Yao Hua Ooi – NYC Marathon 2016

yao-hua-ooi-photoI came to John at the beginning of 2016 seeking improvement in my training and running times after having run 4 NYC marathons, including in 2014 and 2015. I had struggled with leg cramps during most of my past marathons, and been frustrated with various injuries that popped up during marathon training season in previous years.

John’s advice was to develop a strength training routine and adopt a more varied training plan with workouts, which were both new to me. After working with John consistently over the past 10 months, including one-on-one strength training sessions, group workouts and a tailored running plan, I have seen tremendous improvement in my running while staying injury-free. Having achieved PRs at both shorter and longer distances throughout the year, I went into the 2016 NYC marathon with a lot more confidence and feeling like a much stronger runner. I was able to follow John’s race strategy closely, and finished the race in 3:18, which was a 31 minute PR for me! Being able to finish the race strong and cramp-free was a much welcome new experience for me.

Throughout my time working with John, I felt like he genuinely cared about making me a better runner and was willing to work with my busy travel schedule to ensure I had the best preparation for all my races. I am looking forward to 2017 and continuing to get faster and stronger working with John.