Chris Wolf, Chicago Marathon 2016

Chris Wolf I reached out to John at the start of the year with the goal of running sub 3hrs in the Chicago Marathon and qualifying for the 2018 Boston Marathon. I knew this was within my potential, but if I was going to put in the required effort I wanted to make sure I had professional guidance along the way. John stood out to me because he has not only competed at the highest level in the Olympic Games in Athens, but he also has had great success coaching both amateur and Olympic athletes.

John tailored a plan that was specific to my ability and level of fitness and that also worked with my schedule. Month-by-month the plan evolved as my running improved. It took just 5 months of training with John to post a 7-minute PR at the Brooklyn Half, and since then my race times have continued to drop across all distances while my confidence has skyrocketed. My Chicago Marathon goal time dropped to 2hr 50min and I ultimately crossed the finish line in 2:48:56 with a very strong final 10k.

After 9 months of training with John I’ve progressed further and faster than I ever thought was possible. Having faith in John’s plan while staying injury-free has transformed me into a stronger, faster, more efficient and more confident runner. I look forward to continuing to work with him on achieving all of my future goals, including toeing the line in Boston in 2018!