2012 Results

Ted Corbett 15km – Central Park Dec 15th

Joe Chan ran a strong 6.26 pace as he slacks off a little bit with training before his build up for Boston. Nice run Joe! Antony Scott kept up with his good performances with a 6.48 pace. I’m expecting Antony to be a completely different level of runner in a months time, as we build some consistent mileage weeks. Katherine Brown used the race as a long run and ran a strong 8.22 pace for her Sunday long run pace. That was her race pace for this event last year. Awesome! And Ranna Smith ran her best longer race in Central Park with a 8.25 pace after taking a week off. Ranna is also going to be a different runner very soon!

Jingle-bell Jog 4 miler Prospect Park – Dec 8th

Kelly Chin returned to racing with a second place overall Female result. Kelly ran a strong 5.51 pace! Joe Chan ran a solid 6.11 pace which was 5th in his age group and his best run since February. Mark Fang, who has been with me for 2 months, had his first race in 3 years and ran his best race ever at 44 yrs old! He ran a 6.38 pace. Great stuff Mark! And Katherine Brown continued her good form with a 7.34 pace and she builds up to the Disney Half Marathon in January.

California International Marathon – Dec 2nd

Tanya Namad today ran one of the best races of the year, if not the best from any of my runners i’ve coached this year. (In terms of improvement). Tanya took 23mins off her PR to run a 3.08.59 Marathon in the wind and rain in Sacramento today. Tanya went through the half way in a new Half Marathon PR of 1hr31mins and change. She also went thought the 10km in a PR (40mins 20secs) after the 3:10 pacemaker got it wrong. To do a PR 10km, a PR Half marathon and PR marathon all in the 1 race (marathon), at this level is incredible! If the race was more even, with better conditions, we might of had a 3.05. Wow!!! Patrick Bane was going to be a started for the race but pulled his hamstring on thanksgiving day racing his younger brother. Ouch! Hard luck Patrick!

Join the voices 5 miler – Central park – Dec 2nd

Great running from the team today. Laura Rodriguez ran her best miler pace ever (6.11), finishing 9th overall female. Fantastic Laura! Antony Scott ran a 6.26 pace for his second best race, as he now works on mileage rather than racing. Nice! Natalie Sopic who finished 6th in the Brooklyn Marathon ran an awesome 7.04 pace for 5 miles. This is her best short race pace. Melodie Fratt ran one of her top races with a 7.25 pace. Both Natalie and Melodie did a marathon two weeks ago and took the week off after the marathon. This just shows their strength and fitness is awesome. They are new athletes! And speaking of new athletes, Katherine brown ran 20 secs per mile faster than she has for 5 miles before with an awesome 7.32 pace. Wow!

USA National Secondary School Cross country Champs – Oregon – Dec 1st

Mary Cain finished 2nd and only 3 secs behind top cross country runner Sarah Baxter in an absolute mud bath! Not bad for a track runner. If the course was any firmer, there’s no doubt she would have won. She closed 4 seconds in the last 90secs of the race but the course didn’t allow her to get up on her toes and use her track speed at the end. Awesome Mary! Her rival Sarah is also a terrific talent.

Greenwich Turkey Trot 10km – November 22nd

Kelly Chin ended up winning the whole race by about 45secs with a time of 37mins19secs. Nice kel!

Troy Turkey Trot 10km – November 22nd

Carol Healey finished 4th master with a huge 7.15 pace PR in this race. Carol had to miss a marathon with the cancelation of New York, but is easily in her best running shape of her life. She was hunting for a 20min PR in the New York Marathon.

NYRR Cross Country Champs 5km -Van Cortland – November 18th

16yr old Mary Cain won this race in a strong 17mins26secs. Wow! legendary Coach, Alberto Salazar has started coaching her, while I will be supervising and sometimes pacing her workouts in New York. Mary is the American Secondary Schools 1500m record holder and a star in the making.

Race to Deliver 4 miler – November 18th

Antony Scott ran 6.19 pace today for his best ever race. Awesome Antony! And Ranna Smith ran her 2nd best ever race with a 7.52 pace, which was a terrific time!

