2018 Results

Ted Corbitt 15km (Central Park) – December 8th

Rich Velazquez finished first home from the team with a 5:39 pace ahead of Alexander Stolerman. (5:53 pace). Max Jahn was next with a 6:09 pace and then Brad Volkommer ran exceptionally well with a 6:14 pace . Brad is recovering from a series achilles injury , which laid him off for 18 months or so. The Kelly De Csepel ran very well with a 6:16 pace, finishing 2nd inter age group. She was just ahead of Chris Hearne (6:17 pace) , who ran sub 3 hours for his first time a few months ago. Then Zareh Baghdassarian finished with a 6:29 pace , after some time off his exciting NYC Marathon debut of 2:48. Matt Howard ran 6:35 pace and Locky Trachsel finished 3rd in her age group with a 6:37 pace. Shai Tambor ran terrific with 6:49 pace. Also Adam Shift snuck under 7min miles with 6:59 pace. Jessica Movold was next with 7:18 pace and then Marc Bobrowsky (7:44 pace) and Christy Vachel ran her prediction of 7:46 pace. Then we had Janice Kambara (8.04 pace) and Nadia Persaud (11.33 pace).

California International Marathon – Sacramento – December 2nd

Incredible runs from all four hounds today , as all PR’ed generously in great conditions. Andriy Postolovskyy shaved 14mins of his PR with a fast 2:40:20, as he flew home at the end. He ran with Don Snellings most of the way, who also PR’ed by 2.5mins with a time of 2:42:14. Theresa McCabe also knocked of her goal with an 8.5min PR , breaking 2:50 to run 2:49:39. Then Valery Charles ran her incredible goal as well , for over a 30min PR, finishing in 3:39:10. Wow wow wow. Best accurate predictions and PR’s ever!

NYRR Fred Lebow Cross-country (5km) – November 18th

Matt Howard finished 3rd in his age group of 45-50 with 18min46ses in this 5k event. He was the 32nd male home overall.

Philly Marathon – November 18th

Meaghan Fitzgerald (North Brooklyn Runners) killed it with 3:17:51 as she kicked home with a 2.5min negative split and a 14min PR. Awesome running!

Philly Half Marathon – November 17th

NYAC runner Colin Riendeau, who has been training with the hounds this Summer, rocked a PR of 1:20:45 and 104th overall. Gabby Avila felt flat in the race and just ran as a training run.

Indy Monumental Half – November 9th

Theresa McCabe took around 4 minutes off her PR with a strong 1:18:58 to finish 18th overall and 2nd in her age group .Fantastic run, showing sub 2:50 is on the cards for CIM.

