2016 Results

Ted Corbitt 15km – December 10th
Matthew Gillespie showed great form for 4th place male overall with a 5.05min/mile pace. Chris Wolf continues his huge improvements with a 5.49 pace and 31st overall.Katarina Janosikova won her age group and had her best race of the year with a 6.03 pace. Ana Johnson was 4th in her age group with a strong 6.08 pace. Kelly De Csepel was also 4th in her age group with a 6.25 pace. This was fantastic after giving birth not that long ago.Locky Trachsel ran another solid performance with a 6.33 pace to finish 3rd in her age group. Joe Di Flumeri is making is way back to his best form with a nice 6.34 pace. Herbert Smith then finished with a 7.14 pace. Marc Bobrowsky tempo’ed 7.35 pace. And Janice Kambara was our 5th female home with her best performance since 1997 with a 7.40 pace. Eliza Golden , Nara Irigoyen and Ranna Smith race 7.49, 8.34, 9.39 pace respectively.Nara’s result was her best ever result.

Holiday Half Marathon – December 10th
Bonnie Averbuch finished 1st female and 2nd overall in this Half Marathon in Brooklyn with a time of 1hr24min09secs.

Turkey Trots – November 24th
Alisa Stern finished 2nd place female overall in the Glen Rock Turkey trot 5km in 19mins59secs. Theresa McCabe also finished 2nd female overall in the Port Washington Turkey Trot of 5 miles, running 30mins17secs. Kelly de Csepel finished 4th female overall in the Wellesley Turkey Trot 5km in 18mins43secs. Janice Kambara ran an awesome 7.24 pace for 2nd in her age group and 14th female overall in the New paltz Turkey Trott 5km. Chris Wolf finished 2nd in the Cape Coral Turkey Trott in Florida with a time of 16mins50secs.

Race to Deliver 4 mile – November 20th
Alejandro Ariza finished in 5.27 pace for 4th place overall and 2nd in his age group after some pretty relaxed training in November. Katarina Janosikova finished 2nd overall female, winning her age group with a 5.57 pace, while 17yr old Gwyneth Campbell won her age group with a 6.51 pace. Then we had Eliza Golden , Beth Browde and Nadia Persaud finish in 7.34 pace, 9.32 pace and 10.22 pace respectively .

Philly Marathon – November 20th
In 23-36 mile per hour winds, Brad Vollkommer PR’ed by 2.5mins with 2hr42mins45secs. Brad ran super consistently the whole race with his last mile being the fastest. Also team member, Sharon Caspi finished in 3hr40mins58secs and was pleased with her result after going out a little too fast.

Canyon City Marathon – November 12
Kaccie Li took 25mins of his best Marathon time, by running 3:12:42 and finishing 74th in the race. Wow!

New York City Marathon – November 6th
Ana Johnston was the first runner from the team across the line and 36th place female overall. Ana ran right on what she wanted with 2hr54mins54secs. Oz Pearlman was the second from the team to finish with 2hr55mins22secs. Matthew Howard ran his first marathon and broke 3 hours with 2hrs55mins55secs. Aidan Killoran broke 3hrs for his first time also with an 8min PR , running 2:58:28! Locky Trachsel finished 3rd in her age group of 45-49yrs old with 3hrs00mins.37secs. Corinne Fitzgerald then completed the ladies trio with 3hsr03mins06secs for her first marathon and earning the ladies team 3rd place female team overall in the Marathon. Joe Di Flumeri was next across the line with 3:08:11. Then Herbert Smith reached his goal of a sub 3hr15min marathon with 3hr14mins41secs for a 33min PR! Yao Hua Ooi ran a massive 31min PR, to finish in 3:18:34! Thomas Connors took 9mins off his PR, running 3:21:16! Denise Peterson used the marathon to get her fitness back , with 3:30:13. Maria Quiroga had a hard time on the course and feel about 4mins shy from her PR . Maria ran 3:45:37.Micheala Clary ran over a 10min PR to finish in 3:46:12. Bryan Keough ran 3:49:45 for over a 70min PR! Courtney Buckley was next with 3:52:52, which was less than a Minute off her PR.Nara Irigoyen ran her first marathon in 4:13:58. Maggie Moore did a 5min PR, to run 4:39:19secs.Ashna Chopra, who couldn’t run for more than 30mins straight 4 months ago, ran an 11min pace with a time of 4:52:14.And Luke Khalilian completed his first marathon in 5:00:55. Great work from Luke.

