2019 Results

California International Marathon (CIM)

Kobi Goodwin ran a strong PR with 2:46:29 to break 2:50 for the first time. Satoko Highstein also PR’ed with 3:34:12. This bettered her PR by 10mins.

NYC Marathon – November 3rd

Another awesome Marathon day with gorgeous weather and incredibly personal results from the Hounds, which resulted in 15PR’s. Celebrity Mentalist, Oz Pearlman was the first Hound to finish with 2:32:47, which was certainly faster than he thought he would run. Andrea Fraquelli then came across the line in 2:33:47. Logan Michael ran a huge 9min PR with 2:39:04. Next was Rich Velazquez with 2:44:33 and then Jake Kaufman with a 3min PR of 2:45:01. Carlson Rainer whacked 8mins off his PR with 2:47:55 and Mike Balz lowered his PR by 4mins with 2:48:20. Jason Martuscello finished with his first time Marathon with 2:54:32 and Yao Hua Ooi broke 3 hours with a 9min PR, running 2:59:56. Patrick Fogarty ran for fun after running Berlin and ran just over 3 hours with 3:00:17. Jimmy Bonneau just missed out on breaking 3 hours with 3:01.44. Grace Doramus finally got to the line for her first Marathon, running only 4 days per week and finishing in an outstanding 3:04:01. Laura Kirk ended up 2mins behind Grace with 3:06:17 and Alex Freedman claimed his whooping goal of sub 3:10, with 3:08:47 and knocking 29mins off his PR. Liesje Hodgson lowered her Marathon time with a 3:15:35, which was a 10min PR. Jon Abby then ran a 16min PR with 3:18:10 and then Diane Carter finished in 3:20:32 after running Chicago 3 weeks before. Melissa Reichman PR’ed by 29mins with 3:21:04, followed closely be Anne Wechsler, who PR’ed by 28mins with 3:21:15. Daniel Burko then PR’ed with 3:22:58 after his PR in Chicago 3 weeks ago! Adam Mulia made an attendance with 3:24:05. Sheila Monaghan ran for kicks to finish in 3:26:43 and Julie Pampuch snuck under 3:30 for her first time with 3:28:57 for a 3min PR. Jon Cole then finished in 3:29:04 and Jeff Geier then ran 3:32:25. James Oh had stomach issues and ran 3:33:17. Steve Wagshal finished with 3:37:24. Micaela Boles lowered her PR by 23mins with 3:39:44. Jacqueline Klinger slaughtered my prediction and ran an incredible 3:49:27 to take 12mins off PR. Liz Saxon got it done with 4:25:23 which is an accomplishment in itself, as we didn’t even know she would get to the start line.

Chicago Marathon – October 13th

Fantastic weather and 9PR’s from the Hounds in Chicago this year . Chris Wolf needed up the first Hound across the line with a 2:42:10 and a 1min PR. Then Zareh Baghdassarian finished strong with a 2:43:19 and a 5min PR. Kelly De Csepel ran one of her fastest marathons of 2:47:45 which was less than 3mins from the Olympic Trials standard. Chris Hearne then PR’ed by 3mins with a 2:54.11. Laura Heintz PR’ed with 2:55:58. Then John Vaghi broke 3 hours for his first time with 2:59:07. Next we had Adam Shiff, who PR’ed by over 6mins with 3:07:52 and Diane Carter with a nice 6min PR of 3:09:26. Eric Bonderud lowered around 20mins off his PR with 3:19:33 and then Daniel Burko went under 3:30 for his first time, finishing in 3:24:12. Valery Charles finished in 3:45:29, which was a solid performance after running the Berlin Marathon just two weeks ago and Faith Paris Aarons ran 4:13:53 after suffering from Mild Bronchitis in the last week before the race .

Berlin Marathon – October 29th

Patrick Fogarty was the first Hound to finish in Berlin with a 30min PR, running 2:51:50! Then Carolina Pena ran 2:52:51 off just 7 weeks solid training. Jeremy Kaminer snuck under 3 hours with 2:59:48. Sworupa Khadka (Swoops) then finished with 3:06:20, which was her fastest in a long time. Myriam Coulibaly managed to wind up her training right at the end to PR buy less than 1min with 3:09:05. Amar Kuchinad ran a nice 3:09:36 not long after his Ultra 100 miler in August. Suzanne Cover then took over 30mins of her PR with 3:17:41. Dan Heasman was next with 3:25:42 and Valery Charles finished with 3:51:04 after having hamstring issues .