New York City Marathon – November 4th

Exciting Marathon day in perfect conditions as the Henwoods Hounds Racing Team finished 2nd in the mens teams competition. For the men, Matt Gillespie ran his first marathon for a strong 2:25:05 after being on 2:15 pace for the first 5km. This earned Matt 28th place overall man. Andrea Fraquelli PR’ed with 2:33:30, in a super consistent run, while our own mentalist, Oz Pearlman ran right on his prediction of 2:36:23. Klaus Kuorikoski suffered a little more this year, as he ran 2:45:05, but then Zareh Baghdassarian, who arrived for coaching earlier this year with a 1:25 half PR and a goal of breaking 3 hours, ran an outstanding 2:48:39 on his first marathon. Max Jahn fell short of what he wanted with 2:53:18, but then NYAC runner Amar Kuchinad was ready to break 3 hours for the first time and he did very nicely with 2:54:18. Talented runner, Alexander Stolerman didn’t run up to where I felt her should have with 2:56:36, but still looked to be doing it easy. I think it was a little lack of strength training Alex! But Jimmy Bonneau broke 3 hours for his first time with 2:58:28. Adam Mulia crossed in 2:58:57 and then John Vaghi on his first marathon finished with 3:04:10. The next male across the line was Yao Hua Ooi with a well deserved 5min PR of 3:09:19. Then Adam Shiff probably ran the PR of the day, as he went from a 3:47.00 to 3:14:09. This was a staggering PR and 6mins faster than the time we were shooting for. Paul Moreton will be a little disappointed with his 3:14:32, which was really about 10mins short from where he should be and Greg Nugent ran 3:17:49 pretty relaxed after some limited build up and getting married. Shai Tambor felt a little hot during the race, but still muscled up a PR of 3:18:48. Steven Wagshal then finished with 3:29:30 followed by Jon Abbey, who was just short of his goal with 3:34:05. Leo Vando then PR’ed with 3:34:06. Daniel Burko also Pr’ed with 3:40:35. New runner Omri Bezalei ran a nice 4:14:31 for his first marathon and Bill Wang Pr’ed with 4:27:25.
With the ladies, Laura Heintz rocked 4th in her age group with 2:58:25. Jess Movold Pr’ed with 3:13:29. Sheila Monaghan, who is very talented, ran New York just to run it with a time of 3:29:37. Abby tracy had hip issues in the race as she slowed to 3:37:24. Caroline Plank is still resolving her medical issues with all the guts in the world to finish with 3:37:28. Leslie Lillo ran a consistent race and a strong 5min PR of 3:38:37. Julie Pampuch, who was so ready for sub 3:30:00 didn’t have enough fuel during the week and had to stop with me for 5-6mins at mile 23, before re-joining the race. She ended up with 3:44:56, only 1min behind her PR, but we will be looking to make amends in the Dallas White Rock Marathon Dec 9th. Wendy Singer also ran consistent for a 10min PR with 3:49:38. Jehan Marino ran 4:05:59 after running Berlin 6 weeks before. And Wilton Bealle ran her first marathon in 4:50:14, experiencing a fantastic marathon.

Dash to the finish Line 5km – November 3rd

Fresh after a small break after her PR in the Chicago Marathon, Locky Trachsel ran 19mins07secs for 3rd in her age group in this race. Harley Hanrahan finished 9th in 60-64 age group with 26:45 and Beth Browde an awesome 2nd in the 65-69 age group category with 28:56.

Marine Corp Marathon – October 28th

Rich Velazquez rolled a very nice 2:43:22 in this race. The last hill got to him a bit, but a nice performance. Marc Bobrowsky ran out of fuel as he was hoping to break 3:25.00 and his PR of 3:31:00. Marc ran 3:34:28 unfortunately. Loren Miller meanwhile killed her PR of 5 hours plus with a time of 3:50:47.

Amsterdam Marathon – October 21st

On a windy day, Ana Johnson finished 16th overall female with a time of 2:44:17. Ana’s training had been pointing to a sub 2:40:00, but the wind wore her down as the race went on. This is her second time under the Olympic Marathon trials time this year. NYAC runner Jerry Faulkner, who’s been training with the team, ended up pulling out at about 10 miles unfortunately with knee pain.

Staten Island half – October 14th

I decided not to have a team in this event but Amar Kuchinad, who I coach from NYAC, ran a nice PR of 1:19:24 at 44 yrs old. Amar finished 6th in his age group.

Chicago Marathon – October 7th

Logan DeSouza ran his first sub 3 hour marathon as a Henwood Hound, finishing in 2:48:35. Benji Fages also did, with a 4min PR time of 2:49:38. Both broke their goal time of 2:50.00. Locky Trachsel at 50yrs old PR’ed by just 2 seconds with 2:57:10, winning her age group. Wow. Jennifer Naceur finished with 3:47:34 and Faith Paris Aarons then in 4:10:27.

Steamtown Marathon – October 7th

On a very hot and humid day, Myriam Coulibaly turned her marathon into a strong long run, running 3:22:40. It was pretty much the time we planned considering the weather.

Gretes 10km – Central Park – October 6th

Faye Stenning ran a strong race for second place female overall with 36mins27secs. This was on tired legs after finishing 4th in the World Spartan Championships last weekend. Laura Kirk finished 5th overall female with 40mins52secs and Harley Hanrahan ran 53mins39secs for 3rd in her age group 60-65yrs old. Great running!

