Anne Wechsler

Without a coach, my fastest marathon was 3:45. I wondered if I could hit a BQ but was injured. I began working with Coach John so I could safely make a BQ attempt and after my first plan, I ran a 3:21 in the NYC marathon (BQing by 9mins!). Then came a 1:28 half marathon and in December 2022, I ran at 3:11 at CIM. I am so grateful to have Coach John in my corner – also for strength, stretching and tackling ‘would-be’ injuries before they start to become an issue. As well as sneaker advice—he’s the best.

Also, running with the Henwoods Hounds team is the gift that keeps on giving. We are each others’ biggest cheerleaders. Having a group of friends waiting for you at 6:30am when it’s 20 or 87 degrees never hurts!