Brooklyn Marathon – November 18th

Rose Ann Serpico finished 6th female overall with 3.25.09 after a long bathroom stop in the middle. She gave birth to a cute little baby boy only 8 months ago or so. Great run! Then Natalie Sopic finished 7th overall female to be right behind Rose Ann in 3.25.34. Natalie PRed by a whopping 17mins. Fantastic ladies!

Philadelphia Marathon. – November 18th

Some big PR’s on a nice day for the Philly Marathon. Melissa Raddatz ran 2.55.54 to finish 25th Female overall and 5th in her age group. She was a fighting a little bit of a cold so happy with her run. Joe Chan then came in with 3.01.40 to be 2mins off his best. Joe has been going great butt missing some strengthening sessions in the gym over this build up. Then Sam Lieberman came in in 3.03.41 which was a great result after running 1hr33mins for the Gretes Half Marathon 5 weeks ago. I talked diet with Sam after Gretes Half Marathon and he lost 14 pounds in those 5 weeks to get back down to his race weight and ran just off his best time. Then Daniel Torras took an out standing 21mins off his Marathon time to run 3.06.56. Daniel speed up drastically between the half mark and the 30km mark to be on for a 3.01. But then couldn’t hold it and dropped to his finishing time of 3.06. Awesome run! Julia Knittel then came in with a time of 3.08.47 , which was 70th overall female and 15th in her age group. Julia ran strong throughout, but next time we want to find that extra gear for her to break 3 hours. Steven Wagshal was very happy with his 3.17.43 PR for next runner on the team. I think he can go much quicker than that considering her ran a 1hr29mins in Gretes Half. It was a good run, but a sub 3.10 is there at least. Then Brad Horowitz from team Asphalt Green came to me to try and break 4 hours for the first time. He ran an incredible 3.37.44 to kill his goal. Wow! Also Wow goes to Melodie Fratt who has been having toe problems the last 2 months and she killed her PR. She ran 3.38.40 to take 15mins off her best marathon. This was after making her do 20 miles the Saturday before the race because she was missing those very long runs because of her foot issues. She also stopped 4 times in the marathon to stretch. Great run! Then Bill Georges PRed by 29mins with 3.56.56 to break 4 hours for the first time! Fantastic run considering missing a weeks training with a foot issue! Congrats runners!

Half Marathon in St Petersburg – Florida November 18th

Laura Rodriguez finished 2nd on a windy day in 1hr27min58secs in this Half Marathon, to be about 3.5mins behind the leader and 3mins clear of 3rd place. Although Laura was looking for a faster time, she said the wind threw her around a lot. It was windy the whole 13.1 miles.

Delaware and Lehigh Marathon – November 4th

After the New York marathon was suddenly canceled 2 days before the race, Shiuan Wu decided to run this marathon instead, to try and break her 4 hour goal. She did it! 3hrs56mins33secs. Wow! This must have been so tough mentally going from the New York Marathon to this low key marathon. But Shuian showed incredible mental toughness and pulled it out.

Poland Spring 5 miler – Central Park Oct 28th

I finished 3rd with a 5.15 pace. Ouch. A little slow for me. But as I tell my clients, you get out of it, what you put into it. I’m lacking on the training. Antony Scott ran a 6.33 pace to run his best race ever around Central Park. Great Antony! Sam Lieberman is picking up his fitness right when it counts with a 6.49 pace in the middle of his long run. Nice work Sam! Sam lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks with some of my diet tips, after not such a good Gretes Half. Awesome! Ellen basile then ran a 6.50 pace without a training program right now. And Michael Darling showed some improvement with a 7.19 pace as he looks to make a come back for 2013. Lets go Mike!

Amsterdam Marathon – October 21st

In windy conditions, two of my online runners that I coach, Christophe Wilhelm (Switzerland) and Frederic Grobost took on the course to try and break their PR’s. Christophe ran 2hr49mins04secs to miss his PR by 3.5mins , but was very happy in the conditions. Christophe followed my plan for the 2011 Berlin Marathon when he ran his PR. Then Frederic Grobost (france) ran a fantastic 2hr51min27secs for a nice 2.5min PR. Both are very happy and will be starting up again with me next year.