Bronx 10 miler – September 30th

All the Hounds killed it today with the cooler weather after training in the humid Summer.Ana Johnson showed she’s in the best form of her life with a 5:41 pace for 4th female overall. Don Snellings also ran right on pace and a big PR with a 5:46 pace. Zareh Baghdassarian also hit his predicted pace with 5:55 pace. Then Matt Howard ran well with 6:02 pace.Theresa McCabe ran excellent with a 6:04 pace, right ahead of Indira Avila, who also killed it with a 6:05 pace. Jimmy Bonneau ran very well with a 6.11 pace.Then John Vaghi showed he’s ready for a sub 3 hour marathon in his very marathon with a 6:12 pace.Kelly De Csepel ran well with 6:22 pace. Then Jeffrey Geier and Greg Nugent doing 6:35 pace in a long run. Yao Hua Ooi showed he’s ready for a good NY Marathon with 6:36 pace and Adam Shiff made up for his horrible run in the Philly Half heat with a fast 7:01 pace. Then Caroline Plank ran her best to run a 7:09 pace and Julie Pampuch is ready for a sub 3:30 in NY with a nice 7:23 pace. Janice Kambara achieved her goal pace with 7:38 minutes per mile.Then we had Denise Jelinek (8:10 pace), Tamara Hoover (9:25 pace), Matt Moreno (9:26 pace), Nara Irigoyen (9:33 pace) and Nadia Persaud (11:49 pace)

SouthHampton Half Marathon – September 29th

Rich Velazquez and Jessica Movold ran on tired legs to run 1:18:09 and 1:34:07 respectively. Jon Abby PR’ed with 1:37:11 and Valery Charles took 6mins off her PR with 1:43:36. (her goal pace). Jacqueline Klinger ran right on her goal pace for a PR also with 1:47:00. That was a 2min PR!

Wine Glass Marathon – September 28th

Chris Hearne broke 3 hours for his first time with 2:55:47 for 31st overall!

Kurt Steiner Cross Country 5km September 16th

Matt Howard at 47yrs old finish a nice 5th overall male in this 5km with a pace of 6min09secs per mile

5th Ave Mile – September 9th

Patrick Dooley win his heat with a nice kick as he stormed in with 4:21 for the mile. Corinne Fitzgerald ran a great mile with 5:08 ahead of Indira Avila (Gabby), who rolled in with 5:13 and then back out to her long run. Amar Kuchinad ran a strong 5:03 mile after being caught mid pack and then Steven Wagshal ran a nice 5:22. Kelly De Csepel unfortunately couldn’t repeat her win of her heat from last year, as she finished about 6th in 5:25.Yao Hua Ooi then ran 5:33 and Jessica Movold was 4 seconds shy of last year with 5:40. Sarah Schultz then finished with 6:03.

Faxon Law New haven 20km – September 3rd

In very hot and humid conditions, Locky Trachsel ran a 6:44 pace for 2nd in her age group in this very competitive race.

Percy Sutton 5km – August 25th

Partick Dooley again led the way with some rocking performances in hot weather as the hounds get further into their training. Patrick ran 15:28 for 8th overall and 3rd in his age group. Christopher Wolf ran his last race in New York for a while, (moving to Florida to live) with 17:22. Then Zareh Baghdassarian ran 17:36 as his first race as a hound and took over 3mins off his best time. Excellent at that speed! Brad Vollkommer improved from his first race back with 17:55 and then Theresa McCabe PR’ed with 18:21 and winning her age group! John Vaghi also PR’ed with 18:32 and these are in hot conditions! Kelly De Csepel picked her form up with a 19:37 and then Abby Tracy ran in with 20:10. Yao Hua Ooi and Myriam Coulibaly finished with 20:24 and 20:26 respectively, as they both make good progress towards their goal marathons. Julie Pampuch and Valery Charles rounded out the results for the team, both with fantastic PR’s of 22:01 and 22:31. Awesome!