NYRR 5km Dash – November 5th
The 3 fastest men on the team finally raced together. Matt Gillespie ran a fast 14min47secs for 7th place against some very fast professionals. Then Patrick Dooley was next with also a fast time of 15mins28secs. Andrew Pitts was next in 15mins49secs. I then came in with 16mins04secs for the 1st master, only 1sec in front Javier Rodriguez. (the 2nd Master). Mary Cain finished 6th overall female with the pro’s in 16mins32secs. Kathryn Gillespie, the sister of Matt finished in a 6.02pace. And Beth Browde ended up 2nd in her age group with an 8min51sec pace.

Poland Spring Marathon 5 miler – October 30th
On a fairly humid day, I felt flat and finished 3rd overall and 1st Master with a 5min28sec pace. Janice Kambara finished 5th in her age group with a 7min53sec pace,which was a hell of improvement from her 9min pace in the Mini 10km. Liz Saxon PR’ed with a 8min 33secs pace. This time was 12secs per mile faster than her faster 5 miler.

Atlantic City Marathon – October 23rd
Myriam Coulibaly finished first overall female on a windy day, to set a 9min personal record. She ran 3hr19mins14secs, to win by over 90secs and even won some cash!

Mayors Cup 5km Cross-country race – Boston – October 23rd
Mary Cain finished 3rd, 15secs behind the winner on a very windy day. Mary has just been focused on running longer aerobic runs lately, with only one speed workout before the race.

Staten Island Half Marathon – October 9th
In windy and rainy conditions, runners currently on my training programs had very strong performances. Team results – Brad Vollkommer ran a strong 1hr16mins25secs to be less than a minute off his best. I had to stop and start a couple of times with calf tightness and ran 1hr17mins40secs. Grace Doramus ran 1hr23mins01secs for a 2min PR and 5th in her age group. Then Aidan Killoran finished with an impressive 4min PR with a time of 1hr23mins56secs. Luis Corona was next with 1hr26mins18secs. Locky Trachsel finished 2nd Masters female across the line with 1hr26mins21secs as she looks to try and beat her 2hr57mins Marathon PR in the NYC Marathon this year.Socrates Ayvaliotis ended up just off his PR with a nice 1hr29min08secs. Herbert Smith ran a PR by 3mins with 1hr32mins58secs.Charles Hansford was next with 1hr39mins54secs. Michaela Clary then PR’ed by 50secs with 1hr46mins07secs. Harley Hanrahan ran 1hr52mins08secs which was just off her PR and fantastic in the conditions. Courtney Buckley then finished with 1hr52mins40secs. Nara Irigoyen ran 1hr54mins10sec for a 2min PR. Matthew Morano ran 2hr07mins49secs and Jonathan Oestreich 2hrs08.40secs.

Chicago Marathon – October 9th
Running his first Marathon, Chris Wolf finished in a awesome time of 2hr48mins56secs. Chris came to me with a PR of 1hr28mins for a half marathon near the start of the year, but is obviously a completely different athlete. Ed Chao was certainly ready to break 3 hours after his 1km session the weekend before, but unfortunately had to pull out at 10 miles. Billy Sheil went for a sub 4 hour marathon and got there by a 4 seconds! – 3hr59mins56secs.

Harpoon Brewery Octoberfest Race – 3.66 miles – NH – October 9th
Patrick Dooley won this very hilly race , running 5mins12s per mile. Patrick won by 16 seconds.

