Robert Riordan (Team for Kids)

Robert Riordan
Robert Riordan

New York Marathon 2008

“My goal when I met with John was to break 1.30 for a half and 3.15 in the NYC marathon and qualify for Boston.

After just one month, I’d reached a new level of fitness and began to think of loftier goals. By following his custom designed, weekly schedule and attending his speed workouts I was setting P.R.’s in every race I ran.

About two months before the marathon i got very sick and was unable to properly train for 3 weeks. John redesigned my workouts to allow me to recover properly. A month before the NYC Marathon I ran a 1.28 in the half, a PR by 6 minutes, and in the marathon itself I ran 3.11, a PR by 17 minutes.

John knows what he’s doing and if you stick to his plan you’ll run PR’s, it’s as simple as that.”