Gretes Half Marathon – October 14th

On a tough course, (2 laps around Central Park) we had some very encouraging results and PR’s. Melissa Raddatz showed she is nearing her best shape with a 9th place female finish and first in her age group , 1hr24mins36secs. Great run Melissa! A minute quicker than her performance on the fast Philly course a month ago.

Then Julia Knittel came in with a strong 1hr29mins19secs. I’m very happy with that run also, as Julia tries to break her PR in New York this year. Steven Wagshal then had a monster race, to run 1hr30mins14secs and take 9mins off his PR. Wow!! Tanya Namad ran her best race around Central Park with a strong 1hr32min12secs to be just a few seconds off her PR, she did in Philly a month ago. Gretes is worth at least 90secs, so that was fantastic. Antony Scott then PRed by 2mins with a 1hr32min50sec run. Nice Antony! Joe Chan was next after he caught a bug and was sick all week, right up to the day before the race. Joe ran 1hr32mins56secs. Pretty dam good after a rough week. Sam lieberman ran 1hr33mins as he tries to get in better condition before the MY Marathon. Come on Sam! Ellen Basile who has been taking a low key approach this year and not on a training plan, (but coming to the group) ran a nice 1hr33mins52sec. Then Faith Paris-Aaron finished with a good PR of 1hr42mins17 secs. That was a 2min30sec PR. Faith is ready to destroy her Marathon PR in New York from last year. Then Chelsea Friend decided that swapping her training around and doing a 70min run and a hot yoga class the night before the Half Marathon would be ok. It wasn’t. Chelsea ran 1hr47mins20secs and just ended up using it as a training run. Courtney Grill ran 1hr53mins to take 3mins off her PR. Well done Courtney! And Ranna Smith ran a nice 1hr57mins03secs as she looks to get ready for New York. Michael Darling pulled the plug during the race after realizing that Golf for training just wont cut it. Great stuff team!

Staten Island Half marathon – October 7th

On a nice crisp day, the training team performed awesome with 5 PR’s out of the 6 runners representing the team. Natalie Sopic took an amazing 8mins of her time to run 1hr35mins49secs. Wow! Melodie Fratt ran with toe pain for the entire race and still finished in 1hr39mins18 secs to take 3mins of her best time! Bill Georges ran 1hr45mins.59secs to take 5min30secs off his best half marathon time and show that he’s completely in control of breaking 4 hours in the marathon. Nice! And Big bernie Ford ran 1hr46mins as he continues to improve with his condition for the marathon. Good Stuff bernie. All these guys are getting ready for the New York Marathon. Then Patrick Bane who is getting ready for the California International Marathon on Dec 2nd ran a nice 1min30sec PR with a time of 1hr26mins25secs. Patrick is progressing well on his charge to break 3 hours on Dec 2nd. And Daniel Torras smacked 3min30secs off his PR to run 1hr29mins38secs as he get ready for The Philly Marathon on Nov 18th. Awesome results!

Carnegie Mellon cross country invitational 5km – October 7th

Kelly Chin showed she’s getting back into good shape with a 3rd place in this Cross Country event, out of 300 runners. She finished with a time of 18min39sec. Well done Kel!

Berlin Marathon – Sept 30th

Australian David Davies broke 3 hours!! He ran 2hr59mins 36secs to conquer his goal, take 10mins off his Marathon PR and apparently go into retirement. Great stuff David. He went through the half way in 1hr28mins10secs and looked smooth until the last 2 miles. He dug deep and hung in there to break it. He told me he wanted to pull out but fought through it.

Greifenseelauf Half Marathon (Swiss Champs) – Switzerland Sept 23rd

Two runners that I train overseas Christophe Wilhelm and Frederic Grobost both ran PR half Marathons as they prepare for the Amsterdam Marathon on October 21st. Christophe ran 1hr20mins 08 sec and Frederic ran 1hr22mins. Awesome guys!

Newark Liberty Half Marathon – NJ Sept 23rd

Rose Ann Serpico Powers ran a solid 1hr38mins 24 secs for her first long race in about 18 months or so after having her baby. It was a flat course but very windy. Great run!