Army 10 miler – Washington DC – October 9th
Andrew Pitts finished in a strong 27th place with 5mins27secs per mile for a 54mins21 sec effort. Nice first race back from Andrew.

Hartford Marathon – October 8th
Tiffany Golden-Stone ran 3hr12mins40secs for a big 10min PR to finish 27th overall Female. Fantastic run.

Brooklyn Rock N Roll Half Marathon – October 8th
Alejandro Ariza PR’ed by 70secs with a fast time of 1hr71mins40secs to finish 10th overall. Marc Bobrowsky ran 1hr34mins30secs for a improving run close to his best.

Grete’s Great Gallop – October 2nd

Laura Kirk is getting back into it for the NYC Marathon, with a 1hr30min13sec half marathon. Laura finished 2nd in her age group. Yao Hu Ooi ran 1hr37mins.44secs in the middle of his 20 mile long run. Maria Quiroga ran a second faster than last year with 1hr42mins25secs for 5th in her age group. Denise Peterson then finished in 1hr44mins44secs. Faith Paris ran 1hr50mins03secs and Ivan Kayser 1hr54mins34secs.

Tiburon Half Marathon – October 2nd
Tony Scott finished 2nd ,to take just over 1 minute off his PR , with a time of 1hr18mins55secs. Tony was just over 9mins behind the winner and held of third place in a sprint finish.

Bronx 10 miler – September 25th

On a beautiful morning and a fast course, on the mens side, Matt Gillespie showed he’s back after an iron issue with a strong 5min02sec per mile pace for 4th place overall. I won the masters 40yr-45yr age with a 5min28sec pace. Andrew Pitts just ran it as a long run with a fast 5min45sec pace. Then Charles Hansford did a very strong 6min45secs pace, while Yao Hua Ooi ran his best ever race with a 6min46sec pace. Marc Bobrowsky tempo’ed a 7min20sec per mile race in the middle of his long run. With the ladies, Locky Trachsel finished 2nd in the 45-49yr old age group with a solid 6min29sec pace. Denise Peterson ran a 7min41sec pace. Courtney Buckley a nice 8min21sec pace. And Beth Browde a solid 9min10sec pace. Matthew Moreno and Jonathan Oestreich ran a 9mins16sec pace and 9min27sec pace respectively.

Bronx 5km – September 25th
Gwyneth Campbell ran her best race with a 6min42sec pace 5km as a 17yr old to win her age group.

Berlin Marathon – September 25th
Christophe Wilhelm ran a fast 2hr48mins38secs to finish 24th in the mens 50yr old age group. Great running from Chris.

Tune up 18 miler – September 18th

Myriam Coulibaly ran another huge race with a 7min.45sec pace for the 18 miles. Yao Ooi Hua also ran incredibly well with a 7min47sec pace. Both are looking well capable of running a 3hr20-25min Marathon very soon. Miriam will be racing the Atlantic City Marathon in 5 weeks , while Yao will be doing the NYC Marathon November 6th.

Rock N Roll Philly Half – September 18th

On a very humid day, Chris Wolf took a minute off his best half Marathon time with a 56 place overall male, to run 1hr19mins24secs. Then Tiffany Golden-Stone PR’ed by almost 2 minutes with a fast time of 1hr32mins flat. Edwin Chao finished with stomach cramps in 1hr37mins57secs,well outside his PR. Janice Kambara suffered cramps badly the last few miles to finish in 1hr59mins24secs. And Liz Saxon felt the humidity as well with a time 2hr01mins17secs.