Team Championships (5 miler) – July 28

In very hot conditions,Patrick Dooley led the way for the mens team with a 5:13 pace and 5th overall in his age group. Next we had Klaus Kuorikoski, with 5:31 pace and the 2nd Master in his age group. Rich Velazquez is slowly ramping up his fitness with a 5:36 pace, as is Celebrity Mentalist – Oz Pearlman with a 5:42 pace. Alex Stolerman came in next with a 5:47 pace. Both Oz and Alex were 2nd and 3rd overall in the Brooklyn Marathon last year. Benjamin Fages then rocked in with a 5:52 pace ahead of Logan DeSouza and an out of shape Andriy Postolovskyy, who both came in with a 5:53 pace, but 15 seconds separating them. Matt Howard then came in with 5:59 pace and Adam Mulia 6:06 pace. A great come back from injury after a long lay off with his achilles – Brad Vollkommer finished with a 6:08 pace. John Vaghi then produced a 6:21 pace and Luis Corona a 6:51 pace.
The ladies produced a 5th overall placing, starting with Ana Johnson who ran 5:52 pace and 3rd in her age group, just as she starts her marathon training for Amsterdam. Indira Avila (Gabby) then finished with a 6:07 pace ahead of 49yr old Locky Trachsel, who came in with 6:23 pace and 1st in her age group. After being sick all week, Kelly De Csepel did her bit with a 6:42 pace with Jessica Movold and Abby Tracy finishing close together again with 6:47 pace and 6:49 pace respectively. On the come back – Myriam Coulibaly 6:50 pace and then Naomi Nocera, 6:58 pace and 5th in her age group.

NYRR R-U-N 5km – July 26th

While a few runners from the team ran for fun in these hot conditions, Adam Shift raced for a big PR and 3rd in his age group with a 6:41 pace.

Brooklyn R-U-N 5km – July 16th

Klaus Kuorikoski finished 8th overall and 1st Master with a time of 16:55 for the 5km.

NYRR Retro 4 miler – July 14th

Logan DeSouza finished 20th overall with a 5:43 pace in his first race as a hound. Jeffrey Geier ran 6:17 pace. Abby Tracy had her first race back in a while with a 6:47 pace. Also with 6:47 pace was Jessica Movold, only 1 second behind Abby. Both girls were 6th in their age group. Julie Pampuch is just getting back into shape with a 7:24 pace and Nadia Persuad then came in with 11:01 pace.

Achilles Hope and Possibility – June 24rd

A “getting into shape” Adam Mulia opened up with 4th Master overall and a 5:57 pace.

New York Pride Run – 5 miles – June 23rd

Rich Velazquez ran strong with 2nd in his age group and 15th overall with a 5:41 pace. On a break from training, Ana Johnson jumped in for some fun with a 2nd place overall and a 5:54 pace. Jeffrey Geier finished 4th master with a 6:22 pace next and Nadia Persuad a 11:38 pace.

Grandmas Marathon – June 16th

Jake Kaufman finished in 2:56:25 to take 25mins off his first marathon he ran in NYC last year and 60 pounds less than what he was 18 months ago. Wow! Theresa McCabe also ran under 3 hours for her first time with a 5min PR. Theresa finished in 2:58:00, taking off the last 6 miles with a strong 6:40 pace.

Queens 10km – June 16th

Petteri (Klaus) Kuorikoski placed 2nd in his age group 40-44 with 34:09 for the 10km event, for the first hound across the line. Rich Velazquez snuck under 36mins with 35:59. Then Ana Johnson, who just had time off after qualifying for the Olympic Trials, showed she’s a different runner, as she still PR’ed with 36mins27secs. Benjamin Fages ran close to his PR with 37:09 in his first race for the team. Adam Mulia finally did a shorter race and ran 37:13, which wasn’t bad considering he hasn’t raced much over the shorter distance for years. Alex Stolerman missed the start and just tempo’ed with a 37:47. Corinne Fitzgerald ran a nice 38:45 on limited training. Locky Trachsel equaled her Healthy Kidney pace with 38:52 and winning her age group 45-49. Jeffrey Geier ran 39:42 and kelly De Csepel on very limited training ran 40:32. Alessia Pedoto then came in with 46:17 and Tamara Hoover then 9:11 pace. Julie Pampuch just ran as training.

