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    Welcome to the Website of John Henwood. –  New Zealand Representative in the Olympic Games 2004, World Track and Field Championships 2001, Commonwealth Games 2002, sub 4min miler and 13th-place getter in the 2005 ING New York Marathon with a time of 2:15:05. (Also 21st in 2008).  I’m a Running coach in NYC and my coaching includes working with world renown coach, Alberto Salazar and teenage sensation Mary Cain.  Also i’ve coached two females (Kelly Chin and Caroline Lefrak) to make the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials.  I’m also the New York Road Runner of the Year for 30-39yrs Age Group 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2011 and Master runner of the year 2013. I’m currently the winner of 21 New York Road Runner Races.



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    Athletes I have coached who have run under 3 hours for the marathon:

    Jorge Pardo – 2.30.10 San Diego 2009, Antonio Oliveira – 2.33.00 (PR) New York 2010, Caroline Lefrak – 2.38.16 (PR) Olympic Trials, Houston 2012, Brendan Donoghue – 2.39.00 (PR) Boston 2009, Adam Mulia – 2.41.28 (PR) New York 2008, Katarina Janosikova – 2.42.57 (PR) NY 2008, Kelly Chin  – 2.44.44 (PR) Houston 2010,  Edward Hartman – 2.45.21 (PR) Boston 2015, Christophe Wilhelm – 2.45.44(PR) Frankfurt 2011, Jesse Du Bey – 2.47.27 (PR) New York 2010,  Ana Johnson – 2.48.04 (PR) Houston 2012, Angela Ortiz – 2.49.12 (PR) Chicago 2014,  Joe Di Flumeri – 2.49.23 (PR) Boston 2013, Marcus Wilhelm – 2.50.09 (PR) Boston 2011, Liza Howard – 2.50.33. (PR) Boston 2014, Melissa Raddatz – 2.50.41 (PR) Houston 2012,  Frederic Grobost -2.51.27 (PR) Amsterdam 2012, Antony Scott – 2.51.33 (PR) Boston 2015, Arianne Field – 2.51.49 (PR) NY 2008, Laura Kirk – 2.55.29 (PR) London 2010, Melvyn Stafford – 2.56.25 (PR) NY 2014,  Myles Fennon – 2.56.58(PR) Boston 2014, Brad Gerderman – 2.57.46 (PR) Boston 2010,  Eric Gomberg – 2.58.31 (PR) New York 2011, Daniel Torras – 2.58.56 (PR) NY 2014, Lawrence O’Halloran – 2.59.02 (PR) Chicago 2006, Joe Chan 2.59.11 (PR) Eugene 2012, David Davies – 2.59.36 (PR) Berlin 2012

    Please feel free to use the links above and email  me with any questions regarding my coaching services and/or strength training for runners. I can work with you for  you to become a stronger and less injury prone runner.


  • Client Testimonials

    Antony Scott (The Running Man) 26 Personal Best times 2012-2014

    I teamed up with John in July 2012 with the goal of completing my first marathon and breaking 3hrs.  Since working under John’s tutelage, I have PRed in 5k, 4mile, 5 mile, 10k, 10mile, half marathon, and the marathon, running 3:01:19 and 3:02:09 in the Lehigh and 7 weeks later the NYC marathons respectively.  I was able to qualify for the 2014 Boston marathon via Lehigh and now have my sights set on breaking 3hrs in the world’s most famous marathon.  Under John’s training and guidance, I have become a more efficient runner, covering more distance, much quicker and with fewer injuries.  I have benefited immensely through John’s running knowledge, the variety of workouts in ones customized training plan and excellent running caliber of the Henwood’s Hounds team.  I look forward to continuing to grow and improve as a runner with the Henwood’s Hounds.

    Cynthia Martinez -New York Marathon 2013

    After training and then injuring myself during the Paris Marathon this past April I knew I needed to step up my game for the NYC Marathon in November. It only took working with John for 3 months to transform me into a completely different runner. At the age of 31, I am now a more faster, smarter, and confident runner. John helped coached me to multiple PRs. 6:14mile, 20:30 5K, 1:42 half marathon, and a 3:35:34 NYC Marathon. I improved my marathon time by 14 minutes. I suffer from lower back pain and John taught me the proper strength training workouts to help strengthen this area of my body so that it would become less of an issue.
    One of my favorite parts of John’s training is working in a group setting every week. The Henwood Hounds running team are a stellar group of runners from around NYC. Everyone encourages you, pushes you, and wants you to succeed!  

