2013 Results

Ted Corbitt 15km – Dec 14th Central Park.

It was 27 degrees and  snowing in this race. I finished 8th overall in 5mins22sec per mile pace and 1st master. Ana Johnson ran awesome on not much training with a 6min24sec pace. Kelly De Csepal also ran very well as she continues to progress towards getting in shape after her baby. Kelly ran a 6min35sec pace per mile. And Ellen Basile ran her best longer distance race with a 6min35sec pace. Fantastic run by Ellen. She finished top female master. Abigail Tracy ran a nice 6min51sec (3rd in age group) pace next while Liza Howard just ran a normal pace run for her with a 7min04sec pace. These top 5 ladies bought us through to 4th place overall women in the teams. Tamaro Hoover ran a nice 8.28 pace for next and Helen Leis had a few breathing problems with her 10.47 pace. Overall a successful day.

Jingle-bell Jog 4 miles – Prospect Park

I finished 3rd overall (although results say 4th) with a 5min10sec per mile pace. Michael Darling ran a solid 7min30sec pace. And Amy Foy ran a huge PR today with an 8min27sec pace. Wow!

Run wild 5km

Tony Scott ran a strong 6min05sec per mile 5km to be 17th overall out of 1500 runners. Nice!

Turkey Trotts

Ellen Basile ran a strong 6min25sec 4th place female at the Prospect park 5 miler Turkey trot with a nice 5 mile PR. Kelly Chin who recently had her first baby won her Turkey trot which was 6 miles. She ran a 6.40 pace. It was called the Gateway Gobbler. And Carol Healey ran 45mins47secs for her 10km Turkey trot to be 3rd 50-54 age group and 6th master overall. Well done ladies!

Race to Deliver – 4 miles Central Park

Liza Howard ran 6.11 pace as she starts working her fitness back. This comes after her 2hr57min marathon a couple of months ago. And Ranna Smith went out there for a hard run with a 8min34sec pace.

Philly Marathon -Nov 17th

Bonnie Averbuch finished 30th female overall, just missing breaking 3 hours with 3hr.00.17secs. Great time! Michael Darling ran at a sub 3hr45min marathon pace for 18 miles but then the lack of his long training runs showed as he cruised in with a time of 4hr06mins. Still had good run without the long runs.

New York Marathon 2013 -November 3rd

A windy day for the team in the NY Marathon. Joe Di Flumeri ran very well and right on his predicted time, finishing with 2hr53mins17secs. Joe looked great at 23 miles. Tony Scott also ran very well to run 3.02.09 after running 3.01 6 weeks ago. Tony went out very strong and just faded the last few miles slightly. Steve Wagshal finished in 3.13.05 to be just outside his PR. Dave Davies blew up a bit and ran 3.14.19 with his wife Doni running 5 mins faster. Carol Healy ran a great race and just missed breaking 3.30 with a time of 3.30.47. That was still a PR and with a less windy day, she would have broken that barrier. Natalie Sopic ran 3.31.05 to be 18secs behind Carol and very satisfied with her run. Melodie Fratt ran a PR of 3.35.14 while stopping a number of times with a foot issue. And Cynthia Martinez ran a nice 10min PR with a time of 3.35.34 to be just outside the Boston qualifying time by 34secs. Rose-ann Serpico took off strong with a 1hr39mins first half but then started suffering major stomach cramps and came in with 3.37.11. Hard luck Rose-ann. Najah Abouelafia ran a great first marathon with a time of 3.45.07. Bernie Ford PR’ed with 3.48.53. Not bad for a big strong 260 pound guy. Natalia Maldonado ran right on her predicted time , finishing her first marathon in 3.50.36. Natalia is new to running this year, so pretty dam good. Faith Paris-Aarons Pr’d with 3.53.19 after having a cold for a few days right before the marathon. Good work Faith. Billy Sheil came oh so close to his 4hr barrier in his first marathon with 4.00.32. Dam!! Courtney Buckley ran awesome considering her limited training with getting through her hip injury. Courtney ran 4.10.56. Ranna Smith finished in 4.22.04 , which was great considering having to run through the marathon with plantar problems in her foot. And Jessica Romance was all about finishing the marathon in her limited time to prepare. She did awesome with 6.05.25. Well done team!

