Adam Mulia (Urban Athletics)

Adam Mulia
Adam Mulia

Chicago Marathon 2007

“I ran my first marathon (NYC) in 2002 in a time of 3:30:46 on very little training. After this humbling experience I was determined to push my body to the limits. I joined a group at a local Manhattan track where the mantra was “train hard”. What I realized after a slew of mediocre improvements and injuries was that one needs to train smart to win.

My training with John began in May of 2007, six months before the Chicago Marathon, my goal race. As a very disciplined runner I was impressed with John’s almost militant approach to my training. Always punctual, always within reach via email or phone, he has been the supportive coach I had been looking for.

My training for Chicago left me satisfied, injury free, and ready to go. I placed 74th in a time of 2:43:33* on a day with temperatures reaching close to 90 degrees amongst an world class field of 35,000 participants. I was proud to finish 3rd for the state of NY.

If you are looking for a coach to take you to the next level and blow away your competition look no further.”

Adam would have blown away that time on a cooler day. –JH