Incorporating a strength training program is very beneficial for all runners.

You can strength train outside, for example in New York City’s Central Park.

Drills: Running drills improve running form and technique, including your posture while running, arm carriage, knee drive and leg action. Drills also work on the dynamic balance of stepping from one leg to the other, and will strengthen specific muscle groups needed for running.

Calisthenics: These exercises consist of a variety of different movements without weights to increase the body’s strength and flexibility.

Plyometrics (jumping): These exercises are for speed and explosiveness as well as strength.


  • Once your upper body starts to tire or lose form, your legs are doing more work than they should, so you start to slow down.
  • Strength-training the leg and buttocks muscles correctly will give you more explosiveness. This will in turn enable you to run faster for longer.
  • If you’re equipped with a stronger upper body, including core muscles, you’ll be able to substain better form for a longer period of a race.
  • Strength-training will also help to address the muscle imbalances that running can create. A combination of running specific-exercises and non-running-specific exercises can address these problems. Strength training is also essential for rehabilitation and muscle recovery.
  • Strengthening muscles and joints helps athletes to avoid getting injured.
  • Bone loss caused by aging and/or inactivity will be improved significantly by strength work. Loss of bone density can lead to stress fractures and osteoporosis, the latter particularly in women.


With strength training, you will also get a major increase in fat burning in the body due to increased lean muscle tissue, which in turn increases your metabolic rate. Men tend to carry more fat around the abdominal area, while women tend to put excess weight around their buttocks, hips and thighs. Strength training will change your body composition to make you more in proportion. You’ll look better than ever!