Locky Trachsel, Boston Marathon 2016


lockyI started training with John in January 2016, with a goal of improving my PR time of 3hr04mins13secs. At age 47, I was not sure of how much time I could shave off this. I was also concerned about injuring myself if I ran too much. After 2 months of training with John, I ran a 5km PR of 18mins20secs and then soon after a Half Marathon PR at the NYC Half of 1hr22mins26secs. I then improved my marathon time by 7mins in the Boston Marathon, running 2hr57mins12secs on a very warm day. I was the top New York female finisher of the day. I felt good the whole race and was able to finish strong. John kept me injury free throughout the training cycle, despite the fact that I was running more mileage and more days each week than I ever had before.