Myriam Coulibaly, Atlantic City Marathon 2016

My first marathon win! With John’s help I was able to PR and finish first female overall at the 2016 Atlantic City Marathon.

After completing the 2016 Big Sur Marathon, having trained for it using an off-the-shelf plan, I knew I wanted to return to more personalized coaching. My training had been tarnished with overuse injuries and I was losing enthusiasm. I was introduced to John in June 2016 by a friend who had recently joined Henwood’s Hounds. I needed a plan that had flexibility and variety, in order to fit into my busy schedule and not get bored with the workouts. John provided me with a comprehensive plan that not only included an assortment of workouts, but also emphasized strength training. To my surprise, despite lower weekly mileage I could feel my strength and speed increasing. In under 6 months, I was able to achieve a 9 minute PR in the marathon as well as run my fastest mile ever (5:33)!

With John, not only have my times improved, but I have also had the benefit of joining a team. Being a part of the Henwood Hounds has made training more fun. From group training sessions to races to team dinners, I have had the opportunity to meet, connect and interact with runners from all walks of life.

Overall my experience with John has been great. With a challenging yet balanced training plan and the comradery of a team I have gained a renewed sense of excitement for the sport. I look forward to continuing to train under his guidance, and towards a set new PRs!