2014 Results

Roosevelt Island 10km – Dec 21st

Myles Fennon finished 8th overall male in 37mins17secs, while Bonnie Averbuch finished 2nd overall female with 38mins41secs. Strong running guys!

Ted Corbett 15km – Dec 13th

The ladies finished 4th overall team, while the masters were a clear team winner in todays 15km race. Kelly De Csepal ran a 6min10sec per mile pace for the first HHRT female home. Then Liza Howard, who has been resting up, ran 6min23sec pace. Then Karen De Saint Phalle finished with a strong 6min37sec pace. Ellen Basile 6min48sec pace and Denise Peterson a 7min21sec pace.

Jingle bell Jog  – 4 miler Brooklyn

Lillie Brinkman ran her best ever NYRR long distance race with a 7min54sec per mile pace. Nice! And Katherine Brown also ran 7mins54secs pace, finishing 1 second behind Lillie.

Memphis Marathon – December 6th

Edward Hartman ran over a 3min PR with a time of 2hr51mins11secs. Great run!

Philly Marathon – Nov 23rd

Eric Weldzuis, who had a PR of 3hr24mins before today, was after sub 3 hours and well capable of it. He was right on it until 19 miles, when he then suffered leg cramps. Still a nice PR of 3hr10mins11secs. Melodie Fratt , who just ran NY in a PR 3hrs28mins, ran 3hrs29mins08secs. Great back-up performance. And Andrew Saunders ran a 20min PR with 3hrs34mins54secs. Awesome running!

Pete McArdie 15km Crosscountry – Nov 23rd, Van Courtlandt Park, Bronx

Both Myles Fennon (6.29 pace) and Ann Powers (6.56 pace) finished 3rd in their age group. Great day to run cross-country!

Race to Deliver – Nov 23rd, 4 miler – Central Park

Karen De Saint Phalle won her age group today, finishing 10th female overall with a 6.19 pace. Hopefully this will get her a nomination for the female master of the year award. Mike Darling ran a solid 7.31 pace on 3 runs per week. Katherine Brown had her best result in 2 years with a 7.37 pace. And Lillie Brinkman ran a PR 7.58 pace!

New York Marathon – November 2nd

An awesome day for HHRT as most runners PR’ed, even though we had a very windy day. The Ladies were 2nd team overall. The Men were the 6th team overall, while the Masters Men were 2nd . Adam Mulia was the first HHRT across the line with 2.39.14. Joe Di Flumeri then came in with 2.51.20, followed by Myles Fennon with a 5min PR, running 2.51.29. Liza Howard ran a nice 2.53.07, for a PR and 25th female overall after a conservative start. She ran a 3min negative split! Max Jahn , who ran Chicago in 2.45 three weeks ago, ran 2.54. Melvyn Stafford (CPTC) ran his first marathon in 2.56.25. Then Daniel Torras broke 3 hours for his first time with a PR 2.58.56. Tony Scott came in just under 3 hours with 2.59.36. That’s 8 people under 3 hours! The Laura kirk ran 3.06.52 after having a week off, 3 weeks ago. Karen De Saint Phalle PRed with 3.09.42. Steve Wagshal PRed with 3.11.12.  Ivan Kayser had a huge PR with 3.24.06. Melodie Fratt PRed by 9mins with 3.28.19. Cynthia Martinez – a 5min PR with 3.30.40. Andrew Hancox  – (NY Harriers) 3.31.13, Marc Bobrowsky  – a 20min PR with 3.31.23. Eliza Golden – PR with 3.38.28.  Adam Marsh – 3.41.37, after doing Chicago 3 weeks ago. Then David Leis ran his first marathon with 3.52.15. Courtney Buckley finished with a 12min PR to break 4 hours and run 3.53.10. Morgan Smith PRed with 3.57.22. Faith Paris next with 3.58.49. Nikki Nolan 4.12.38 , off nothing over 16 miles in long training runs. Lillie Brinkman ran her first marathon with 4.19.52. Beth Browde went out too fast, but still ran 4.21.28 for a 14min PR. Maggie Moosbrugger came in next with 4.41.00. Jon Oestreich completed his first marathon, off not a lot of training to run 5.06.48. Awesome running! Best team performance ever!

