Ashna Chopra, NYC Marathon 2016

ashna-chopra-nyc-marathonI came to John four and a half months before the NYC Marathon, only being able to run for 30 minutes straight. He gave me this intense 7 day a week plan. It included running, speed work, cardio at the gym, strength training. I turned into a crazy person. I trained wherever I travelled: Delhi, Florence, Milan, Barcelona, Lisbon. I thought John was insane and I was following him like a true devotee. Our goal was to just be able to run this race, it was not about pace, it was not about speed, it was to get through this race, successfully. I also ran for Fred’s team, and raised $13,150 for cancer.

I ran my first marathon with a huge smile on my face, I had my food plan, my water plan and my pace bracelet that I had marked with hills. After mile 20, I could hear John say, tear it up if you have the extra energy. Well I did.

I did the race 8 mins better than I thought, and I didn’t hit any wall. I soaked up all the energy that the New Yorkers gave me. I high-fived all the kids, just had a great time. I ran 4:52:12.

And yes, I have qualified to do next year’s race with 9+1. Next year, we work on time. :)

Thanks John for the most amazing experience that I could imagine.