Tune up 18 miler – Sept 23rd

Sam Lieberman ran a nice strong Tune up with a 7.18 pace as he gets fitter and fitter for the NY Marathon and getting close to 3 hours. Nice work Sam! Steve Wagshal ran a 7min58sec pace which was also a solid run. And Natalie Sopic ran an 8.02 pace which was right on her target. Natalie is having a great season.

5th Avenue Mile – New York – Sept 22nd

A fun event where my clients always run much faster than they think they would run. A mile is just so different in pace from any other event NYRR’s offers. I won my race in 4mins27secs with a sub 60sec last quarter. Joe Chan ran an awesome 5mins10secs to show how much power he has over this distance. Tony Scott ran 5mins34secs, which was also awesome. Ellen Basile ran an incredible 5mins38secs for 5th in her age race. Tanya Namad ran 5min47secs which is now her PR. Then Natalie Sopic and Michael Darling both ran 6mins13secs. Huge run by MD! And Bill Georges ran 6min19secs for a very pleasing race. Everyone ran their fastest mile ever other than myself. Fantastic Marathon strength guys! Mileage is where it’s at. Even if you are training for a 1 mile race.

Sarasoga Half Marathon – September 16th

52yr old Carol Healey ran a fantastic Half Marathon PR today of over 8mins! Carol ran 1hr39mins44sec to better her best of 1hr47mins53secs. She was also first in her age group. Great run!

Philly Rock n Roll Half Marathon – philly – September 16th

Awesome weather for this race today. Joe Di Flumeri race a 5.58 per mile for last 5km of the race for a strong finish for a 1hr19min57sec time. Great run Joe! Just outside PR but on track for NY. Melissa Raddatz ran solid for a 1hr24min59sec run. Not Melissa’s best but she is rounding into shape after being out of shape 6 weeks ago. Nice! Julia Knittel is pretty much back to her best shape with a 1hr28min32 secs half today. Her second best half marathon! Then the run of the day came from Tanya Namad who use to be with another team 3 months ago. I’ve trained Tanya the last 3 months and she ran 1hr32mins25sec today to take over 6mins off her time. Awesome run Tanya! Then Chelsea Friend also ran a PR and fantastic race. Chelsea ran 1hr41mins23secs to take 2mins off her PR and went from a 8.08 pace for the first 5km and then ran faster and faster to run a 7.21 pace for last 5km. (A 7.30 pace for last 10km). Crazy improving splits Chelsea! Joe Chan didn’t feel right and had to pull out at mile 5. Bummer Joe. Ellen Basile and Max Chen who aren’t on a program right now, ran a solid 1hr32mins and 1hr22mins. They both should be pretty happy with those performances. Great going!

Fitness 4 miler – Central Park September 15th

Some great PR’s in this race on a beautiful day. Steve Wagshal ran 10secs per mile faster than he’s ever run with a 6.27 pace. Awesome! Antony Scott also ran his best race with a 6.53 pace! Natalie Sopic’s result isn’t in yet, but she ran around a 7.05 pace. Fantastic! Michael Darling showed that golf, flying around the world and relaxing with 5 mile training runs, is not going to help his running with a fairly slow 7.22 pace. Not bad all considering! Melodie Fratt who has being rocketing lately, had to take it much easier with a 7.24 pace, as she has a sore foot. Then finally Christine Heulster came out to race and ran a 9.28 pace. Great return Christine! Great work Team!

Bronx 10 miler – Harlem – September 9th

Some great results in this 10 mile event for the Hounds on a much nicer day than we have had this Summer. I won the race with a 5.21 per mile pace. Patrick Bane and Sam Lieberman ran a 7.04 and 7.05 pace respectively to show that they are getting back to their top shape for their Marathons. Great improvements guys! Anthony Scott ran his best NYRR race ever with a 7.16 pace while so did Bill George with a 7.59 pace. Bill is showing that he’s easily ready to break his 4 hour barrier for the NY Marathon. Awesome guys! Agnes Davis ran a solid 8.11 pace. This was Agnes’s first race in 4 years as she is now 47 years old and she’s at least as good as then. Nice work Agnes!