Dash to the finish 5km – November 1st

Ed Hartman ran another strong 5.45 pace as he gets ready for the Memphis Marathon in December. Kelly De Csepel is starting to get into some of her best shape with a 5.49 pace and winning her age group. Joe Chan ran a 6.07 pace, while Ellen Basile finished 1st in her age group as well, with a 6.25 pace. Mike Darling ran a solid 7.33 pace off not a lot of runs. Nice work.

Polland Spring 5 miler – Oct 26th

Ed Hartman set a nice PR 5.45 per mile and finished 2nd in his age group. Great run. Myles Fennon also had a top run with a 5.50 pace and also 2nd in his age group.

Chicago Marathon  – Oct 12th

In fantastic conditions in Chicago, Angela Ortiz (NBR) broke 3 hours for her first time with a huge PR to run 2hr49mins12secs. Adam Marsh finished 5secs shy of her PR with 3hrs37mins22secs after no speed work due to hamstring issue.

Staten Island Half Marathon – Oct 12th

In awesome conditions, Adam Mulia finished 4th overall to run 1hr13mins13secs. Ed Hartman ran a very strong 1hr18min48secs. Eric Weldzuis ran a PR 1hr23mins27secs to show that he’s well capable of breaking 3hrs in the Philly Marathon in November. Myles Fennon cruised a 1hr25min half for training. Melodie Fratt ran 1hr39mins28 for her second best half.  Andrew Saunders ran a 4min PR , running 1hr41mins41secs. Maria Quiroga ran a nice 5min PR half marathon with 1hr44mins01secs.

Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon and Marathon – Oct 12th

Carol Healey set a Half Marathon PR at 54yr olds and won her age group today. Carol ran 1hr36mins52secs. And Amy Foy ran a 23min PR with 4hrs27min36secs and also in the 50-54 age group.

Gretes Half Marathon – October 5th

The nicer conditions paid off with lots of PR’s and the team running very well. Max Jahn ran his fastest half around Central Park with 1hr20mins08secs. Liza Howard finished 4th overall female with a new PR of 1hr20mins50secs. Myles Fennon (Ultra man) was next to finish from the team with 1hr21mins11secs. Antony Scott PR’ed by 2mins with 1hr22mins56secs. Edward Hartman ran as long run as he warms up for Staten Island Half (1hr23mins56secs), covering 19 miles overall. Steve Kang ran 1hr25mins24secs. Kelly De Csepel ran as a solid long run with 1hr25mins39secs and winning her age group. Laura Kirk ran a strong 1hr27mins13secs for one of her best half marathons in recent years. Steven Wagshal ran a strong PR with 1hr27mins36secs. Karen de Saint Phalle PR’ed with 1hr28min10secs and finished 2nd masters female. Ellen Basile finished 4th Masters female with a PR 1hr29mins06secs. Ann Powers ran her first half with a strong 1hr30mins55secs and 3rd in her age group. Ivan Kayser ran an awesome 8min PR with 1hr35mins37secs. Cynthia Martinez PR’ed with 1hr36mins27secs. Rose ann Serpico came in with 1hr38mins29secs. Melodie Fratt ran as a long run, doing 20miles all up. Denise Peterson ran around with her son. Harley Hanrahan PR’ed with 1hr51mins32secs and is a late addition to the Local Competitive group to the NYC Marathon. Lillie Brinkman finished with 1hr57mins02 secs. Females – 3rd team overall and 2nd Masters team. Males – 1st mens B division. Great racing!

Rock N Roll Philly Half – September 21st

On a very humid say, we still had 4 PR’s from the training group out of 7 that went. Angela Ortiz (NBR) ran a 20sec or so PR with a time of 1hr20mins22secs. Edward Hartman was next over from the group with a 1hr24mins36secs training run after catching the red-eye back to NY the day before. Karen De Saint Phalle ran a PR on fairly tired legs with 1hr28mins19secs. Joe Chan ran 1hr30mins11secs. Abby Tracey PR’ed with 1hr34mins42secs after crawling the last 5km with ITB issues. Eliza Golden ran a 2min30sec PR to break 1hr40mins with 1hr39mins36secs. Nice! Courtney Buckley missed her PR by 20secs , running 1hr49mins59secs. And Beth Browde ran 2hr03mins11secs with some pit stops along the way. Well done team!