5th Avenue Mile – September 3rd

I finished 5th in the Masters race , as my legs felt like bricks the last 50 meters. My time – 4min36secs, which was 5 secs behind the winner. Corinne Fitzgerald easily won her race with a 5min.01sec Mile. Edwin Chao PR’ed in his mile race with a 5.10, while Myriam Coulibaly showed off her skills with a huge run and easily her best race ever with a 5min33sec mile.Ivan Kayser ran 6mins flat and Sharon Caspi 6.27. Morgan Smith PR’ed with a 6.43 mile and Rosemary Mulia finished 3rd in her age group with a huge best effort of 7mins51secs. Then Ranna Smith ran 8mins38sec.

Percy Sutton Harlem 5km – August 27th

The mens team ran strong enough to just win the B division for their 4th straight victory in that division. Alejandro Ariza has been improving dramatically, as he had his best road runner race , breaking 16mins with a 5.10 pace and being the top hound across the line in 20th place overall. I was next, with my 3rd straight victory in the masters with a 5.12 pace. Then came Oz Pearlman, who finished 2nd in the San Francisco Marathon just 4 weeks earlier. Oz ran a 5.15 pace. Joe Di-Flumeri turned it up for his best race in almost 2 years with a 6.16 pace. And Edwin Chao made it the 5th and final man across the lone with a 6.19 pace. In the ladies event, our Rio Marathon Olympian Jane Vongvorachoti, who will soon depart to live in London, ran a nice 5.49 pace. Jane led the girls to 5th overall female team and finished 2secs ahead of Corinne Fitzgerald, who ran her best NYRR race ever , as did Tiffany Golden-Stone with a huge improving 6.20 pace to be the 3rd lady from the team across the line. Melissa Ackermann is just starting to get in shape again as she ran 6.32 pace and Myriam Coulibaly ran her fastest pace in a NYRR race with a 6.46 pace. Miriam rounded out our top 5 females. Harley Hanrahan then PR’ed with a 7min48sec 5km.Elizabeth Saxon ran one of her strongest races with 8.33 pace. Beth Browde showed off her wheels with a 8.38 pace. Courtney Buckley ran for points at 9mins per mile and Rosemary Mulia won her age group with a 9.06 pace.

Olympic Marathon – Rio – August 14th

Jane Vongvorachoti finished in 91st place with a strong time of 2hr47mins in very hot conditions, as she represented Thailand in Rio. Jane went out strong, going through the half marathon in 1hr20min18secs. Then only had slipped to 2hrs44min pace at 35km. But the last 7km was brutal and her time slipped a little further. She was very happy with the result, as she was within 2mins of our goal time in these weather conditions.

San Francisco Marathon 2016 – July 31st

Mentalist and supper runner, Oz Pearlman got himself into great shape and finished 2nd overall in 2hrs31mins16secs, to be around 30secs off the winner.

Team Championships ladies – July 30th

The ladies finished 8th place on this day, although I decided to not let Jane Vongvorachoti race , as she had her Olympic Marathon in Rio in 2 weeks time. If she had raced, we would have finished 4th or 5th. 1st up we had Katarina Janosikova with a 6min03sec pace a month after her Gold Coast Marathon in Australia. Katarina was 2nd in her age group. Corinne Fitzgerald, then ran a strong 6min06sec paceto finish 3rd in her age group.Bonnie Averbuch ran 6.20 pace next. Then Locky Trachsel with a 6min23sec pace, where she was 2nd in her age group.Tiffany Golden-Stone ran strong in the heat with a 6min45sec pace. Ann powers dug deep for the team , with no training for a 6min50sec pace. Then Eliza Golden with a 7min42sec pace. Maria Quiroga wasn’t a fan of the heat with 8.02 pace. Harley Hanrahan ran exceptionally strong in these conditions with 8.17 pace. Elizabeth Saxon with 8.53 pace and Nadia Persuad with 10.25 pace.