Percy Sutton 5km – Harlem – August 25th

Some good results for the Hounds as the weather was cooler. Natalie Sopic (7.02 pace) and Melodie Fratt (7.11 pace) easily ran their best ever race with smashing performances. Natalie is running 30secs per mile over the shorter distance races than she was a year ago and Melodie’s best pace was a 7.23 pace before todays race. Also Antony Scott (6.57 pace) ran under 7min pace for the first time. Well done guys!! Others that had one of the best races ever were Daniel Torras with a 6.36 pace, Joe Di Flumeri (5.58 pace) and Julia Knittel is getting back to her very best with a 6.27 pace. I ran a 5.03 pace for 12th in my first race in 10.5 months, while Max Chen (6.09 pace) and Joe Chan (6.17 pace) ran strong. Very good performances from the team!

Club Champs ( male and Female) – August 4th Central Park.

In this very hot day, all the hounds were well below the times they wanted to run but they all finished. Joe Di Flumeri (6.16 pace), Joe Chan ( 6.34 pace), Will Gillies (7.36 pace) all ran strong in the heat for the men. In the females we had Melissa Raddatz, Julia Knittel, Ellen Basile, Rose Ann Serpico, Julie Warshaw, Dani Mcintyre, Melodie Fratt, Suzanne Wirtz and Ranna Smith. All ran it as a strong training run. Well done guys!

Shape Run – Singapore – July 17th

Kristine Carleton finished 3rd place overall female in this 10km event with a PR time of 40min 56secs. Kristine has been running for years and now at 40yrs old is continually getting stronger and stronger. Great run Kristine!

Conservancy Run for Central Park 4 Miler – July 14th

Some nice results for the Hounds in this 4 mile teams points race. Melissa Raddatz showed she has resumed training and coming back to form with a 6.09 pace. While Natalie Sopic and Melodie Fratt both Pr’ed with a 7.13 pace and 7.23 pace respectively. Great ladies! Ann Powers ran a strong 6.12 pace in her off season away from school. A very strong run! While at Ellen Basile ran a 6.52 pace without really any training since the London marathon. Nice work!
Joe Di Flumeri ran a strong and consistent 6min flat pace for his race. Good stuff Joe.

New York Doggy Dash – 5 miler Central park July 7th
Marcus Wilhelm and his Jack Russell “Max” smoked the field by at least 3mins to win the NY Doggy Dash race at the same time the NY Triathlon was being held. Max trailed 3rd behind two big dogs for the first mile but then pricked his ears back and stormed to the front, running practically underneath the other two dogs while doing so. After the race, Max was interviewed and said he could have run much faster if his dog handler Marcus did all his training and was able to keep up. Great race Maxie!

The Mini 10km – June 9th

On a nice day for the 10km in Central Park, a few of the Team bumped into a wake up call by the end of the race after having some seasonal time out in their training. Ana Johnson is now a nurse and runs only a few days a week, so a 6.09min per mile pace on share talent was awesome! Melissa Raddatz (6.27 pace), Julia Knittel (6.44 pace) and Mary Darling (6.45 pace) showed they are all similarly out of form but I think this is an important part of the training plan. (rest). Colleen Harrison (NYAC), who I have coached for just over 1 month ran a PR 10km in Central Park and has improved well during the last few weeks. Great Colleen! Melodie Fratt ran a strong 7.34 pace to stay consistently around her best race form. Well done Melodie! And Ranna Smith just tested out her previous foot injury and successfully returned without pain for an 8.48 pace. Beth browde ran a 9.40 pace which was consistent with her form this year. Solid effort from Beth.

Cleveland Rite Aid 10km – 20th of May

Caitlin Phillips (NYAC) finished a creditable 8th place with a time of 36mins57secs for the 10km in her home town in Cleveland. Nice work Caitlin!

