Whether you are an Elite runner or a recreational runner interested in improving performance, the training programs, although individualized, are based on the same principles and philosophy and practiced by all the coaches at Henwood’s Hounds Racing Team.

The focus is to develop your aerobic system while making you a stronger runner first, to then become a faster runner.

To develop the aerobic system, you need to focus on developing your body’s ability to absorb and transport oxygen to the lungs and muscles.

We teach runners how to train smart, and show them the tools needed for both the physical preparation and the mental preparation necessary for peak performance.

These tools are not just important for the world-class athlete, but for anyone who desires improvement in his or her performance.

The key is being able to use your training time and energy efficiently to allow yourself the best opportunity for success.

You will be designed an individual training program in both running and strength training (in the gym or at home), which will be based on your physical ability and training availability, in order to give you your best results.

As you learn more and get stronger and fitter, you will find greater gain with less pain.

Please contact me with any questions.