Princeton Half Marathon – November 3rd

Denise Peterson won the race with a time of 1hr31mins17secs. Nice win Denise!

NYRR 5km Dash – November 2nd

Joe Chan and Ellen Basile both did PR’s with strong 5km’s. Joe ran 6.04 pace and Ellen ran a 6.21 pace. Fantastic results.

Running with the Jets Half -October 27th

Julia Knittel finished with a time of 1hr36mins39secs for a nice performance after having some time off with moving cities for a job etc.. Nice work!

Chuncheon Marathon – October 26th Korea

Kristine carleton finished 17th overall female with a strong time of 3hrs17mins33secs in this very popular marathon in Korea. Great run by Kristine.

Haunted Hustle for the hearing 5km – Oct 26th

In a small 5km event, Cynthia Martinez finished with a 6.30 pace and ended up first female with only one guy beating her. Awesome run by Cynthia.

Toronto WaterFront Marathon – Canada October 21st

Liza Howard ran her first marathon and broke the 3 hour barrier with an impressive 2hr57mins33secs. Eliza finished 6th in he age group.

Staten Island Half Marathon -October 13th

Joe Di Flumeri ran a strong 1hr22mins04secs as he still improves towards the NY Marathon. David Leis ran a steady 1hr41mins55secs to be close to his PR and Melodie Fratt ran 1hr41mins56secs after a blistering start, but had a couple of foot issues in the second half. Natalie Sopic ran 1hr48mins14secs after having some stomach problems in the race and Helen Leis ran a 13min PR for a half marathon with 2hr21mins06secs!

Hudson River Run half Marathon  – October 13th

Carol Healey ran a 2min PR with a time of 1hr37mins57secs to finish 2nd in her age group in the 50+. Nice run!

Hartford Half marathon -October 12th Hartford

Bonnie Averbuch ran 1hr30min01secs in the half marathon, which was a little disappointing for her after her PR 1hr24mins in Philly. She maybe a little tired as it has been a long build up and Philly wasn’t that long ago. At the same time Philly was a much fast course.

Gretes Half marathon – October 6th Central Park

Hot a very humid day. Ana Johnson ran a nice 1hr24mins44secs pretty much on natural talent. Steven Wagshal PR’ed , breaking 1hr30mins for his first time with 1hr29mins02 secs. Sophie Ewald ran her first half marathon with a 1hr29min24 secs effort. Great running! Laura Kirk ran 1hr29mins58secs for her first half marathon after her baby. And Dave Davies had just finished off a cold to run a sub par 1hr30mins31 secs. Hard luck for Dave. Ellen Basile took it easy with a 1hr37min.04 effort. Cynthia Martinez (1hr42.26secs) and Eliza Golden (1hr42mins49secs) both PR’ed with sold efforts. As did Molly Bernard with a PR 1hr43mins21secs. Faith Paris ran very close to her PR with 1hr43mins32secs while Melodie Fratt and Courtney Buckley treated the run as a long run as they completed 18-20 miles.

Bronx 10 miler – September 29th

Antony Scott continued to get better as he has all session with a 6.24 pace 10 miler. Great run.

5th Ave mile – September 22nd

Love this race. I had very limited running with a knee issue but managed to finish 3rd in my race with 4mins32secs. Antony Scott ran 5mins10secs to take 15secs off his best. Joe Chan ran a strong 5mins14secs. Abigail Tracey finished 2nd in her race with a 5min25sec race. Chris Bilsky wasn’t use to the mile distance with a 6min 09sec mile. Still, a solid run. Cynthia Martinez ran a fast 6min14sec mile. And Natalie Sopic ran 6min25secs for her mile.

Newport Half marathon – September 22nd

Rose ann Serpico ran 1hr34mins for a great race in this half marathon. Rose ann’s hip has been acting up, so great racing on that.

