Why run for Henwood’s Hounds Racing Team?

The biggest difference between the Henwood’s Hounds Racing Team and other clubs/teams is that I put you first, before the team.

Running is an individual sport. It’s great having a fast team, but that comes second, behind you and your goals.

When running for the other teams, you’ll have the opportunity to go to a couple of group training sessions per week, but then the rest of your training is often neglected by the team coaches or you’re given a generic training plan regardless of your ability, age, weight etc. It’s very impersonal and will often leave you injured and not improving.

I’m focused on giving as many runners as possible individual training plans, where they work towards a goal race and have mini races that fit into that goal race plan.

On your training plan, I’ll have you come to the group sessions once to twice per week, depending on who you are: that is, your experience, fitness level and availability. It also must fit around your race structure.

Our group sessions are held in Central Park on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

So if you want to PR and make running about you first, no matter what your level is, come to Henwood’s Hounds Racing Team and we will set a goal together, for you to run more PR’s than ever before.

At the end of the day, you deserve it to be about you. You’re the one getting up early or staying out late to fit in all the training. Not the team.

For more information, please contact me.