Brooklyn Half Marathon – 19th of May

A good turn out for the team in this event on a beautiful day. It was the first hit out for a number of runners as they start training again after their break from their Marathons in April. Joe Chan, Julia Knittel, Mary Darling and Ellen Basile all just ran a steady and strong run for the team to run between 1hr32mins and 1hr33mins. Max Chen had a great run with a 1hr21min14sec time for his second best half marathon performance. Nice Max! Melodie Fratt ran just 30secs off her PR with a 1hr42min12 effort after having 2 weeks off her running a month ago. Fantastic run by Melodie. Hilary Lorenz (Front Runners) ran 1hr44mins 26secs which was exactly the same time she ran for Brooklyn last year (PR). Hilary was looking for a couple of minutes faster as she is putting in more work. Next time Hilary. Nikki Nolan started off strong but faded a little to run 1hr45mins 52 secs. Nikki was disappointed with her performance but her and I both know she will run much faster as her training has been great. Katherine Brown ran a nice PR with a time of 1hr47mins07secs. Great Run Katherine! Dani Mcintyre ran 1hr47mins13secs after a long toilet break so went well considering. And Anthony Berritto went under 2 hours for the first time with a 1hr56min32sec PR to probably have the run of the day for the team. Awesome run Anthony! Then Beth Browde ran 2hr15mins19secs as she still gets back into the shape she had a year ago. Soon Beth.

Healthy Kidney 10km – 12th of May

Michael Darling ran a solid 7.28 pace for this 10km. Good run and very close to what we predicted. Great Mike!

Toronto Marathon – May 6th

Joe Di Flumeri ran 2hr49mins45secs today to break his targeted 2hr50min Marathon and beat his Marathon PR by 10mins. Wow!
Max Chen paced him through the half way in 1hr24mins50secs and then it was Joe from then on as he picked up the pace a little up to 35kms. He slowed a little over the last 7km’s but still broke the barrier. it was an exceptional run considering the first part of the course had some sharp turns and steep hills. Awesome run Joe!

Eugene Marathon – April 29th

Joe Chan ran 2hrs 59mins =11secs to take 12 mins off his best marathon time and break the 3 hour barrier. Awesome run Joe!
Conditions with perfect and he ran right on his predicted target.

Run as One 4 Miler – April 29th

Katherine Brown ran one of her best races ever in Central Park with a 7.37 pace 4 miler. Great race Katherine! And Faith Paris Aaron s did the same thing with a fantastic 7.39 pace. Great going ladies! Michael Darling ran a strong 7.05 pace as he is looking for a good Summer. Nice Mike!

Run for the Parks 4 miler – April 22nd

Hilary Lorenz ran a 7.30 pace for this 4 miler on sore legs. Hilary has had some great races this year so far but didn’t feel right in this race. She will be now spending more time getting some massage and better recovery before the Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 19th.

London Marathon 22nd of April

David Davies ran 3hr07mins58 seconds to take 7mins off her marathon PR. Nice work David! Julia Knittel ran her fastest Marathon in 5 years but was a little disappointed with her time of 3hr09min.09 secs Marathon time. She knows she can go a lot fast after a fantastic season this winter been. Julia has run 3hr06mins before and wont have a problem beating that again. Ellen Basile had some aches and pains all the way in her hamstring and foot and finished with 3hr19mins 43secs . This included two bathroom stops with Mary darling (3hr20mins.16secs). Both didn’t have their best of races but did finish. Well done ladies.

Boston Marathon – April 16th

In horrible hot conditions Melissa Raddatz ran an awesome tough race to finish 70th Female in the race. Wow! Melissa ran 3hr11mins23secs which was well off her PR of 2hr50mins but today PR’s were thrown out the window and it was just a matter of survival as it was 80 degrees or over for most of the race. Kelly Chin did not survive the heat as she made it through to 30km. Sorry kelly. A lot of runners in the race who wanted to run fast for them either pulled out in the race or did not start. There is no way you could survive if you went out near your predicted pace without taking in the weather conditions.

Bundang Half Marathon – Korea April 15th

Kristine Carleton ran the best race of her life to win her first Half Marathon and run a 4min PR while doing so. She ran 1hr28mins41sec to break 1hr30mins for her first time. Congrats Kristine!