Team Championships Men – July 30th

Great race by the men, as we scored top points in the B division and finished 7th overall in the teams event. It was extremely hot and humid. Matt Gillespie was our top scorer with a 5.12 pace, which wasn’t so great for Matt, but he had been sick. I was next on the team with a 5.26 pace, where I was the 1st master across the line. Patrick Dooley suffered some cramp and finished just behind me with a 5min27sec pace for the 3rd team member home. Alejandro Ariza was next with a 5min33sec pace. Brad Vollkommer , who just can’t stand the heat ran 5mins41secs per mile, where he’s well capable of running faster in cooler conditions and has only just started his build up for the Philly Marathon. Daniel Wallace-Peric also ran 5min41secs per mile, to be 1sec behind Brad. Chris Wolf ran 5mins52sec per mile to run exactly the same time as he did in the Pride Run. The Team Champs, being much hotter was a much better performance. Max Jahn finished with a 6min05 pace. Luis Corona then ran 6mins20secs per mile as a tempo because of a sore hamstring. Edwin Chao then ran 6mins39secs per mile as he gets his fitness going.

Angel Island Half Marathon – July 23rd

Tony Scott won his first ever race on this hilly trail course. He won in 1hr29mins28secs. – A good 30secs ahead of second place.

Flushing Meadows 5km Classic – July 17th

Patrick Dooley ran a strong 15mins49secs to finish 6th overall and 1st in his age group in this race. Nice run!

Boomers Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breath 4 miler – July 16th

Alejandro Ariza just ran a controlled 5.49 pace to qualify for the team for the Club Championships at the end of the month. Maria Quiroga ran a solid 7.38 pace , while Gwyneth Campbell ran her best New York Road Runner Race with a 7.03 pace and finishing 2nd in her age group.

Gold Coast Marathon – Australia – July 3rd

Katarina Janosikova finished 26th female overall with a time of 2hr58mins32secs. She’s certainly not at her best, but after being injured for a couple of years off and on, she just did 50 miles per week and will progress for the next marathon.

Achilles Hope and Possibility 4 miler – June 26th

A new runner on the team this year,Myriam Coulibaly ran a nice 7.12 pace.

Front Runners Pride Run – June 25th

Matt Gillespie finished 7th overall male with a 4min57sec pace. I was next with a 5min24sec pace per mile and winner of the masters age group. Brad Vollkommer ran a 5min38sec pace for his first race back since the Boston Marathon. Then came Daniel Wallace-Peric with a 5min44sec per mile pace and Christopher Wolf continued is incredible form with a 5min52sec pace. The mens team were 4th overall. Easy winners in B division. In the ladies we had Bonnie Averbuch with a 6min26sec pace, then Myriam Coulibaly with 7mins06secs per mile, Harley Hanrahan again PR’ed with 8min16secs per mile and Eliza Golden continued working her way into some fitness with a 8min16sec pace also. (only 2 seconds behind Harley).Rosemary Mulia was next and 3rd in her age group with a 9min11secs pace. Nadia Persaud PR’ed with a 10min25sec pace for her 5 miler.

Oueens 10km – June 18th

Daniel Wallace-Peric finished 3rd in his age group with a 5min33sec pace. Then Ed Chao ran Marathon pace for 6mins58secs per mile .Charles Hansford was next with an 8min43sec pace. Then 65yrs old Rosemary Mulia won her age group with a 9min16sec pace. Matthew Moreno finished with 9min20sec pace.

New York Mini 10km – June 11th

New team runner Tiffany Golden-Stone ran a strong PR in her first race with a 6min42sec per mile pace. That was 9sec per mile faster than she’s run in a 10km before. Ana Johnston had some hamstring issues as she ran around in a 7min32sec per mile pace. Christy Curth was next with a 7min25sec pace with then Courtney Buckley in a 7min58sec pace, Sharon Caspi in and 8min59sec pace and Beth Browde a 9min15sec pace.

