darling ran her first race of the year to win her age group and finish 8th overall women with a solid 6.24 pace. Her husband Michael ran a nice 7.12 pace after not much training in the last 2 months. Stephanie Gehrsitz then came in with a 7.44 pace and Mac Jakubowski ran a 7.46 pace after just starting to resume with the team again. Ranna Smith had a big break through with her first race under an 8min pace. Ranna ran a fantastic race for a 7.54 pace. The run of the day came from Beth Browde where she ran an 8.41 pace which is her best race in the 65 or so races she has raced in around the park in the last 6 years. Awesome run beth!! Beth joined the Hounds last Summer after coming from Bob and Shelly Glovers New York Road Runner groups.

Houston Half Marathon : Jan 30th

Kelly Chin arrived into Houston at 5am in the morning , a day before the race after being caught in a snow storm and unfortunately had a bad race to finish in 1h23mins35secs. Kelly is in fantastic shape but wasn’t over the flight where she got no sleep. She has trained well since the race. Next time kel!

Manhattan Half Marathon: Jan 22nd 12 degrees

In well below freezing temperatures, Beth Browde had a fantastic run to take 8mins off her best time (2hr04mins). Wow! Dan Osias ran 1hr27mins 44sec for a personal Best, as well as Nikki Nolan running 1hr46mins.11secs for also a personal best. Awesome guys!! Nick Florio ran 1hr33min07secs which was a solid run and good improvement after some injury issues. Great progress Nick.

Naples Daily News Half marathon – florida, – Jan 16th

Laura kirk ran 1hr26mins06 secs for the half marathon distance. That was a great run by Laura considering she is now an Goldman Employee and getting 5 hours sleep per night.

Fred lebow 5 miler – Jan 9th Central Park

A great start for the team as the women took out first place team and the first 3 places. Katarina Janosikova had her first race in over a year to win with a solid 5.49 pace. Kelly Chin ran one of her top races for 2nd with a 5.52 as she gets ready for the Houston Half Marathon at the end of the month. Then Melissa Raddatz finished 3rd women overall with a 6.14 pace after taking it fairly easy over December. Great running! Then Nikki Nolan ran her best race around the park with a 7.36 pace while Ranna Smith ran a solid 8.22 pace for the team victory. In the mens, I won the race by under a second in a tactical battle with a 5.01 pace. I can’t score for the team until Feb. Deigo Vanegas who has just joined the team ended up running late and making his way through the field for 15th place and a 5.37 pace. Mark Simmer who has also just joined the team ran his best ever race with a 5.52 pace. Awesome Mark! Daniel Osias who had the whole week off traveling them came in with a solid 6.20 pace. Nicholas Florio was next with just a tempo run of 6.55 pace as he works through some injury issues. Then Mac Jakubowski finished up with a 7.37 pace as just a run. Well done guys!