5th Avenue Mile   – September 13th

All 15 Hounds ran their best 5th Avenue Mile in this race and 95% of them PR’ed with their best ever mile. Ed Hartman smoked a 4min51sec mile for a PR. Tony Scott also PRed with a 5min09sec mile. Joe Chan equaled his PR with 5mins10secs. Abigail Tracy won her age group with a PR 5min14sec Road mile. Steve Wagshal PRed with 5mins23secs. Karen De Saint Phalle finished 4th in her age group and hasn’t run that fast since high school. She ran 5mins27secs. Ellen Basile PRed with 5mins31secs. David Leis PR’ed with 5mins40secs. Kristine Carleton PR’ed for the 5th ave mile with 5mins42secs. Then Mary Darling ran her first 5th ave mile and ran 5mins52secs. Melodie Fratt stormed under 6mins with a 5min59sec PR. Carol Healey Ran her fastest 5th ave mile with 6min03secs. Maggie Moosbrugger PR’ed with a huge run for her. She ran 7mins09secs. And Beth Browde , who has been setting PR’s all year, took 20secs off her best mile , with 7mins33secs. The ladies were 5th female team overall and 2nd in the Masters.

Autism speaks – 4 miler – September 7th

Warm conditions for this 4 mile race. From the training group, Angela Ortiz (NBR) ran an awesome 3rd place overall female and 1st in her age group with a nice PR 5mins50secs per mile. Liza Howard was the first Hound home, with a 6min03sec per mile pace. Liza is getting in very good shape with some high miles approaching this month. Karen de Saint Phalle was 3rd overall Master female and ran a 10sec per mile PR of 6min14secs per mile. Awesome. Joe Di Flumeri is getting back with a 6min16sec per mile pace. Steven Wagshal is finally lifting weights and ran a very nice PR with a 6min22secs per mile pace. Sub three hours for marathon could be on if he keeps up with the weight training. Ellen Basile ran a good 6min36secs per mile off limited training. Kelly De Csepel also ran 6mins36sec per mile. Laura Kirk ran an awesome first race back, from giving birth her second time around. Laura ran a 6min41sec per mile pace. Denise Peterson ran 6mins52secs per mile pace next. Mary Darling ran 6mins54secs per mile. Lille Brinkman then finished with 8mins42secs per mile. The Henwood Hounds females finished 4th team overall and 1st in the masters!

Percy Sutton 5km -August 23rd

Beth Browde ran an awesome 5km to win her age group and run a PR at 62 years young. Beth ran 8min28secs per mile. Tony Scott, who recently returned from injury, ran a nice 6min05sec pace.

Team Champs – 5 miles , Aug 2nd Central Park

The ladies managed to come in 4th overall female team and 2nd overall master female team for a successful day at Team Champs. Patricia Barry, who’s been getting back into shape, ran a 5.44 pace for 5th overall female , but then unfortunately went water skiing two days later and gave herself an injury. Angela Ortiz (NBR) ran an awesome 5min54sec pace (PR) for 15th. Liza Howard ran her best race in Central Park with a 6.04 pace. Kelly De Sepel ran a steady 6.16 pace. Then Karen De Saint Phalle ran her best NYRR race with a 6.24 pace at 43yrs young. She was the 4th overall Master. Abigail Tracy is coming back into shape as she trains towards Chicago Marathon. She ran 6.28 pace. Then Ellen Basile ran a fantastic 6.37 pace , after not being able to train a lot with a foot issue. Naomi Nocera ran her best race with a 6.37 pace also. Awesome! Both Ellen and Naomi are over 40yrs old. Melodie Fratt ran her second best ever race out of her 50-60 NYRR races. Great run by her. (7.08 pace). Rose ann Serpico ran a 7.11 pace in her first race back for about a year. Cynthia Martinez ran 7.19 pace and Eliza Golden 7.40 pace. Beth Browde just ran fairly easy with a 9.05 pace. Well done ladies!

In the mens race, Marcus Wilhelm didn’t show up and we couldn’t get any reserves, so only 9 scored unfortunately. Adam Mulia ran a solid 5.37 pace. Myles Fennon ran a very strong 5.48 pace. Ed Hartman is on his way back from just having a baby . He ran a 5.51 pace. Joe Chan was next with a 6.18 pace. Then Tony Scott a 6.31 pace after just returning from injury and taking it pretty easy. David Leis ran his best race in over a year with a 7.10 pace. And Charles Hansford, just returned from a small injury with a 7.33 pace.

