Incorporating Weight Training (also referred to as Resistance training) into your running program can provide you with many benefits.

Having a strong upper body and core (stomach muscles) helps to minimize fatigue so you can keep your running form. It’s important that your arms, shoulders and neck muscles stay loose especially when you are running long distances like the marathon and training with weights can give you these benefits.

Weight training the leg muscles helps you to address slight imbalances which running creates. Training your hamstrings and calves will give you a faster leg turnover. You’ll need to weight train your thighs and hip flexors as well in order to protect the hamstring and calf muscles from injury due to muscle imbalances.

Weight training also helps protect the bones, which is particularly important for women, as decreased estrogen production can decrease bone density. This in turn can cause Osteoporosis and may lead to a stress fracture. If you have strong muscles, your bones and joints will be protected.

With weight training you should also get a major increase in fat burning in the body due to increased lean muscle tissue.

Men tend to carry more fat around the stomach (abdomen) area while women tend to put on excess weight around the buttocks, hips and thighs. Weight training will change your body composition to make you look more in proportion.

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