    Molly Bennard – Paris Marathon – April 2013

    Twelve weeks before the 2013 Paris Marathon, I found myself restricted to running less than 30 minutes at a time with a hip labral tear and hamstring tendonosis.  John came to my rescue by putting me on a serious strength training regimen and running plan.  Despite long investment banking hours and numerous overuse injuries throughout my lower extremity, John worked with both me and my physical therapist to slowly build muscle and mileage. The stronger I got, the longer and faster I could run. I completed the Paris marathon just under 3:30, shaving over 30 minutes off my PR!  John and the Hounds inspire me to be a better runner – I’m looking forward to training for Boston in 2014!

    Carol Healey – Boston 2013

    When I turned 50, I decided to try to run a half marathon and then a marathon after only having been a “weekend” runner since high school. I ran with Team in Training, which was a wonderful experience but didn’t give me the personalized approach that I needed to improve beyond my initials goals of breaking 2 hours and 4 hours, respectively, in these events. I started working with John in the summer of 2012. The intensity and frequency of my training increased dramatically, and my understanding of the different types of workouts (speed, strength, tempo, hard, easy) improved as well. I am completely addicted, partly because I have seen the incredible results of John’s program of personalized, consistent, focused training. Despite my very long work hours and frequent travel, John has created a training plan for me that works; rather than feel less balance in my life, I feel more. Since I started working with John, I not only have PRed every race that I have run, including a 27-minute PR in the 2013 Boston Marathon, but also have won or placed in my age group in the half marathon and shorter races. I now believe that, with John’s continued help, I can see times that I never dared to dream possible. I am grateful to John and proud to be a member of the Henwood Hounds. It is an inspiring and accomplished team with a truly outstanding leader!

    Daniel Torras – Philadelphia 2012

    I started training with john in the Summer of 2012, as I prepared for Philadelphia’s marathon in the Fall that same year. Immediately, John did away with my preconceived ideas I had with regards to training (total weekly mileage, frequency, type and sequencing of speed workouts, recovery runs, etc..) John’s training plan was carefully drafted to take in consideration my heavy travel schedule, as I fly internationally virtually every week. He also worked with me design a customized strengthening gym routine, an area I had vastly overlooked in the past. And whenever I could, I joined John’s group runs, which provided extra motivation and camaraderie. It all paid off big time. I was hoping to break 3:15 in philly, and ended up crossing the finish line in 3:06, a PR by 21mins! Breaking 3 hours in a marathon, which just a few months ago I would have considered science fiction, seems now a real possibility. And I know that with John’s guidance, I will have a fair shot.

    Tanya Namad – California International Marathon 2012

    “I started working with John 6 months ago to give some structure to my return to running after an injury.  His personal attention and thorough plans have made me stronger, faster, and running more mileage (injury free!) than I ever imagined.  I just set a huge PR (by 23mins) in the marathon to run 3.08.59 in horrible weather conditions and crossed the finish line feeling strong and better prepared than in any previous marathons.  The Hounds are such a welcoming and talented group of runners- I am so excited to see what comes in the Boston Marathon training season ahead!”

    Steve Wagshal Philadelphia Marathon 2012

    I was introduced to John in the Spring of 2012 by a friend who ran PR at the 2011 NY Marathon after training with John.  I decided to sign up with John on July 1st just prior to my 40th birthday with the goal of breaking 3:25 at the 2012 NYC Marathon.  Although the NYC Marathon was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, I ended up running the Philadelphia marathon 2 weeks later in a time of 3:17:39.  This was a PR and beat my prior PR (3:20:01) set back in 1998.  In addition to my marathon PR, during the Fall ’12 training season with John I also set a PR in the ½ Marathon (1:30:14) and the 4 mile distance (25.48).  These were times I did not think I would be capable of ever attaining.  With another season of training with John, I now think it may be possible for me to qualify for Boston.  Thanks John!

    2012 Female NYRR of the Year Caroline Lefrak

    Since working with John, I have shaved almost ten minutes off my
    marathon time and broke 2:40 for the first time at the US Olympic
    Marathon Trials, where I ran 2:38:14.  I don’t believe I would have
    been able to have this breakthrough without John’s guidance. He
    diligently plans each week of training and really cares about my long
    term racing goals.  John is careful to make sure all of his athletes have a balanced training system, and I have benefited from a variety
    of long runs, tempos, speed work, and twice weekly strength training
    with his program. I am sure that when I get back to full time training
    I will continue to improve even more