Bronx 10 Miles – September 29th

Logan DeSouza ran a strong ran with a 5:40 pace , to show he’s ready to break 2:40 for NYC Marathon . Matthew Howard also ran a great race to be the second Hound to finish with a 5:54 pace and 5th in his age group, being 48 years old. Mike Balz ran a 6.08 pace with Brad Vollkommer showing an awesome return to running with a 6:13 pace. Jimmy Bonneau came in next with a 6:17 pace a few seconds ahead of Indira Avila (Gabby), also at a 6:17 pace. Andrew Postolovsky ran as a training run with a 6:21 pace and Yao Hua Ooi ran a nice PR with a 6:26 pace. 5 seconds behind Yao finished Liesje Hodgson and then Grace Doramus another 7 seconds back with a 6:27 pace. Laura Kirk then ran a 6:29 pace and then Alex Stolerman hopped in for a 6:29 pace training run . This was his last 10 miles of a 20 miler. Jeffery Geier ran a 6:32 pace and Alex Freedman forgot to eat his carbs the night before and bonked with a 6:50 pace. Tiffany Golden-Stone ran a great race with a 6:53 pace next ahead of Warren Teichner, who killed his PR with a 6:55 pace, while Diane Carter ran Marathon pace effort for Chicago in two weeks time with a 7:09 pace. Melissa Reichman showed her continued improvement with a 7:11 pace and Leslie Lillo also ran solid with a 7:15 pace PR. Julie Pampuch Pr’ed also with a 7:17 pace and then we had Adam Mulia ( 7:40 pace) , Micaela Boles ( 7:46 pace) and Brian Power (8.05 pace).

Team Championships – July 27th

The paces picked up for the Team Champs with some great performances . Patrick Dooley was the first hound across the line with a 5:23 pace . Then Alex Stolerman ran out of his tree with an awesome performance for him. Alex ran a 5:26 pace to beat last year by about 90secs. Andrea Fraquelli battled it out with Alex to run a 5:27 pace with just 5 seconds separating the two at the finish . Like Alex , Don Snellings also ran a PR, with a 5:36 pace . Klaus Kuorikoski ran his last race as a hound, finishing 1st in his age group with a 5:38 pace. Klaus now sadly moves back to Finland . Matt Howard had a great performance with a PR 5 miler , (5:48 pace) and 3rd in his age group . Logan DeSouza unfortunately could only run for fun, after a cold . But he still did a nice 5:49 pace for the team . Faye Stenning finished the first female across the line from the team with a 5:49 pace and 5th in her age group. This was after 2 hours of running in the mountains the day before . Beast! Zareh Baghdassarian ran a solid 5:52 pace next and then Kelly De Csepel finished 4th in her age group with also a 5:52 pace. John Vaghi hit a big PR with a 5:56 pace . Awesome ! Then we had Jake Kaufman who needs his assed kicked with a 6:01 pace. Brad Volkommer ran a nice 6:07 pace , while Indira Avila (Gabby) managed a 6:09 pace on limited training . Corinne Fitzgerald then followed with a 6:12 pace after two weeks off running and just running the day before . Patrick Fogarty is learning how to push himself with a 6:16 pace and then Liesje Hodgson rocked a nice 6:18 pace PR. Suzanne Cover also PR’ed easy with a 6:22 pace and then we had Laura Kirk finish with a 6:26 pace. Tiffany Golden-Stone (6:43 pace) , Isabel Villalba (6:45 pace) Myriam Coulibaly (6:49 pace), Julie Pampuch (7:21 pace) Adam Mulia ( 7:33 pace) Val Charles (7:52 pace) Liz Saxon (8:26 pace) , Jacqueline Klinger ( 9min pace) and Luis Corona ( 9:32 pace ) were next in line.

Retro 4 miler – July 13th

Faye Stenning finished 1st female across the line with a 5:51 pace! Conor Twomey showed he’s getting into shape with a 5:49 pace, which was a nice PR for him!. Conor was 3rd in his age group . Jeffrey Geier ran a 6:12 pace and 6th in his age group. Then we had Julie Pampuch and Ranna Smith who finished with 7.44 pace and 8.26 pace respectively .