Giants Run of Champions 5km – July 20th

Patricia Barry returned after almost a year off with a solid 5.37 pace (17mins23secs) for 5km and 4th place overall female. Gabrielle Doran (17yrs old) won her age group with 20min15secs. This was a PR 5km for Gabrielle.

Boomers 4 miler – July 12th

Charles Hansford ran a nice PR by 35secs for a 4 miler with a 6.56 pace. This was the first time he has ever been under the 7mins per mile pace for any distance.

Firecracker 4 miler Saratoga – July 4th

Carol Healey improved a huge amount form her last race with a 7.09 pace and 2nd in her age group of 50-54. Nice!

Pride Run – 28th of June

Sophie Ewald finished 4th overall women with a solid 5.57 pace. Naomi Nocera also ran strong with a 6.45 pace and 3rd in the masters women overall. Ellen Basile was 4th master overall with a 6.45 pace. Natalie Sopic ran great with a 7.14 pace after not a lot of training. Then we had Eliza Golden with a 7.44 pace. Carol Healey a 7.46 pace. And Courtney Buckley a 8.09 pace.

Queens 10km – June 22nd

Myles Fennon ran a strong 5.56 pace for 5th in his age group. Melodie Fratt also ran one of her consistently strong races with a 7.15 pace. And Beth Browde ran a 1min PR if 53mins33secs in her 60-65 age group. Awesome running from Beth and 3rd in her age group.

Portugal Day Run -June 15th

Naomi Nocera ran a strong 6min42sec pace for 2nd in her age group. Denise peterson ran a 6.53 pace after racing the Oakley Mini 10km the day before. Denise finished 4th in he age group today.

Oakley Mini 10km – June 14th

Ana Johnson ran a nice 6.07 pace for the HHRT first female. Liza Howard, who ran a 2hr56min Marathon 3 weeks ago and had 12 days off, ran very well for a 6min13sec pace. Kelly De Csepal ran a 6.19 pace. Denise Peterson ran 6.56. Abby Tracy ran 6.57. Mary darling hit 7min pace. Then Melodie Fratt ran one of her strong races with a 7min14sec pace. Chris Bilsky did a 7.16 pace. Courtney Buckley ran a small PR with a 7.54 pace for next HHRT. Harley Hanrahan ran another strong race with a 8min16sec pace. And Beth Browde ran a 90sec PR with an 8.48 pace. Beth is 61 years old and an avid runner. You can still PR at 61!

Celebrate Israel Run – June 1st 4 miler

karen De Saint Phalle ran a 6.29 pace to finish 3rd in her age group. Nice run from karen. She was 13th female across the line overall. Harley Hanrahan had one of her best races with an 8.02 pace. She hasn’t run that fast in 2 years and is an avid runner. Denise Peterson ran a 6.54 pace hard workout.

Ottawa Marathon – April 25th

Liza Howard ran 2hr56mins28secs to finish 4th in her age group with a PR time. Liza was going for around 2hr52mins but bonked a little after trusting in just 1 Gu. Lesson learn’t, but nice run all the same!

Brooklyn Half Marathon May 17th

Awesome running from the HHRT female Masters team to take out 1st place in the team event for the Masters. Our ladies overall finished 4th female team. Fantastic. Myles Fennon was the first Hound across the line in 1hr20mins o5secs after running 2 marathons in (2hr56mins and 3hr05mins) and a 100km race in the last month. He’s getting ready for a 100 miler in 2 weeks. Ana Johnson ran her second best time ever with a 1hr20mins45sec race. That put her 13th overall female and 4th in her age group. Joe Chan ran close to a 2min PR with 1hr22mins45secs. Kelly Chin ran a solid 1hr24mins53 secs. Ellen Basile was finished 3rd master female overall with a strong time of 1hr29mins57secs after having some time off with a foot issue. Denise Peterson ran Boston a few weeks ago and still came out with a strong performance of 1hr32mins09secs. Naomi Nocera PRed with 1hr32mins42secs. Nice! Marc Bobrowsky PRed by 3mins with a time of 1hr33mins05secs. Mary darling had her first race in years with 1hr35mins35secs. Right on our prediction! Chris Bilsky ran her best half in 6 years with 1hr35mins48secs, which finished her 3rd in her age group. Abby Tracy ran 1hr36mins 24secs after 4 runs in the last month. Slacker Abby!:) Melodie Fratt ran another strong half with 1hr38mins24secs for her second best half ever. And Molly Bennard PRed by 2mins with 1hr41mins34secs after Boston a month ago. Morgan Smith also PRed with 1hr47mins35secs. And Beth Browde finally broke 2 hrs for the half with a 1hr58mins39secs PR. Awesome Beth!  Maggie  Moosbrugger, Michael Darling, Cynthia Martinez, Eliza Golden and David Leis all ran but ran without any training.