Mini 10km – June 10th

As this race wasn’t a points race this year, we only had a few runners. Julie Pampuch, is who improving rapidly, ran a nice PR by 1min with a 6:53 pace. Naomi Nocera finished 3rd on her age group 45-49, with a 7:02 pace. Valery Charles ran a PR 7:59 pace after having her foot stood on at mile 3, which ended in a broken toe. But she still ran another 3 miles for a PR! Tamara Hoover then ran 9:15 pace.

Italy 5 miler – June 3rd

At 49yrs old, Locky Trachsel finished 3rd female overall and winning her age group with a 6:16 pace. Yao Hua Ooi ran a nice 6:37 pace. Tamara Hoover also raced it and ran a 9:06 pace. A few others did the race as training for the nine plus one to qualify for the NYC Marathon.

Ottawa Marathon – May 27

After having to pull out of the Rotterdam Marathon 5 days before the race, because of her little boy being in hospital and then 2 weeks later pulling out the Boston Marathon at mile 19th with hypothermia, Ana Johnson’s strong determination and physical strength paid off as she qualified for the 2020 OlYMPIC TRIALS with 2:43:07, finishing 7th female overall. Ana sat right on the 2:45:00 standard before unleashing a 5:58 mile pace for the last 6 miles.

Brooklyn Half Marathon – May 19th

Not the nicest of days with plenty of rain at the start of the event. Rich Velazquez was the first Hound home in 1:14:36. Don Snellings also ran at this pace, but unfortunately slipped and fell as he left Prospect Park at mile 7 and ended up with a fractured ankle and tore ligaments. Alex Stolerman, who ran a Marathon 3 weeks before, just ran training pace and then tempo’ed for the last 10km,to finish in 1:20:12. Luis Corona then finished in 1:22:32 and Grace Doramus finished in 1:23:08 to be about a minute of her PR. Locky Trachsel ran a nice 1:23:47 for 3rd in her age group and Corinne Fitzgerald 1:26:28. Chris Wolf just took it as a training run with 1:26:47 and Laura Heintz came in with 1:28:29. Yao Hua Ooi ran pretty well with limited training, finishing in 1:31:17, picking it up in the last 6 miles. Naomi Nocera then 1:34:21, while Caroline Plank PR’ed with 1:35:12. Next came Jimmy Bonneau with 1:35:51 and then Julie Pampuch ran under 1:40 for the first time with 1:38:37. Valery Charles also had a well deserved PR, with 1:49:58. Then we had Faith Paris (1:51:43), Andrew Saunders, (1:59:03), Matt Moreno (2:04:23) and Nara Irigoyen (2:08:01). Runners on a plan, but not on the team – Meaghan Fitgerald (North Brooklyn Runners) PR’ed by over 3mins with 1:34:04 and Amar Kuchinad (NYAC) finished with a strong 1:20:52.

Japan Run – 4 miler – Central Park

Matt Howard ran a PR 5:50 pace for this race which would normally place him in his age group at 47yrs old. But it was hotly contested in the 45-49yr old age group and he finished 5th.

Eugene Marathon – April 29th

Alex Stolerman went out a little too fast and had to take a bathroom break, but still managed to PR with 2:53:27. He was ready for closer to 2:45, but the race didn’t go his way. Still…a PR is a PR. Jehan Marino finished in 3:41:19, which was just off her PR, but she was very happy with the performance.

New Jersey Marathon and Half Marathon – April 29th

Both Shai Tambor and Valery Charles Pr’ed today in nice conditions. Shai Tambor took 20mins off his best time to run 3:19:30 in the Marathon, to hit his goal time and qualify for Boston. Valery Charles ran 1:50:34 for a small, but much needed PR in the half Marathon event.