LGBT Pride 5 miler – June 29th

Nice running from the team on a very hot day. Patrick Dooley finished up 2nd in his age group with a 5:23 pace . Alex Stolerman was next with a 5:41 pace and 7th in his age group. Don Snellings then came in with a 5:49 pace and 2nd in his age group . Rich Velazquez then followed with a 5:52 pace and 3rd n his age group. I was next after 20 months without racing and hit a 5:53 pace , winning my age group . Locky Trachsel also won her age group with a 6:41 pace. Then we had Daniel Burko with another fine performance with a 6:53 pace , Herbert Smith (6.54 pace), Yao Hua Ooi ( 6:56 pace) , Alex Freedman (7.09 pace) , Greg Nugent ( 7:20 pace) , Jimmy Bonneau ( 8:02 pace) , Valery Charles ( 8.07 pace) , Liz Saxon ( 8.39 pace) and last , but not least ,Harley Hanrahan – 8.49 pace and 4th in her age group .

Achilles Hope and Possibility 5 miler – June 23rd</h4
Greg Nugent tempoed a 6:42 pace. Herbert and Ranna Smith finished with a 6:54 and 9:46 pace respectively .

Queens 10k – June 15th

Andrea Fraquelli ran 34:02 for first hound to across the line. Alex Stolerman PR’ed with 34:44. He battled it out with Don Snellings, who stopped for a 10sec rest with one mile to go, but still managed 34:45. Don equalled his PR and finished 5th in his age group. Matt Howard 6th in his age group with 36:47. Dustin Shahidehpour then smashed his PR with 38:35 , followed by Jeffrey Geier in 38:52, then new hound runner Patrick Fogarty (39:14), Grace Doramus ( 39:29) , Laura Kirk (40:03), Tiffany Golden-Stone (41:23), Yao Hua Ooi (41:49), Greg Nugent (42:12) and Daniel Burko, hitting a big PR of 42:25, continuing his good form. Julie Pampuch also got a big PR with 44:25! Leslie Lillo , Micaela Boles , Brian Power and Tamara Hoover were next and last from the team to finish with 46:12, 47:09, 48:52 and 56:03 respectively .

NYRR New York Mini 10km – June 8th

Lin-Marie Salvato ran a nice 10k PR with a 6min39secs pace . Courtney Grill is back running well with an 8.19 pace , while Tamara Hoover and Ranna Smith finished with 9.27 and 9.55 pace respectively .

Italy Run 5 miler – June 2nd

Matt Howard picked up 1st place in his age group of 45-49yrs old with a 5:55 pace. Jeffrey Geier ran a solid 6:22 pace for 7th in his age group . Tiffany Golden-Stone was 2nd in her age group with a 6:42 pace and then we had Jimmy Bonneau , Shai Tambor and Michaela Clary, who all ran 6:42, 6:43 and 7:36 pace respectively .

Brooklyn Half Marathon – May 18th

First Hound across the line was Andrea Fraqueli with 1:13:51 . Don Snellings PR’ed with 1:16.07. Next we had Rich Velazquez with 1:17:49 and Theresa McCabe running 1:20 flat. Chris Hearne ran a super race with 1:21:40. As did Corinne Fitzgerald with 1:21:42 off very light training . Greg Nugent ran very solid with 1:23:20 after missed training as well . Grace Doramus hit 1:24:43 also off light training , while Conor Twomey just joined the team for 1:24:49 before he gets into shape. Locky Trachsel finished 5th in her age group on tired legs with 1:26:51. Laura Kirk ran he best in 6-7 years with a 1:27. Then we had Max Jahn and Herbert Smith with 1:27:54 and 1:28:24 and Yao Hua Ooi ran a nice 1:28:30 , which hit is goal on limited training . Jimmy Bonneau , Adam Mulia , Luis Corona and Alex Freedman all ran 1:29:14, 1:29:32, 1:29:59 and 1:30:00 respectively . All 4 are not on a training program right now. Daniel Burko then hit a nice PR with 1:31:13. Tiffany Golden-Stone also ran well with 1:32:11 and Jeffery Geier then hit 1:32.56. Naomi Nocera ran a nice 1:37:38 while Julie Pampuch ran a nice 2min PR with 1:38:18 , as she keeps improving. Ann Powers jumped in for a 1:38:51 and then Melissa Reichman hit her goal of sub 1:40, with a 12min PR , running 1:39:40. Brian Power continued his good form with 1:39:46 and then Andrea Larsen (1:41:03) , Mary Darling (1:48:45) , Faith Paris ( 1:53:04), Liz Saxon ( 2:00:04) , Tamara Hoover (2:03:46) and Andrew Saunders (2:05:01) rounded out the last 6.