Retro 4 miler – June 5th

Matt Gillespie was the first from the team across the line in 10th place with a 4min56sec per mile pace. Patrick Dooley ran well for next with a 5.05 pace and 3rd in his age group. Then I ran an improved 5mins21sec pace for 3rd 40-45 age group male across the line. Next we had Daniel Wallace-Peric with a 5min28sec and Tony Scott PR’ed for the 4 miler distance with a 5min51sec pace. Corinne Fitzgerald was our first lady and 4th in her age group with a 5min59sec pace. Our incredible 47yr old Masters lady Locky Trachsel finished a second behind to also run that pace and be the first masters female across the line. Thats was a 4 miler PR for her. Miriam Coulibaly was our 3rd female with a 6min48sec pace and then Maria Quiroga with a 7min32secs pace. At 58yrs old and an experienced NYRR racer, Harley Hanrahan ran another PR , breaking the 8min barrier again with a 7min57sec pace. Elizabeth Saxon ran another strong 4 miler with a 8.32 pace, while Eliza Golden took a break from the office to run a 8min46sec pace.

Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon – May 21st

A lot of fantastic performances for the team in the Brooklyn Half Marathon.First off Matthew Gillespie was the token white guy to mix it with the Africans, to run a fast 5min.01secs per mile pace for the 13.1 miles and PR with a time of 65mins39secs. Then Jane Vongvorachoti also PR’ed , finishing 3rd overall female with 1hr15mins13secs.Jane then left to join the Thailand Team in preparation for the marathon event in Rio. Ana Johnson then ran 1hr19mins53secs, followed by Christophe Wolf who ran an 8min PR with 1hr20mins18secs. Wow. Tony Scott was only 4 seconds behind with 1hr20mins22secs and Luis Corona next with 1hr21mins56secs. Super master Locky Tranchsel then finished with 1hr23mins05secs, which was great considering she ran Boston a month ago in a huge PR. Melissa Ackermann finished with 1hr27mins49secs and Aidan Killoran PR’ed strongly with 1hr27mins55secs.Then Ed Chao ran a solid 1hr28mins.08secs and Ann Powers just broke 1hr30mins with 1hr29mins59secs. Yao Hua Ooi then smashed his PR for a half by over 5mins with 1hr32mins.02secs.Sharon Caspi then finished in 1hr37mins55secs. And Marc Bobrowsky just getting back into training, finished with 1hr39mins48secs.Mary Darling and Christina Bilsky ran strong finishing in 1hr40mins04secs and 1hr40mins05secs respectively. That was Mary’s first hit-out in a long time. Maria Quiroga then PR’ed with a time of 1hr40mins28secs.Christy Curth had stomach issues and crossed the line with 1hr41mins53secs. Andrew Saunders was next with 1hr42mins26secs, to be not far of his PR.Eliza Golden , Molly Bennard and Faith Paris then ran 1hr43mins17secs, 1hr49mins05secs and 1hr49mins57secs respectively. Harley Hanrahan then PR’ed with a time of 1hr51min16secs. Harley now 58yrs old and still improving. David Leis ran 1hr54mins14secs and Courtney Buckley 1hr54mins40secs. Elizabeth Saxon ran her first half and is certainly improving on her age percentage, with 1hr55mins47secs.Mike Darling broke 2 hours with 1hr59mins50secs, Beth Browde 2hr.01mins45secs. Then Rosemary Muila PR’ed with 2hr04mins06secs. Danielle Beyer got close to 2 hours in her first half with 2hr04mins37secs.John Oestreich also ran his first half with 2hr14mins10secs.

Run as One 4 miler in Central Park – April 24th

Patrick Dooley ran a nice 5mins16sec pace. Yao Hua Ooi ran a big PR by 25secs per mile with a 6min39secs pace. Harley Hanrahan, at 58yrs old Pr’ed breaking the 8min barrier with a 7min58sec pace.