Long Island Half Marathon – April 29th

Adam Mulia finished with 1:20:40 for 16th male overall and 2nd master. Theresa McCabe finished 5th female overall and winning her age group with 1:24:51. Then Adam Shiff ran a nice 4min PR with 1:33:17 and finishing 4th in his age group.

UAE Healthy Kidney 10km – April 29th

Patrick Dooly ran a strong race to run 32mins30secs. NYAC runner Jerry Faulkner, who trains with the Hounds finished next in 32mins45secs. Andrew Pitts then ran 35mins04secs with then Brad Vollkommer having his first race in about 18 months for 37mins31secs. Matt Howard then ran 38mins07sec for a nice team performance by the Mens team for 6th place. Locky Trachsel PR’ed with 38mins52secs and 2nd in her age group. Jimmy Bonneau then came in with 41mins43secs and Meaghan Fitzpatrick (North Brooklyn Runners) PR’ed by a couple of minutes with 42mins57secs. Like Locky, Janice Kamara also finished 2nd in her age group with 46mins04secs.

London Marathon – April 22nd

In the heat of 70 degrees at the start to 75 degrees at the finished both Amar Kuchinard (3:04:42) and Giuliana Coli (3:18:08) ran exceptionally well with their slowest kilometer being only 5 seconds slower than their fastest Kilometer. Although Giuliana ran a PR, both runners were about 8mins off their goal time because of the heat.

Boston Marathon – April 16th

In horrendously cold and windy conditions, with a head wind of 26 miles per hour in the face of the athletes the entire way, 3 athletes PR’ed in the training group. First off, Charles Lynch ran 2:42:34 for a nice PR and top 200 finish. Andriyy Postolovskyy then finished in 2:58:49 after being on track for a sub 2:45 and then getting too cold and hypothermic and slowing right down. Matt Howard finished next in 3:04:56. Then Dana Morgan ran a nice 6min PR with a time of 3:17:58. She was soon Followed by Rebecca Stepler who PR’ed by 3mins with 3:18:57. Chris Schuville was next with 3:21:20 and then David Fanfan in 3:28:44. Along with Chris and David, Tara Murphy also found the going tough and just missed her PR, to run 3:32:48. Alessia Pedoto ran a nice controlled race for 3:45:22, which she was satisfied with considering she hates the cold.

Shape Women’s Half Marathon – April 15th

Julie Pampuch finished just outside her PR with 1hr40mins40secs. She will be looking to PR on an easier course like the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Jacqueline Klinger was also just outside her PR with a time of 1hr50mins39secs. Denise Jelinek finished next with 1hr50mins55secs and then Faith Paris in 1hr52mins08secs.

NYC Half Marathon – March 18th

On a tougher course than previous years, Matt Gillespie was the first Hound across the line in 1:09:06 with limited training. Rich Velazquez then finished in 1:16:27 to make the top 8 in his age group. Ana Johnson PR’ed with 1:18:09 and finished 4th in her age group. Charles Lynch ended up right behind his PR with 1:18:58. Then Max Jahn came across the line in 1:19.14. Matthew Howard had another strong age group performance with 1:21:03 and 6th in his age group. Theresa McCabe finished right behind her best with 1:23:44, as she will be chasing sub 3 hours for the Grandmas Marathon in June. Amar Kuchinad (NYAC) ran an awesome 1:23:45, as he gets ready to try and break 3 hours for his first time with the London Marathon. Luis Corona was next in 1:24:30. Talented run Sheila Monaghan finished with 1:24:38, as she now takes a break to start training for The Lake Placid Ironman.Grace Doramus ran well on limited training with 1:24:41. And 49yr old Locky Trachsel won her age group with 1:26:45, not fully fit. John Vaghi sped to a 11min PR with 1:26:56. Wow! Then Mile High Run Club Coach Jess Movold PR’ed with 1:29:18. David Fanfan (CPTC) finished with 1:32:29. Shai Tambor crushed it with a 7min PR with 1:32:40. Nice! The every busy Laura Kirk showed up for a 1:34:47. Caroline Plank smashed 9mins of her PR with 1:36:11. Jimmy Bonneau finished with 1:37:11. Adam Shift ran a solid 3min PR with 1:37:25. Jeb Singer has hamstring issues, coming across in 1:37:32.Francesca Audia PR’ed with 1:38.36. Alisa Stern 1:39:41, Yao Hua Ooi 1:40:00,running just for fun. Julie Pampuch was right behind her PR with 1:41:18. Janice Kambara 1:41:36 on limited training. It was too cold for Alessia Pedoto, as she ran 1:46:27 with a cold. Jacqueline Klinger PR’ed by 7mins with 1:49:37. Marissa Kraft ran on pace with a finishing time of 1:54:53. Harley Hanrahan ran 1:57:13 as a solid long run. Matthew Moreno and Tamara Hoover finished with 2:01:37 and 2:07:07 respectively.