Japan Run 4 miler – May 12th

Mary Cain finished 1st female across the line and 5th in the entire race, with a 5:28 pace for this event . It was her first race in over 2 years. Greg Nugent just ran upbeat for a 7:02 pace.

UAE Healthy Kidney 10km – April 28th

Don Snellings just missed his PR with 34:54 for the 10km distance. Kelly De Csepel finished 3rd in her age group with 36:27 and not far off her PR as well. Theresa McCabe also ran in the 36’s with 36:53 and Shiela Monaghan hit a huge PR with 36:56. Zareh Baghdassarian then Pr’ed with 37:10 , followed by Chris Hearne (38:32) Jeff Geier (39:30), Jimmy Bonneau ( 39:39), and Brian Power with an awesome PR of 43:12. Julie Pampuch (47:52), Countney Grill ( 52:38) and Ranna Smith (64:03) were next across the line.

Run for Clean Air 10km in Philadelphia – April 20th

Daniel Salvato, who I coach for the NYAC finished 3rd with a new PR of 37:37 for the 10km distance . It was a PR by over 3mins.

Larry Ellis Princeton Invitation – April 20th

Indira Avila (Gabby) won her heat and finished 6th overall in the 1,500m’s today with a PR of 4mins43secs.

Boston Marathon – April 16th

Amazing day for the Hounds in Boston! Chris wolf gutted out 2:46:22 to be first of the team across the line . Jake Kaufman PR’ed by 9mins to be a minute behind , in 2:47:28. The Mike Balz did a 4min PR with 2:52:42. Locky Trachsel then PR’ed and won the 50-55yr wolf age group with 2:55:24. An incredible time! Amar Kuchinad (NYAC) ran really well on limited training for 3:02:18. Heather Ritz then ran a 5min PR with 3:22:37. Daniel Burko ran a 3min PR of 3:30:59 and Shai Tambor turned it into a long run with the warmer weather for 3:35:20.

Shape Women’s Half – April 15th

A couple of come backs to racing today from Tiffany Golden-Stone (1:35:43) and Courtney Grill (1:56:20) on this warmish day in New York . Was to go ladies!

NYC RUNS Queens Half – April 14th

Dustin Shahidehpour went out a bit stressed and fast for the first 4-5 miles and ended up with more of a long run pace of 1:31:45. Good learning experience .

Sam Howell Princeton Invite – April 6th

Indira Avila (Gabby) finished in 13th place in the 5km at this meet with a time of 17.36

LA Marathon – March 24th

Julie Pampuch finished very excited with a 11min PR to run 3:32:27.Julie ran out of fuel in the NYC Marathon, 6 months ago, after a stressful work week leading up to that Marathon. This time her prep was spot on and she was rewarded.

NYC Half Marathon – March 17th

An awesome day for the Hounds with 13 runners running incredible PR’s. Alex Stolerman was first from the team across the line with 1:16:09, which included a 30secs bathroom break and still ran a PR by over 2mins . Jake Kaufmann was next with a 1min PR of 1:18:08. Logan DeSouza, who’s currently not on a training plan, still just missed his PR by 4 secs, with 1:18:17. Mike Balz finished with a solid PR by over 3mins with 1:18:30 and is looking great for the Boston Marathon. Rich Velazquez didn’t have such a good day in the office with 1:19:11, but will figure that out. Zareh baghdassarian then knocked 4mins off his PR with 1:20:11. Greg Nugent PR’ed by about the same with 1:21:16. Right behind Greg was John Vaghi with a nice 3min PR of 1:21:17. Then Locky Trachsel just missed her PR by 7 secs with 1:22:34 and also looks great for Boston. She was 2nd in her age group. Matt Howard finished with 1:23:02 and Colin Riendeau with 1:23:05. Luis Corona also ran under 1:24 with 1:23:55. Chris Hearne just used the run as a tempo with 1:24:27 and actually just off his PR. Sheila Monaghan ran her revised time goal after some calf issues during the training with 1:24:28. Paul Moreton ran a 3min PR with 1:25:03. Don Snellings just ran as a long run with 1:26:15. The Liesje Hodgson put down a nice 4min PR with 1:26:40. Jimmy Bonneau finished with 1:28:51 and Shai Tambor PR’ed by a few minutes with 1:28:53. Right behind Shai finished Adam Shift with a 4min PR of 1:29:06. Yao Hua Ooi ran his goal of 1:29:50 with limited training . Then we had Max Jahn ( 1:30:00) and Corinne Fitzgerald (1:31:35) who just ran as a long run. Meaghan Fitzpatrick (NBR) PR’ed by over 1min and just missed breaking 1:30 with 1:30:40secs. Daniel Burko also PR’ed by 1min with 1:33:34. Leslie Lillo then PR’ed with a 3min PR and a time of 1:38:23. Andrea Larson ran as training with 1:47:34 and poor Val Charles ended up in the medical tent after a 1:53:22, suffering from hypothermia. She’s happily ok and in much better shape.