Cow harbor 10km  -September 21st

David Leis ran a nice 43min20secs for this Hilly 10km. While his wife Helen smashed her best pace to run a 9min44sec pace to run 59mins54secs. Helen came to me 6months ago as a 12min miler and since we’ve been doing one session per week together. She is turning into a lean mean racing machine!

Tune up 18 miler – Central park – September 15th

Same day as Philly and also awesome weather. Steven Wagshal ran a solid 7min14secs pace as he looks to break 3hr10mins for the NY Marathon. Eliza Golden ran 7min58sec pace as she’s hoping to go under 3hr30mins for the marathon. She’s easily on track for that. Natalie Sopic (8.02 pace) and Melodie Fratt (8.05) pace ran very well as well. Natalie has broken the 3hr30mins barrier with her 6th placing in the Brooklyn Marathon last year and Melodie is now chasing it in NY November 3rd. Michael Darling ran a strong 8min22sec pace for his 18 miler. Awesome! Faith Paris also ran strong for an 8min30sec pace as she looks for a good PR in the Marathon. And Katherine Brown ran an impressive 8min51sec pace.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Philly half Marathon  – September 15th

A gorgeous day in Philly to rock out some PR’s. Joe Di Flumeri ran 1hr22mins34secs as he improves towards the New York Marathon. Joe is coming on at the right time before the big event November 3rd. Joe Chan (1hr23mins52secs), Ellen Basile (1hr29mins37secs) and Denise Peterson (1hr30mins) all ran PR’s by less than 30secs and Bonnie Averbuch ran 1hr24mins17secs to take 2.5mins of her best marathon time. Awesome! Mary darling cruised around, enjoying the scenery with a 1hr37mins 52sec effort . including looking at the bathroom decor, while Natalia Maldonado totally rocked her first half marathon with a time of 1hr43min.01 secs. She ran at a faster pace than she’s done for the shorter distance events. Wow!

Lehigh Valley Health Network Marathon – September 8th

Antony Scott ran his first marathon today chasing the 3 hour mark and ran very well but just missed the time with a finishing time of 3hrs01mins19secs. Antony finished 63rd overall and was 7th is his age group. A fantastic first marathon considering a year ago, before he arrived on the team he couldn’t run that pace for a half marathon, let alone a marathon.

Autism Speaks 4 miles of hope – September 7th

An awesome day was produced to run some fast times over 4 miles and that’s exactly what clients did. I won my age group with a time of 5.03 per mile pace while Joe di Flumeri ran close to his best with a 5.59 pace. Laura Kirk ran one of her best races with a 6.09 pace. Then Sophie Ewald ran a strong 6.11 pace for her first NYRR race.  Natalie Sopic ran a strong 7.03 pace to be very close to her PR. And then 4 big PR’s in a row.  – Eliza Golden 7.13 pace, Cynthia Martinez 7.14 pace, Melodie Fratt 7.15 pace ( after having her shoe laces come undone twice and ripping out a 6.45 last mile) and Helen Leis who ran a minute per mile faster than her best pace with a 10.06 pace. Awesome running team!

Summer End Dewey Beach 5km – Delaware August 31st

Cynthia Martinez ran a strong 5km PR, winning her age group with a time of 22mins35secs (7min19secs per mile). Cynthia is looking lean and mean and i’m expecting some nice PR’s in the future from her.

Percy Sutton 5km – Harlem August 24th

Patricia Barry broke the course record for the ladies with a fast 16min41secs or 5min23secs per mile. Wow! She ended up only having 6 men in front of her. That included myself in 4th place with a 5min10sec per mile pace. And Eliza Golden PRed with a 7min17sec pace per mile. Great run from her.

Reykjavik Half marathon – August 24th

Tamara Hoover ran this race in 1hr54mins56secs after a week of hiking. Nice run from Tamara as she chases down her 4 hour marathon goal in January.

Kingdom Half Run – August 10th

Antony Scott finished 10th on a hilly course to run 1hr28mins32 secs. Nice run Antony.