Boston Marathon – April 18th

72 degrees at the start meant that it was going to be a struggle for most runners. Max Jahn was the first to struggle in the heat with 2hr56mins24 secs. Then Brad Vollkommer , who had been training amazing with a couple of fantastic PR’s during the build up unfortunately was next to struggle in the heat and came across the line in 2hr56mins40secs. But then Locky Trachel , who is 47yrs old, defied the heat with a big 7min PR and a stunning 2hr57min12secs to be first New York Female overall and 3rd female overall in her age group. Huge run. Tony Scott hurt with a 3hr03min Marathon. Then Aidan Killoran wasn’t too far off his PR with 3hr08mins. Melissa Ackermann had hamstring issues and came in next in 3hr12mins. The Ira Wolfson hit his goal, breaking 4 hours with 3hr56mins. Beth Browde ran fantastic in the heat with 4hr24mins. Only 4mins off her best time at 63yrs old. Then Sarah Schultz went out hard, but then had problems in the heat and ran 4hr25mins.

More/Shape Half Marathon in Central Park

Jane Vongvorachoti tempo’ed a nice 1hr18mins45secs for 4th place overall. Jane will be looking to PR in the Brooklyn Half. Liza Howard then ran 1hr23mins34sec. Sharon Caspi was next with 1hr39mins. Christina Bilsky ran a strong 1hr43mins flat and Nadia Persaud ran her first half marathon in Central Park with 2hr24mins46secs.

Run for Parks 4 miler in Central Park – April 10th

Ivan Kayser was the first Hound home with a 7min06sec pace. Michael Darling was next with a 7mins56sec pace. Elizabeth Saxon ran another PR with an 8min27sec pace. hen Ranna Smith had her best race in a year with an 8min31sec pace. And Rosemary Mulia ran her fastest pace ever at 65yrs old with a 8min51sec pace.


Scotland Run 10km in Central Park – April 2nd

Fantastic running from HHRT as they finished 4th place overall in both the Male and Female teams. Matt Gillespe was the first hound across the line and in 6th place overall (behind a wall of Africans) with a time of 31min02 secs. Oz Pearlman managed to find some time away from being a mentalist/magician for a half a day and ran a strong 32mins41secs for the second male across the line. Then Adam Mulia put together his best race in Central Park since 2014 to finish in 34min45secs and 4th Masters men. I raced for the first time since 2013 for 34min47secs or a 5.36 pace. Need to get A into G! Then Jane Vongvorachoti set a new Thailand 10km road Race record, running 35mins04secs, to finish 2nd female overall. A great start for Jane on her build up for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio , where she will be running the Marathon, representing Thailand. Then Daniel Wallace-Periac tempo’ed a 5.50 pace for 36mins10secs after having a bad cold for a week. Then Ana Johnson PR’ed her 10km by 1 sec with 37mins18secs. Katarina Janosikova was next with 37mins40secs, as she continues to improve towards her best.Joe Di Flumeri is also on the comeback trail and improved nicely with a 6.41 pace. Then Abby Tracy ran a nice 10km with only doing half assed training to run a 6.57 pace. Christy Curth was our 5th female across the line, to round out the ladies team, with a strong 7.02 pace after having a couple of weeks off with phenomena. Maria Quiroga ran a 10km PR with 7.36 pace with one of her best Central Park races. Harley Hanrahan had her best ever race age percentage wise with a 8.17 pace. As did Rosemary Mulia with a 9min09 pace. Fantastic running!Ranna Smith was next with a 9.18 pace.