More Half marathon – Central Park – April 15th

Melodie Fratt ran her second long race in a week to run a respectable 1hr45min.o4 Half marathon. A good run considering she raced a 10km the week before. Getting too hot for long tights Melodie!

Scotland Run 10km – April 7th

On a course which I think was slightly long, Joe Di Flumeri ran a fantastic 5.58 pace as he gets ready to try and break 2hr50mins for a Marathon in Toronto on May 6th. Hilary Lorenz (Front Runners) ran a PR 7.24 pace and Melodie Fratt ran another strong effort for a 7.30 pace.

Colon Cancer 15km – April 1st

Katherine Brown ran one of her best runs after a break from the team with a 8.18 pace. Great run Katherine!

Colon Cancer 4 miler – April 1st

A great PR for Anthony Berritto as he ran under 8min miles for the first time in any race. Nice work Anthony! Anthony ran a 7min53sec pace. Michael Darling ran a 7.11 pace for the other Henwood Hound to cross the line.

NYC Half Marathon – March 18th

Some great results today for the Hounds. In the females, Katarina Janosikova ran 1hr15min53secs which was 10secs slower than her PR. Great race from Kat as her PR was on a very easy course. Kelly Chin ran 1hr19mins17secs for another solid performance as she gets ready for Boston. Great run Kel. Melissa Raddatz (1hr22min29secs) also ran very strong as she gets ready for Boston. Both ran their second best ever half marathons and will be elite starters in the Boston Marathon on April 16th. Nice work! Julia Knittel took 5mins off her PR next to run 1hr27min09secs. Wow Julia! She has been the big improver of the winter and may go very close to the 3 hour mark in London. Mary Darling ran 1hr28mins26secs after starting off a little hard. Mary will be sticking to Julia in London like “white on rice”. Nice work Mary! Melodie Fratt took about 4 mins off her PR and ran right on her predicted pace (1hr41mins37secs). Great stuff Melodie! Faith Arrons took 2mins off her PR for a 1hr44min53sec half marathon (Nice), while Ellen Basile (1hr39mins) and Beth Browde (2hr09mins) did the run as a training run. In fact Ellen ran 7 miles just beforehand for a 20 mile run. In the mens, Jesse Du bey ran his best ever race with a 1hr13min 58sec blinder! Then he came bounding to lunch full of energy with a baby strapped onto his front. Joe Di Flumeri then trounced his best half marathon time by 4 mins with 1hr19min39secs. Wow! And Joe Chan took 2.5mins off with 1hr24mins56secs. Both of these Joe’s are looking great for their marathons coming up (Eugene and Toronto). Boston resident jogger, Marcus Wilhelm ran a strong 1hr23mins 52secs to be about 83secs behind Melissa. (But who’s Counting).Aussie import David Davies also took 3mins off his best time with 1hr27min10secs to be one second behind Julia. Awww,Nice run Dave! Michael Darling showed some nice improvement from his last half back in October with a 1hr43min10sec Half Marathon. He will continue to improve during the Summer. And Michael Chambers ran a steady 1hr45mns 11sec to show that he’s in good shape for the Vienna Marathon in a month. Overall , great results again from the team and no disappointments.

Coogan 5km race – 5km March 4th

The Hounds females finished 3rd overall women with great results. Ivette Mejia ran her best NYRR pace ever with a 5.38 pace and finished 7th overall. Kelly Chin ran a solid 5.40 pace for 8th place as she builds up for Boston. Julia Knittel screamed a hot performance with a 6.16 pace ahead of Mary Darling who at 46yrs old ran a 6.17 pace. Both ladies ran their best ever NYRR race measured with the age/percentage. They also won their age groups while Kelly and Ivette were 2nd in their age group. Melissa Raddatz who is also Boston bound ran a strong 6min pace and finished 5th in her age group. And laura Kirk ran a nice 6.26 pace with the usually lack of training because of work. Great run! Then Hilary Lorenz (Front Runners) ran her best ever race with a 7.10 pace looking strong and feeling great. Wow! And finally, Dani McIntyre ran a solid 7.25 pace as she trains for triathlons right now. For the men, we only had one man race. – Joe Di Flumeri broke 6min pace for the very first time to run a 5.53 pace. Outstanding running by all with 5 out of the 8 runners running the best ever NYRR results.