Team Champs  – August 3rd

With the ladies, we had some great results. Patricia Barry PRed with an incredible 5.26 pace to finish 3rd overall just behind 2 Ethiopians who broke the Race record. Caroline Lefrak, who is also in our training group but runs for NYAC finished 1 sec behind Patricia for 4th overall with a PR 5.27 pace. Wow! Ana Johnson had her first race after her baby and ran strong with a 6.08 pace. Ellen Basile then PRed with a 6.32 pace. Great run! Denise Peterson was right around her PR with a 6.43 pace. Then Rose ann Serpico ran around her PR with a 7.05 pace. Rose Ann also had a baby not long ago. Natalie Sopic (7.10 pace) and Melodie Fratt (7.30 pace) both ran their best race in 8 months. Then Faith Paris (7.42 pace) ran her second best race ever. Ranna Smith ran a strong 8.26 pace and Beth Browde ran her second best race with a 9.02 pace. Awesome job ladies!

In the mens team race we had 6 PR’s out of the 10 runners so the guys did awesome. I ran 5.11 pace to win my age group. Jose Benitez took at least 90secs off his best time with a 5.13 pace to run his best race of his life, while finishing 10secs behind me. Andreas Soler ran with an injury and ran his best with a 5.54 pace. Wow! Antony Scott killed it by taking 15secs per mile off his best race ever. Then Bernie Ford smoked it with a 7.30 pace, which was a PR and he hasn’t come close to that for 4 years. Davie Davies did a PR 6.31 pace, which must be close to the Australian record. Joe chan ran solid with a 6.17 pace. Awesome guys!

Queens 10km – July 21st

Antony Scott PRed with a 6.25 pace to finish just 6 secs behind Joe Chan. There we are few other hounds running the race for a tempo.

MLB All-Star 5km – July 13th

Jose Benitez ran a strong 5.19 pace to come in 6th overall with a time of 16mins28secs. Nice work from Jose.

Achilles Hope and Possibility  5 miler – Central Park 30th of June

Antony Scott ran a strong race for 3rd in his age group with a 6.27 pace and another solid performance! Natalia Maldonado ran her best ever race with a 7.52 pace as she improves with every run.

Pride 5 miler – Central Park , 29th of June

Tamara Hoover ran a strong 8.22 pace, Courtney Buckley a 8.24 pace and Beth Browde a 9.53 pace on this hot day in Central Park.

NYC Police Chase 5km – 27th of June

Jose Benitez ran a nice PR to win the race with a 15min53sec 5km. Great running Jose! Getting better all the time.

Portugal Day 5 miler – Central park – 16th of June

Denise Peterson ran her best ever race with a 6.41 per mile pace and finished 1st in her age group. Awesome! Najah Abouelafia ran one of her best races as well with a 7.38 pace. Beth Browde can in with a 9.51 pace. Nice ladies!

Oakley Mini 10km – June 8th

Patricia Barry finished 16th overall (34mins26secs – 5.33 pace) and Caroline Lefrak 17th overall (34mins32secs – 5.34 pace) with incredible performances. It was exactly a min PR for a 10km for Patricia, while Caroline just had a baby 3 months ago. Amazing running! Natalie Sopic ran a solid 7.22 pace as she just relaxes in her training before her NY Marathon build up. Courtney Buckley continues to improve and run PR’s as she runs a PR by over a minute with a 7.55 pace. Natalia Maldonado ran an improving race as well with a 8.05 pace. And Shiuan Wu ran her second best NYYR race with a nice 8.14 pace , while she’s training fairly relaxed as well, before her Marathon build up. Beth Browde (10.04 pace) felt tried in the race. And Helen Leis ran her best race with a 11.07 pace. Helen is improving every race. Nice work ladies!

Nassau County Police 5km – June 6th

Jose Benitez finished 1st in 16mins25secs. Nice!

Boston Run To Remember Half – May 26th

Jose Benitez finished 7th in 1hr14min53secs with a strong run and good improvement from is 1hr16min half marathon in the NYC Half

Run for Red Marathon – Pocono – May 19th

Steven Wagshal took another 5min30secs of his best Marathon, running 3hr12min29secs and finishing 47th place overall. Nice work Steve!