Long Island Marathon – May 4th

Edward Hartman ran an awesome 2hr54mins27secs to run a 13min PR and finish 16th overall in windy conditions on a very boring course. Determined running by Ed to pull that off.

Toronto Half marathon – May 4th

Liza Howard ran a nice 2min PR to finish 3rd overall female with a time of 1hr21mins31secs. A fantastic run from Liza!

Big Sur Marathon – April 27th

Myles Fennon, who finished with a 2hr56min PR Marathon the weekend before in The Boston Marathon, ran 3hr05min57secs for 29th place in the Big Sur Marathon. Wow!

Run as One 4 miler – Central Park April 27th

Sophie Ewald continued her nice form with a 4th place overall female and claimed a cash prize for the first Brooklyn runner. Sophie ran a 5min56sec per mile pace. Harley Hanrahan ran one of her best 4 mile races with an 8min06sec pace, to finish 6th in her age group (55-60yrs).

Asbury Half Marathon – April 26th

Naomi Nocera finished 4th female overall with a time of 1hr34mins41secs. Naomi was the first Master (over 40) across the line. Great run!

Boston Marathon – April 21st

With Meb’s awesome win, we had two guys under 3 hours for the Marathon. Both ran PR’s. Myles Fennon ran a PR 2hrs56mins58secs, after going out a little fast and Antony Scott ran another PR , breaking 3 hours for the first time with 2hr58mins48secs. Daniel Torras ran a great race for 3hr03mins23secs to be just off his best. Denise Peterson and Steve Wagshal both felt great for the first half but then they both said the weather got a little hot and hurt them the last half. Although coach John says ” Need to Strength Train Steve”. Important! Denise ran 3hrs21mins42secs and Steve finished up with 3hrs23mins04secs. Natalie Sopic finished next with an awesome time of 3hr30mins25secs after missing a couple of weeks 6-8 weeks ago and not being able to train the same with her new job. She was just 4mins off her best. And Molly Bennard ran very well , posting a time of 3hr36mins19secs after training though some foot pain and doing 3-4 runs the last 2 weeks. Great running. Then Maggie Moosbrugger finished in a PR 4hr27mins03 secs to break the 4hr30min mark. Nice going team!

More Half Marathon – April 13th

Melodie Fratt continued her great form with a 1hr39min45sec half marathon on the tough Central Park course. It was certainly a PR for her on the course. Strong run from her.

Run for the Parks 4 Miler – April 6th

Naomi Nocera ran “out of her tree” for her best ever race in this 4 miler. She won the masters with a 6min37sec per mile pace, finished 15th female overall and ran a PR race for anything over a mile. Awesome run! Eliza Golden also ran well with a 7min17sec pace, for one of her best runs.

Scotland 10km (points race) April 5th

The ladies finished 3rd team overall with a nice performance. Sophie Ewald ran a PR 10km with a 5min57sec pace to give her 8th place female overall. Fantastic run by Sophie. Liza Howard ran a strong 6min11sec pace and Kelly Chin also ran a strong 6min14sec pace after being sick all week. Abigail Tracy was next and 4th in her age group with a 6min34sec pace. Then Melodie Fratt, again ran an awesome race with a 7min12sec pace and PR 10km. Christina Bilsky ran a solid 7min16sec pace next, while Courtney Buckley tempo’ed a strong 8min34sec pace. And Beth Browde finished up with a 10km PR and 5th in her age group with a 8min54sec pace. The two men to run were Edward Hartman and Mike Darling. Ed ran a 10km PR with a 5min51sec pace while Mike Darling ran a 7min51sec pace, which was a nice blow out for him.

