At Henwood’s Hounds Racing Team, whether you’re an Elite runner or a recreational enthusiast looking to enhance performance, our personalized training programs are rooted in the same principles and philosophy, embraced by all our coaches. 

The primary goal is to boost your aerobic system and build strength as a foundational step toward becoming a faster runner. This involves focusing on improving your body’s capacity to absorb and deliver oxygen to your lungs and muscles. 

We empower runners with smart training techniques and provide the necessary tools for both physical and mental preparation, essential for achieving peak performance. These valuable tools benefit not only elite athletes but anyone striving for better results. Our key approach is to optimize your training time and energy, offering you the best chance of success. 

You’ll receive a custom training plan encompassing running and strength exercises (whether at the gym or home), tailored to your individual physical abilities and training availability, ensuring you achieve your best outcomes. As you progress, increasing knowledge and fitness levels, you’ll experience greater gains with less pain.

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