NYPD 5km – May 19th

Jose Benitez finished 3rd with a very fast 16min19secs for 5km. Awesome!

Brooklyn Half Marathon – May 18th

Caroline lefrak is back on a training program and ran an awesome 1hr15mins53secs for 4th female and only a couple of months after giving birth two her second child. Caroline is the New York Road Runner of the Year for 2011 and runs for NYAC. Tony Scott ran a nice 2min30sec PR with a time of 1hr26min02 secs, while Angelina Roberts missed her PR by 2secs with a time of 1hr35mins58secs. Then Will Gillies ran a strong 6min PR with a time of 1.36.41 pace. Wow! And Natalie Sopic ran 1hr38mins48secs after missing a bunch of 2 hour runs with a little bit of tendonitis in her toe. Natalie ran a good PR in the 4 miler a few weeks ago but without your 2 hour long runs, the half marathon will find you out. Still a solid run by natalie though she was 3mins off her PR. Then Stephanie Middleberg and Kevin Leichter, who are brand new runners this year, both broke 2 hours running 1hr58.35 and 1hr58.53 respectively. Great run guys!

Japan Day 4 miles – May 12th

Michael Darling ran a solid 7.07 pace for 4 miles on a nice day for racing. Good work!

Healthy Kidney 10km – May 11th

Courtney Buckley continued her good improvement with a 50min25sec 10km to take over 1min off her best.

Long Island Marathon – May 5th

Joe Chan had a hard day in the office and ran 3hr06mins25secs, which was about 7mins slower than his PR. Joe was hoping for a PR but really has only had the consistent training for the last 6 weeks in his build up. He had a couple of down/off weeks around the New York City Half with a small injury. Joe still finished 27th in the race.

Bundang 1/2 Marathon – Seoul April 21st

Kristine carleton won the female section of the race with a time of 1hr31min44secs. She was neck and neck with the second female with 400m’s to go, but Kristine’s kick was superior. Great to see Kristine back and getting closer to her PR.

Run for Parks 4 miler – Central Park April 21st

Natalie Sopic ran another PR and her first time under the 7mins per mile barrier. She ran a 6.56 pace for 4 miles. Awesome! Also Helen Leis ran a PR 11min12sec per mile pace fore the 4 miler. Nice work!

London marathon – April 21st

Micheal Darling went out too fast in the London marathon. I had set him up to go at an 8.45 pace but he went at around 8-8.10 for the first 10km and then after half way, its was hard going. Mike ran 4hr15mins with splits of 1hr50mins for the first half and 2hr25mins for the second half. He still had a good time, although having nothing in the tank after the first 15 miles.

Boston Marathon – April 15th.

Joe Di Flumeri ran 2hr49mins 23 secs to PR by about 25 secs. Great run as his previous PR was on a flat course. David Davies quads blew up after the down hill as he ran 3hr15mins. David now gets it that you can’t get away without strength training for a marathon to run your best. It’s a must. Especially if you have a course that has 10km’s down hill at the start like Boston. Carol Healey ran a huge 27min PR with a time of 3hr31mins53secs! Carol was hoping to dip under 3hr30mins but Im sure she will do that next time. Ranna Smith ran a strong 4hr04mins34secs running pretty even all the way. I’m very glad that Ranna was safe as she was only 5mins faster than when the bombs were set off.  Also Tanya Namad ran 3hr26mins just as a run as she missed 3 weeks training.

More Half Marathon – Central Park, April 14th

Courtney Buckley ran a 2min30secs PR for the half marathon distance running 1hr50mins16secs. Great going on the hilly Central Park course.

Paris Marathon -April 7th

Molly Bennard ran a huge 31min PR  , running a time of 3hr29mins58secs to beat her goal by over 15mins and beat my goal for her by 2secs. Molly had run a bunch of marathons but had never run under 4 hours. With some strength training in the weights room and following a good structured training plan, she smashed it! Elizabeth Vargas also ran well and took 12mins of her best marathon time , running 4hr23mins. She could only run twice per week because of all these aches and pain she had going on, but we got her through it. Awesome chicks!