NYC Half Marathon – March 20th

Some fast times and lots of PR’s on a cool day. All 5 of the Boston Marathon qualifiers ran nice PRs. First Hound across the finish line was Brad Vollkommer with his second PR in his two races running with HHRT. Brad ran a fast 1hr13min08secs to PR by over 1min and finish 65th in the whole race. Tony Scott was next with a PR after almost a week off with a pulled back muscle. Tony took over 30secs off, for a time of 1hr19mins56secs. Then Ana Johnson, who has not doing a lot of running , but coming to a few workouts, ran 1hr20mins32secs to be only about a minute off her PR. Then Locky Trachsel smoked 4mins off her PR and won her age group with 1hr22mins26secs. Like Brad, finding the team for Locky has been a breath of fresh air, as she’s also ran 2 PR’s in 2 races with the team , winning her age group and absolutely destroying her normal percentile in the results of her age group. Then Melissa Ackerman was next , taking almost 5mins of her time with 1hr24mins45secs. After Melissa , came Edwin Chao for a nice PR of 1hr25mins54secs. Joe Di Flumeri ran it as a long run and finished in 1hr35mins. Then Yao Hua Ooi ran a 2min PR with 1hr35mins39secs to be right on pace. Marc Bobrowsky was next after a cold, with 1hr36mins34secs. Then Maria Quiroga ran close to her PR on a stomach bug with 1hr41mins58secs. Ivan Kayser (1hr43min.17secs),Morgan Smith (1hr47.32secs), Charles Hansford (1hr52.34), Courtney Buckley (1hr52mins55secs) Matt Moreno (2hr17mins and Ranna Smith (2hr00min.34secs) were next from the team and hoping to see them back with the group soon! Edith Cooper ran 2hr01min50secs, after getting her running back on track . And Rosemary Mulia PRed with 2hrs05mins.56secs. Pretty dam good at 65yrs old!.

Washington Heights 5km – March 6th

Matt Gillespie ran his first race since 2014 and first for HHRT, for a 5th place overall, with a scorching 4.55 pace. Brad Vollkommer also ran his first race for HHRT and right on pace with a 5.14 pace for his best ever road 5km and best NYRR result. Brad chases a big PR time in the Boston Marathon in 5 weeks. Adam Mulia ran 5.38 pace for the next male home for the team. Tony Scott 5.49 pace. Then Locky Trachsel, at 47years young, ran 30secs per mile faster than she’s ever run with a 5.55 pace and easily winning her age group. She will be Chasing the 3 hour barrier in the Boston Marathon. Katarina Janosikova ran her best race in 4 years with a nice 5.57 pace to finish 2nd in her age group. Ed Chao was next with a 6.12 pace to complete the mens top 5. Sarah Schultz had her first appearance for HHRT and ran her best NYRR race with a 6min52sec pace. Max Bobrowsky ran 7.01 pace on a cold and Johanna Kreutz also ran a 7.01 pace for her first NYRR race after some time off with a pulled muscle. Great result from Johanna. Chris Bilsky then ran a 7.08 pace, which was her best race in 2 years. The strength training routine is certainly helping Chris. Matt Morano then finished with his best NYRR race with a 8.01 pace. Beth Browde ran with a 8.33 pace and then Elizabeth Saxon and Maggie Moore who both had their first start for HHRT, ran one of their best races with paces of 8.34 and 9.00 respectively.

Valentine Invitational in Boston – Feb 13th

Andrew Pitts finishes 3rd in 4mins.08.87secs in his final mile race of the season.

Boston Invite – Feb 6th

Andrew Pitts takes another two seconds of his Mile time with 4min07.6secs to finish 3rd after starting at the back of field and working his way strongly. Its was Andrews 3rd PR time this indoor season.

NYRR – Thursday Night at the Races (track) Jan 14th

Andrew Pitts won the top mens 800m event with a time of 1min55secs. Andrew started off slow and then went through the field and kicked clear with 300m’s to go. Another fantastic result from Andrew.

Joe Kleinerman 10km – Jan 9th

Christy Curth again ran her second best race around Central Park ever with a 7min08secs pace. Also Marc Bobrowsky ran strong with a 7min25secs race. One of his best results. Both Christy and Bob are on HHRT training plans. Other team representatives were Ivan Kayser, David leis, Charles Hansford and Ranna Smith.

Boston University Mini-meet #3 Jan 2nd

Andrew Pitts again runs a nice PR in the 3km with a classy time 8mins22.63secs. Andrew finished 3rd overall in a very strong field.

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