Spring Meltdown 15km – March 30th

Adam Mulia had his best ever race in Central Park, winning the race with a 5min41sec pace. This was his first race for the team and his first win in Central Park/win of any NYRR race. Awesome.

New York City Half Marathon (points race) – March 16th

Edward Hardman rocketed a 1hr18min.07 sec time to take over 10mins off his PR. Ed was an Australian Jockey and has taken to the running very well. Myles Fennon ran a strong 1hr19mins14 secs for his 2nd best ever Half Marathon. Antony Scott , for once, actually didn’t PR , as he was food poisoned the night before the race. Antony still slogged it out with a 1hr28mins40sec time. Nice! Daniel Osias visited from Seattle and ran 1hr33mins59secs. Melodie Fratt made it another Half Marathon PR with 1hr37mins13 secs. Wow! Natalie Sopic , who’s been busy with her new job ran a respectable 1hr41min12 time. Morgan Smith ran a huge 12 min PR with a time of 1hr49mins19secs. Fantastic. While Courtney Buckley also ran a PR with a time of 1hr50mins33secs. And Maggie Moosbrugger ran a steady 2hr04mins18sec pace to be about 4mins off her PR.

Washington Heights 5km (Points race) – March 2nd

The ladies came in 5th overall in the 1st teams points race of the NYRR season. Liz Howard ran a strong 5min58sec per mile pace to be the first of the females team across the line. Then Kelly Chin was next and improving after having a baby , with a 6min05sec pace. Abby Tracy ran a very strong 6.08 pace next. Then Ellen Basile continued her great form, finishing 2nd in her age group with a 6min25sec pace. And rounding out the top 5 was Naomi Nocera with a 6min50sec pace. This was her first race since having her baby and a fantastic effort, finishing 6th in her age group. Denise Peterson ran solid for her 7min01sec pace. Christina Bilsky was next with a 7min02sec pace at 50yrs old and Melodie Fratt ran her fastest ever race with a 7min07sec pace. Nice! Also Karine Jones had her first race for the team with an 8min01sec pace. Antony Scott was one of two males to run for the team and had his best ever race with a first time under a 6min mile pace. Antony ran a 5min53sec per mile pace. Awesome! Myles Fennon ran a solid 5min55sec per mile pace as he improves with his training for the Boston Marathon.

Al Gordon 4 miler  – Feb 22nd

Edward Hartman ran his best ever race with a 19th overall place and a 5min51sec per mile pace to do it. Nice work from Ed.

Gridiron Classic 4 miler – Feb 2nd

Denise Peterson ran strong to finish 3rd in her age group (40-45yrs) with a 6min51sec pace per mile.

Miami Half Marathon Feb 2nd

Cynthia Martinez was hoping to run another PR half in this race , but with the weather at 71 degrees, with 90 percent humidity , her dreams were shattered in this race. She ended up going out fairly hard and bonking to a 1hr46min.08 time. No worries. She can throw that race out of the window. She will still run a great Marathon March 9th in LA.

San Francisco Half Marathon – Feb 2nd

Julia Knittel battled through the wind (18 miles per hour) and rain to finish in a time of 1hr35mins10secs. Julia wasn’t so happy with that time for her, but the conditions were horrible.

Fred Lebow Half Marathon – Jan 26th Central Park

Antony Scott (The PR man) ran yet another PR , taking 90secs of his best Half Marathon time and finishing 2nd Master overall. Antony’s time was 1hr24mins43 secs. Awesome!

Key West Half Marathon – Jan 19th Florida

Cynthia Martinez took about 5mins off her PR and won her age group ,(31yrs old) beating all of the other 177 runners in he age group to the finish. Fantastic run.

Joe Kleinerman 10km – Jan 11th Central Park

Sophie Ewald had her best race with a 6th place overall female finish and 1st in age group (6min13sec pace), while Antony Scott rocked a nice 10km PR by 1min with a 6min16sec pace. Awesome! Dan Torras just tempo’ed for a 7min07sec pace while Joe Chan ran a nice 6min36sec pace . Chris Bilsky finished 2nd in her age group in her first run for the team with a 7min13sec pace. Nice Chris! And Molly Bennard ran strong for a 1min30sec 10km PR with a 7min18sec pace. Super running team!