Al Gordon Classic – 4 miler , Feb 26th

Katarina Janosikova had her first race in a while and won on heavy training legs with a 5.53 pace on a windy day around Prospect Park. Katarina is getting in great shape for the Eugene Marathon at the end of April. Good stuff Kat! A true winner. Ellen Basile then ran a 30sec 4 miler PR for 9th place overall and first in her age group. Wow! Nice Ellen! Joe Chan ran a 6.10 pace which is right up at his best. Joe was 5th in his age group. Great! And Melodie Fratt was right up at her best as well with a 7.27 pace. Will Gillies ran his best race in 2.5 years with a 7.28 pace. Fantastic Will! And Michael Chambers ran around his best with a 7.41 pace. All 6 runners ran awesome.

Koguryo Marathon Festival 10km , Seoul , Korea, Feb 19th

Kristine Carleton had a strong race to finish 3rd in this 10km event. kristine ran very well and would have liked to have broken 40mins but the course was a little long. Bummer. Nice work Kristine!

Gridiron Classic 4 miler – Feb 5th

Great running from the 4 Hounds on Super bowl day. Joe Di Flumeri ran right up at his best with a 6min flat pace with a time of 24mins. So close to going sub 6min pace! Julia Knittel, who is looking lean and mean, and who has been training awesome lately, smashed her best 4 miler by 56secs to run a 6.30 pace and finish 18th female overall. Fantastic run by Julia and easily her best ever NYRR Race. Michael Darling (MacDaddy) showed up for a strong 7,05 pace in his first race since the New York Marathon. He’s looking good for a top year this year. Great race Mike! And last but not least, Melodie Fratt ran right up around her best after 6 days off. She ran a 7.28 pace. She has also been improving a lot since the New York Marathon. Nice!

Miami Marathon – Jan 29th

In 71 degree heat at the start, Joe Chan line up in The Miami Marathon with a previous best Marathon of 3hr22mins. He had a goal of trying to get close to 3 hours. He went through the half way in 1hr30mins 40secs but decided to slow down with the heat , to finish with a time of 3hrs11mins17secs. A personal best by 11mins. Joe was certainly in sub 3 hour shape if the weather was ideal. The 6.14 pace 10km he ran in Central Park 3 weeks earlier had him ready to go. Great race Joe!

Houston Marathon – Jan 15th

Ana Johnson finished 10th with a 5min PR to run 2hr48mins04 secs and Melissa Raddatz finished 11th with a 3min PR of 2hr50mins41secs. Great results for the ladies! Both ran together up until 16 miles when Ana started to pull away from Melissa. They looked super strong at the finish. Kristine Carleton also ran strong and only 1min off her best for a time of 3hr15min01secs. Kristine is originally from New York but now lives in Vietnam and trains at 90 degree heat on treadmills every day. Crazy!

USA Olympic Trials  – Jan 14th

Caroline Lefrak (NYAC) ran an outstanding 2hr38mins16 secs to take 3mins off her best time. Wow!  She looked great at the finish and only dropped 45 secs in the second half of the race. Kelly Chin had problems in her race during the last 8 miles and just ran to finish. Sad for Kelly as she is in fantastic shape. Kelly ran 3hr05mins after being right on her 2.43 pace at 18 miles.

NYC Gotham Cup 3km track – Jan 13th

John Pollina has his first track race for a while with a 3rd place 8min51sec in the 3,ooo meter event. John was only 2 secs off his best time. Great run after just a couple of track sessions.

Joe Kleinerman 10km – Jan 7th

The Joe’s shone in the Joe kleinerman 10km! Joe Di Flumeri ran right up to his best with a 6.10 pace for the 10km. And Joe Chan ran his best ever race with a 6.14 pace and he gets ready for the Miami Marathon on January 29th. Great stuff! Melodie Fratt ran a 7.36 pace as a tempo run  which is right about around her best and Ranna Smith ran an 8.05 pace for her 2nd best performance in any race around Central Park. Overall, very strong performances from the team.