RNR Washington DC Half Marathon – March 10th

Alex Stolerman smashed 6 minutes off his best half marathon time with a fast 1:18:19. Kelly de Csepel ran as a training run in 1:31:40 and Jehan Marino had tired legs, as she finished in 1:50:08.

Coogans 5km – March 4th

Jerry Faulkner (NYAC) improved over his last two races with a 15:53 or 5:07 pace per mile. Patrick Dooley started off his season with 15:54 for 5km and 7th in his age group. Richard Velazquez ran a strong 16:41 to be 6th in his age group. Matthew Howard was also 6th with a PR 17:21. Not bad for 47yrs old and only running for 3 years after being an excellent cyclist. Indira Avila ran 18:15 for 13th overall and although she beat the actual winner of the race a week ago in the 3,000m’s, she didn’t handle the the 3 distance races in 3 weeks. Theresa McCabe is constantly improving after giving birth last year. Theresa ran close to a PR, with a time of 18:34 and also 6th in her age group. Right behind her was Sheila Monaghan in 18:36, who ended up 3rd in her age group. Jonathan Marlow ran a nice 6:08 pace. Sarah Schultz 7:17 pace, Liz Saxon is back with a 7:54 pace, then Jimmy Bonneau and Marissa Kraft with a 8:12 pace and Matt Moreno – 8:57 pace.

NYCRUNS Central Park Half Marathon – February 25th

Dana Morgan PR’ed by a huge 14 minutes to finish 2nd overall female with a time of 1:31:09. Fantastic run!

Urban Athletics Track Meet -February 24th

Indira Avila again PR’ed over 3,000m’s, taking a further 6 seconds off her best time that she ran a week ago, to run 10mins flat and winning the race with a scorching 32.6sec last 200m’s.

Tokyo Marathon – February 24th

Don Snellings chopped a massive 45mins of his Marathon time with a fast time of 2:44:18 to break his goal time of 2:45:00. Yes… his previous best marathon was 3:29:30.Wow!

Al Gordon 4 miler – February 24th

Jerry Faulkner (NYAC) ran a solid 5.14 pace. Andriyy Postolovskyy PR’ed with a 5:30 pace and 4th in his age group. Jacqueline Klinger smashed her 4 mile PR with a 7:51 pace! Her previous best was an 8:23 pace back in 2016.

Princeton Track meet – February 17th

Indira Avila finished 3rd in the 3,000m’s with a PR time of 10min06secs, to be only 4 seconds of the leaders.

NYRR Gridiron 4M – February 4th

Jerry Faulkner (NYAC) opened up after a long injury with a 5:15 pace. Alex Stolerman was the first hound across the line with a PR 4 miler time off 22mins37secs for a 5:41 pace per mile. Then Ana Johnson also PR’ed over the 4 mile distance with 22min49secs and a 5:45 pace per mile. Ana was 5th female overall and 2nd in her age group. Kelly De Csepel ran well with a 5:57 pace to be 6th overall and 3rd in her age group.Kaccie Li then also Pr’ed with a 6:34 pace and Jimmy Bonneau finished with a 7:15 pace.

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