Tokyo Marathon – March 3rd

Carolina Pena rocked Tokyo in the pouring rain with 2:49:03, to finish 39th female overall and 3rd in her age group at 45 years young. She ran a 2min PR and had been back for 14 weeks, after 18 months off with achilles pain . She has a shot at representing Chile in a World Championship or Olympic Marathon if she improves like this. Its all about being healthy. David Fanfan ran 3:14:04 to be 4mins outside his PR, which was a great race considering Davids training not going 100% to plan.

Washington Heights 5K – March 3rd

Rich Velazquez ran home first for the team with a 16:48 time. Then Brad Volkommer ran strong again with 17:42. Theresa McCabe performed outstanding , taking 35 secs of her best ever 5km to run 17:46 and first female Hound home. Mike Balz hit a 17:57 in the middle of his long run , as he trains for Boston and then Kelly De Csepel won her age group with 18:10 showing another consistent and strong performance . Greg Nugent then looked good with 18:20 and Matt Howard showed he’s been getting back into shape with 18:29. Locky Trachsel ran a great race for her over the shorter distance, with 19:05 and 2nd in her age group. Liesje Hodgson ran an awesome 19:16, to show she’s ready for a PR in the NYC Half and Harry Smith also ran well with a 6:33 pace.

NYRR Al Gordon 4 miler – February 23rd

Alex Stolerman finished with a solid 5th in his age group with a 5:53 pace , as he continues his good training. Dustin Shahidehpour showed huge improvement with a 6:14 pace, showing he’s callable of breaking 3 hours in the Providence Marathon in May. Harry Smith also ran very well with 6:31 pace and Leslie Lillo smashed her best , breaking 7min pace for her first time with a 6:53 pace.

Fastrack Invitational – February 9th

Indira Avila ran a strong 10:05 for 3km.

NYRR Gridiron 4 miler – February 3rd

Kelly De Csepel finished in the top 3 in her age group again with 3rd in a 5:51 pace. Nice run by Kelly! Greg Nugent also ran exceptionally well with a 5:53 pace, as did John Vaghi (6:13 pace). Locky Trachsel was next with a solid 6:13 pace and then Sarah Schultz with 7:15 pace.

Long Beach Snow Flake 4 miler – February 2nd

Theresa McCabe finished 1st female home in a lightning 23:30. Very fast for Theresa . Improving every race.

NYC Dill Invitational – February 1st

Indira Avila (Gabby) ran 17:38 for 5km in this indoor track meet for 2nd place .

Naples Half Marathon – Florida – January 20th

Carolina Pena came back from 18 months off to join me for 8 weeks and run a strong 1:21:04 for 4th overall female and 1st masters female at 44 years old. She ran it in 70 degrees and picked up $750 for her troubles .

Benji Fages ran over a 4min PR for the Marathon with a time of 2:45:21. Fantastic race from Benji.

Joe Kleinerman 10K – January 5th

Ana Johnson won the race in the female category and PR’ed in a time of 36:07.Kelly De Csepel finished 4th overall and 3rd in her age group with 38:21. The only other female from the team was Val Charles who finished with a 8:16 pace and out of shape for her. Don Snellings was the first guy home from the team with 35:50 for 10km. Zareh Baghdassarian ran 6:11 pace followed by Chris Hearne with 6:23 pace and Shai Tambor at 6:49 pace. Then John Vaghi ran 6:52 pace , Harry Smith (6:55 pace) and Dustin Shahidehpour had his first race with the team and finished with a 7:20 pace . Marc Bobrowsky wanted to make up his 9+1 with a 7:43 pace.

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