Greenwich Cup Half Marathon – April 7th

It was great to see Laura Kirk back running for the Hounds after her new born 5 months ago. Laura finished 4th female overall with a time of 1hr33mins43secs. Awesome!

Colon Cancer 15km – April 7th

Steven Wagshal ran his best ever race with a 6.35 pace as he builds up to his marathon for May 19th. He finished 8th in his age group with this. That show’s he’s on for about a 3hr5min marathon right now, which would be a 12min PR. Also Kevin Leichter who is a beginner run trying to run his first half marathon in Brooklyn, ran a great race. Kevin went around in a 9.30 pace.

Scotland Run 10km – April 6th

Daniel Torras again broke 40mins for 10km on a hilly course with a time of 39min59secs!

NYRUNS Spring Fling 10km – March 30th

Daniel Torras, fresh off his PR Marathon 2 weeks ago broke 40mins for 10km for his first time with a PR of 39mins29secs. Daniel finished 13th out of 460 runners and 2nd in his age group. Awesome!

Barcelona Marathon – March 17th

Daniel Torras shaved 5mins off his Marathon PR, to come very close to breaking 3 hours for the marathon distance. Daniel managed to stick with the 3 hour pace setter until 21 miles , when falling off slightly , but to still run a great time of 3hrs01mins45secs. Great run!

NYC Half Marathon – March 17th

Some great running from the team in the cold at the New York City Half with some serious PR’s! Jose Benitez ran a fantastic 1hr16min45secs to be first from the training group. Joe Chan ran a PR by 22 secs with a time of 1hr24mins34secs. Tony Scott ran a 5min PR to break 1hr30mins with 1hr28mins11secs. Then Norma Betesh PRed by 2mins with 1hr35min53secs. Najah Abouelafia was next to finish from the team with a 10min PR of 1hr41mins37secs! Then Shiuan finished with a 9min PR to run 1hr45mins56secs. Michael Darling then came in with a time of 1hr46mins48secs after having to stop twice. And Ranna Smith ran a strong race to just be outside her PR with a time of 1hr51mins12secs. Then Billy Sheil , who is a new runner and had a goal to break 2 hours, ran strong with a time of 1hr53mins23secs. Beth Browde also just missed her PR with a time of 2hr04mins38secs. In all a great days racing.

Al Gordon 4 miler – Feb 23rd – Prospect Park

Joe Chan had one of his best races as he ran a 6.08 pace for the 4 miler to finish 6th in his age group. Awesome run Joe!

Gridiron Classic – Feb 3rd  – 4 miler Central Park

Beth Browde ran her best race in 18 months with a 9.16 pace and a 5th placing in her age group. Fantastic run Beth!

Thursday Night at the Races – Jan 17th  Armory track

Tanya Namad had a crack at the 3km and ran a strong 6.10 pace. Great run Tanya! And Tony Scott had a great run in the 5km, running 18mins10secs for a 5.45 pace per mile!

Houston Half Marathon – Jan 12th

Kristine Carleton used the half marathon as a good hard effort in her first race back from a foot injury. kristine ran a commendable 1hr37mins21secs, to be well off her best time but right on where she wants to be at this stage.

Joe Klienerman 10km – Jan 5th – Central Park

Joe Chan just started back up on his build up and ran a solid 6.22 pace on not a lot of fitness. I contribute this to the strength training in the gym Joe’s doing. I’m looking forward to a great marathon in May from Joe. Tony Scott continued his improvement to run his best ever race. Tony ran a 6.27 pace. Awesome! Tanya Namad also had her best race around Central Park with a 6.47 pace. It was Tanya’s first race since her incredible marathon early December. Then Mark Fang ran his best ever race with a 6.45 pace. Great running Mark! Mean while Ann Powers ran great, finishing 5th overall female with a 6.15 pace and Melissa Raddatz ran solid with a 6.22 pace. Both Ann and Melissa aren’t on a program right now.